Friday, October 31

**BIG project bag sale Wednesday November 5th at 10 a.m. pacific over on the shop blog. go over and check out the details now! :)

my own handspun anklets using pumpkin fields forever BFL from moonlightbaker.

now i can't wait until christmas roving shows up on etsy so i can make a pair for the holiday season too! and with more experience under my belt i should get a more even yarn (though i love the way these look).

and thank you anne for your popcorn ball recipe suggestion in yesterday's comments. i made a 1/2 batch and they are yummy!

Thursday, October 30

early gifts

**BIG project bag sale Wednesday November 5th at 10 a.m. pacific over on the shop blog. go over and check out the details now! :)

early gifts for myself of course! i decided it was time to use up at least one of my holiday themed str skeins. i would feel guilty if another christmas passed by and the yarn was still sitting in my stash. so i present an early gift to myself...

no purl monkeys
str lightweight - colorway grinchy
size 1 needles

appropriately shown here on my str sock blockers - a christmas gift from ellen last year.

i really love the no purl version of the monkey pattern, it flies by and is so easy to memorize. i'm sure there will be many more in my future!

i do have a favor to ask for those few left who still read my blog - i need camera help. i am finally going to break down and get a new one. i have one of the first canon elph cameras and it is dying. i'm thinking that the compact factor is no longer an issue. i mostly want something that is easy to use (did you know that i was a few classes shy of my design degree and i didn't finish it because i refused to take a 2nd photography class i hated it so much!?). i don't want all point and shoot, i like some manual adjustments. i also want something that takes really good close ups of small items (stitch markers!). I like that crisp focused close image and the blurred out background. i'm going to hit cnet and my local camera shop but if you have any ideas let me know - my budget is about $500.

ok, off for now, it's the day before halloween and i have few things i need to do. my pumpkins are all prepped and ready to carve and i need to make some popcorn balls (not for trick or treaters, don't worry - i'm not the crazy lady who hands out handmade treats to the kids - actually i don't get any trick or treaters where i live, ever).

one last thing, as i was googling a popcorn ball recipe my mind was somewhere else and i typed pumpkin balls in accidently. I came across this recipe. i doubt i'll try it but i found it very interesting!

Thursday, October 16

wristwarmer weather


Calendar for upcoming sales:

Tuesday, October 21st at 10 a.m. pacific Stitch Marker sale (possibly some necklaces)

Wednesday, November 5th at 10 a.m. pacific Project Bag Sale

Early December - final Project Bag Sale before the holidays

We have some great new fabrics (non-Amy Butler) we will be debuting during the next bag sale and a few contests over on the ravelry good to be girlies group. Sales will take place on the shop blog as well as etsy.


ok, now on to the knitting stuff. i finished a cute pair of wristwarmers out of manos silky way back in early summer but just finished adding the buttons. they have already been put to use now that the colder fall weather has settled in.

love the button detail.

currently i have a pair of no purl monkeys on the needles in the grinchy str colorway. can't wait to get them done so i have a pair of christmas socks!

there has also been a bit of spinning. ok - a lot of spinning... i'll post some pics of my finished handspun socks shortly.

for now i leave you with a quick snapshot of my new fu dogs and the last of the farmer's market bouquets.