Monday, January 26

bag sale and more twilight stuff

ok, hard to follow the dorks in forks post but i wanted to let you know there will be an etsy update february 3rd. it will be a project bag sale. so mark your calendars!

and just because i continue the twilight dorkiness, more...

apartment therapy article on edward's bedroom. i'll admit i was dazzled a little bit more by his barcelona couch than edward himself when i first saw the movie. if you are like me and loved the cullen house in the movie you can google it - there is a ton of information on the designer, architect etc. out there.

and i don't know who did this but since zoolander is one of my fav movies i couldn't resist sharing this hilarious gif - Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

so silly. hope that holds you over for a bit. i have only 1 finished object since the bella mittens. knitting is slow going around here.

Sunday, January 4

bella's mittens on location (aka dorks in forks twilight tour)

yesterday a couple of friends and i wanted to get out of seattle for the day so we thought a road trip to forks was in order. i will admit that i felt a little foolish - after all it is such a tween thing to do and i am *ahem* over 30 - but i figured what the heck (oh, if you haven't figured it out yet - we went because that is where the twilight series is based).

i pretended i wanted to go to do a photo shoot of my lovely new bella's mittens. i mean how authentic of a shoot would that be right? of course i didn't bring my camera so bear with me - these are all iphone photos. so see the trip was essential for a knit blogger!

ok, details first

bella's mittens (linkage above)
started 12/31/08 - completed 1/2/08
yarn debbie bliss donegal chunky tweed (in brown) - needle size 8

i should have done these in a softer yarn and i partly regret not doing them in the original grey color but oh well. the pattern is very well written and super easy and i think she did a great job making them as close as possible to the movie since it wasn't easy to see them (scene where edward saves bella from the car crashing into her).

let's dork out further and post more pictures

these people in forks take the twilight buzz seriously. the whole town is in on it. including a store dedicated completely to twilight merchandise (which by the way was a horrible store - i think they must have licensing issues because the stuff they sold was like bad cafe press merchandise for the most part). that wasn't the only store though - i think every retail shop in town had something twilight related. it was kind of cute. and the tweens, well they were out in full force.

for me the visitor center was the cutest - the lady gives a whole talk about where all the characters live, work etc. there weren't many people when we got there but then a bunch of teens came in. apparently the lady is even credited at the end of the movie but she hasn't seen it yet (the nearest theater is over an hour away and the weather has been horrible for them so i guess i understand).

my favorite part by far was la push which was absolutely beautiful (although freaking cold!). that is where i took most of the pics of the mittens.

the weather for our trip was crazy, rain, snow, sleet, wind - you name it. here you see the sun glaring. i saw the widest rainbow ever on the way back up the road to forks.

other random shots from the trip:

on the way, the drive was beautiful - worth the trip alone. there was still so much snow left from the big december storm.

the real forks high school sign*

more evidence that i was actually there :)

forks had a petition at a lot of the shops for them to film the 2nd/3rd movie there but the chances are non-existent. it is just too expensive and forks - well - it is really out there. not near a major city at all.

overall it was a fun day, it reminded me of how beautiful this area is. seriously. the natural beauty took my breath away at times. i'm glad we did it even if i felt like the biggest dork!

*the movie was not filmed in forks. they used the columbia river area out on i-84 in oregon (east of portland) for the most part. also - the beach scenes were ecola state park (cannon beach - my fav place in the world!) not la push. areas i have been to many times and recognized as soon as i saw the movie.