Saturday, March 28

contest winner

we had a contest over on etsy during the bag sale - my mom's cat chase picked a winner yesterday!

i sent an etsy convo over to brenda letting her know she was the lucky winner!

Monday, March 16

no excuses

i don't have a solid answer as to why things have been quiet around here. it isn't because anything bad happened. just a change of daily habits really. although i still knit, blogging and reading blogs has basically become non-existent as i spend my time doing other things this year. although i miss it from time to time, it is a good thing.

i was feeling drained by keeping up with the online world and felt like i was spending too much time in front of the computer. i struggle with not being in the know as much but i needed to get a little bit of the life/time back that i lost to the world that is blogging and ravelry. i hope you understand. rest assured i don't have any plans to stop blogging but as you can see it is definitely not as frequent as it used to be. i do keep up on ravelry though so you can always check me out there - the good to be girlies group will continue to be updated.

speaking of which - a bag sale will take place on tuesday, march 24th at 10 a.m. pacific on etsy. some great new fabrics and out of print amy butler that is hard to get a hold of! good to be girl is most likely going to be at sock summit this year so this will probably be the last big sale before then (fair warning). there may be another small one in early summer. we'll see. we are excited at the prospect of participating in our first event though and it looks like it is going to be a crazy one!

some things i have been up to the past couple months (more for my journaling than your interest!):

january/feb - huge work project (my company rebranded) that had me working VERY long days

feb - madrona - what a whirlwind - my first time staying there and it was a blast even though i worked in the hotel room for a lot of it! so worth it though.

feb/march - waiting patiently for my new car (another mini - no worries!) to come in. i am treating myself to an upgrade so i can be in warranty again!

march/april - dork that i am - planning a trip to b.c. while the next twilight movie is filming. we live so close why not? doubt we'll see anything/anyone but it will be fun anyways - it has been way too long since i headed up there and i love vancouver.

a new mac book is in my future too. hopefully sooner rather than later as the G5 is starting to worry me (slooowww). after that i'll be getting the imac to round out my apple products :)

i have several knits on the needles, but finished one recently that might look familiar. you don't see me knitting a pattern twice often but when you are in love...

bella's mittens version 2

(tava this picture is for you! - gah! swoon worthy smirking edward!)

i made these out of some yarn i picked up at madrona. toots leblanc i believe in a 50% jacob (yes, that is right) 50% alpaca blend. wanted a pair in the "original" color. again - dork that i am.

ok, must sign off now. this is the most time i have spent here for awhile! hope this finds you all well. pm me on rav if you want to touch base!