Sunday, November 30

Last Sales of the Year

Tuesday, December 2nd at 10 a.m. pacific - Stitch Marker sale

Tuesday, December 9th at 10 a.m. pacific - Project Bag Sale and possibly markers

on etsy

if you don't have an etsy account you can also order through the shop blog.

Tuesday, November 18

linkage stuff

let's just say my stress levels are a little elevated at the moment due to a work project coupled with the normal stress i have during the holidays coupled with another work project and a side job i took.

that being said all you are getting are some links i thought you might be interested in :)

i have been knitting a little - but it is few and far between right now. i'll be back with more soon i promise.

felt bird from c&b - cheap!

minimalist sheep from c&b too - cheap!

handknit penguins just go check out all the stuff at c&b - there is a lot!

hello kitty knitting machine

and i am sure many of you recognize this hat that fred flare is selling.

and off of the knitting topic but equally cool - i have been eyeing this water for close to a year but it was just too spendy to order. last night i found it for $4.99 a bottle at target! i bought 6. mostly for decor though. they look really cool lined up on a tray in my dining room. they have the year printed on them so maybe they are trying to clear them out? anyways i LOVE them.

Wednesday, November 5

SaLe ToDaY!

time for some early holiday shopping :) This will probably be our biggest sale before the end of the year!

BIG project bag sale today at 10 a.m. pacific over on our etsy shop. go over and check out the details now!

if you don't have an etsy account you can also order through the shop blog.

We have a new bag design, a contest along and 30+ bags that will be listed!

Monday, November 3

i know we may not all agree, we all come from different places and experiences and i respect that. normally i am quiet about my choices because they are just that - mine. but this year things were different and i can't remember a time in my life where an election meant as much to me as it does today. i voted for change and tomorrow i will be anxiously knitting away to find out if the rest of the country agrees.

after the election...
**BIG project bag sale Wednesday November 5th at 10 a.m. pacific over on the shop blog. go over and check out the details now!**