Thursday, June 11

even year

not a big fan of the even number years age wise but let's hope this one proves to be different.

to make myself feel better about adding another year to my age i bought fiber. trust me it helps ease the pain a bit. that and the washington apple martinis i plan on consuming tonight.

ahh blues are my new fav (although green will always be my fav, fav)

and greys and the lightest of blues, even better.

Sunday, June 7

knitting milestone

m y . o w l . s w e a t e r

if you can believe it, i finally made it through an adult sized sweater. it is for me of course! i love this sweater. i have already worn it on a couple of cool nights but it probably won't make a regular appearance until fall.

details: owls pattern free on ravelry. this was modified to be more of a casual, throw on sweater. not fitted like the original (i didn't do any shaping).

check out my ravelry page for more details!

r e c i p e . r e c o m m e n d a t i o n

brown sugar shortbread from la times. i am not a fan of shortbread (one of the few cookies i really dislike) but make it with brown sugar and i am in love. so so good and super easy. perfect for summer. i dipped some in chocolate but i think it is actually better plain. throw in some fresh berries and tea and you have a perfect treat!