Tuesday, August 26

Bag Sale today

project bags sale on now over at the shop blog.

Monday, August 18

free brie*

well it looks like my bloglines feed is lost. gone. disappeared. and i think it's permanent. i am so annoyed because they have not responded to any of my emails requesting help or some sort of answer. that means the 400+ people subscribed to my blog had it disappear from their list. i have checked the feed and all seems well but for some reason bloglines doesn't like it. what can i do? i have too much going on right now to spend my time trying to figure it out. so sad. so if you found me today anyways that makes me feel better :)

add another cowl to the list, i finished the stacked eyelet cowl (rav link) this weekend. i did the eyelets every 15 rows though. i used plucky knitter summer of love sport weight.

i think this is my favorite hat i have ever knit. super cute. this is a shop pattern from churchmouse yarns and teas. i couldn't find it on ravelry. i have another one queued up in a different color combo. the kidsilk haze pom pom is my favorite part!

i have several other projects on the needles and a pair of completed socks i need to take a picture of. that will come soon i promise!

in other news, another project bag sale tomorrow over on the shop blog. more new fabrics. we will also be debuting sign ups for the seasons project bag club. there is information about it over on the shop blog now.

other than that life is keeping me very busy right now. i like being busy, but when it is on my terms, such is not the case right now! oh well.

i am also obsessing over the condo again. so much so that i think i might start a blog just for the condo. mostly for myself, to chronicle the process and keep track of all the cools things i mean to do. i have so many ideas in my head that often i overwhelm myself and do nothing. that needs to change! i think i'll save my first entry though for my fabulous new chandelier headed my way this week. it is slightly over the top and i love that!

happy monday!

*i had no title for today's post so something totally random for you. yesterday at trader joes (tjs for those who shop it regularly) the checker forgot to ring my brie up and gave it to me for free. ahhh free brie. yum!

Wednesday, August 6

collage of cowls

i admit that i have cowl fever. they are so quick and the perfect solution for those random single skeins you have hanging around. also a great use for that sock yarn that you don't want to use for socks (in this case the center one is sock yarn held double)

top: dragonfiber handspun (spun by ellen for my birthday)

center: urbangypz bamboo blend sock yarn in turquoise nugget (a gift from ellen)

bottom: araucania aysen (rav link) purchased on the lys tour this year - color 810

close ups

Friday, August 1

summer's night

i have been fortunate this summer to spend many fun evenings with my friends. one evening recently i played pride and prejudice the board game with my friends pat and aimee.

we sat out on my deck on a really beautiful night and had dinner followed by 2 rounds of the game. the game was actually a birthday gift i gave to pat back in june. if you are local and interested i bought it at the lfp third place books. the rules could be better explained but for the most part it was a lot of fun.

here's hoping i get a few more nights with friends before the summer ends...

other things i am LOVING this summer
the wombats - such a great band. i heart indie pop. oh and it doesn't hurt that they are british! (thanks aimee!)

flipping out on bravo. pretty much the only tv i am watching this summer. i am in LOVE with this show.

knit picks size 1 needles in the 2.25 not 2.5. they are just right for my sock knitting!

faux bois knitting! i am such a fan of faux bois as an interior design element. i am currently considering this for bedroom curtains. pottery barn has the coolest rug. and a whole blog dedicated to it. needless to say the scarf pattern might turn into a table runner pattern for me! ;)