Tuesday, September 30

new hobby.

it's quiet around here. bloglines is still crazy so i am still in a state of annoyance (lost the 400+ subscribers and those that re-signed up get posts that are 6 months old!). that being said - there is some fiber related activity around here. but it isn't knitting.

i know i spoke the words "i will never spin" many, many times. and here i am with a wheel and quickly accumulating fiber stash.

my new wheel is actually a floor model from village yarn and tea. so it wasn't brand new but i still really like it. although i can eventually see myself trading up if the habit sticks, for now it is just fine. it is the louet victoria in beech.

if you have have me as a friend on ravelry you may have already seen some of my handspun. most of it is spun and stashed but one particular fiber had to be knit right away.

cooper really loves the pumpkin fields forever BFL from moonlightbaker (i see she has some more of this colorway up now - you better go snag it!)

my first handspun socks - i am so excited! granted the yarn is by no means fingering weight - more of a dk - but they will make great autumn house socks. i knit them on size 1's so they will be nice and dense. a littly bumpy but i can live with that!

i absolutely love the barberpole effect. that is what sold me on spinning to begin with!

so of course now i am constantly searching for fiber! here are some recent acquisitions

targhee in night sky all spun up and BFL in spook and frankenstein from emma aka dragonfiber

crown mountain corriedale pencil roving in stonehenge

merino from frecklefacefibers in the goblin colorway (this will remain in the stash until i get a little better - i hear merino can be a bit tricky).

there is more on the way too :)

ok - that is all i have for now. back to spinning....

Tuesday, September 9

lucky to meet plucky

*bag sale with new amy butler fabrics next week - details to come soon

sorry i have been silent for awhile. i have to admit that losing my bloglines subscribers makes me less motivated to blog. hopefully i will find some time in the next week or so to do a little more research. but for now it goes unresolved. i do appreciate those of you who are still stopping by!

although there is some stress in my life i did have a wonderful 5 days off last week and was lucky enough to spend it with my knitting girls - ellen and naomi. we had a wonderful guest in town, sarah, aka the plucky knitter. we filled our days with hitting some of the great neighborhoods of seattle (of course managing to hit a lot of yarn stores along the way). trophy cupcakes and a fun time were had by all.

on friday morning we got up early (hah! early for me that is!) and headed out to naomi's family lake house for the weekend. we could not have asked for better weather or better company, there were 7 of us total - ellen, naomi, sarah, michale, joni and melinda it was so relaxing - just what i needed (see joni's great post for more details on our weekend!).

of course yarn was purchased - hand dyed merino from fancy image yarns

and yarn was spun! ellen was kind enough to let me use one of her wheels over the weekend and i finally got the hang of spinning. it really clicked and although i have a lot to learn i really enjoyed it.

after 4 full days with plucky this is the only picture i managed to get

doesn't she look lovely with ellen's handspun around her neck? :)

i honestly don't think i have that much fun in some time. thanks girls!