Thursday, July 31

mooshy malabrigo

hemlock ring - malabrigo worsted in paris night

another finished knit. this was off the needles some time ago but i just could not get a photo that i was happy with. i must have shot it 3 different times in 3 different places. i blame the colorway really (although i love it). it's a complicated mix of indigo and purple that looks solid navy at times. oh well. it lives happily on a chair in my living room and i know it is going to get some use this winter.

Wednesday, July 30

posh socks

finally - vinnland socks are complete. whew, let's not even talk about how long these have been on the needle. although i wish i had used size 0's instead of 1's these are in my top 3 pairs of fav socks i have knit.

yarn: posh yarn - lucia 4 ply in virescent

ravelry link to my source of inspiration. although the base yarn and color aren't quite the same.

did i ever show you my zebra rug? i love it. don't you think it looks cool against the green socks? there was grand debate on that rug. i was so worried it would look tacky (not generally a fan of animal print) but i read enough to convince myself it was a classic piece. it was just the right pop for my living room though and completed the look i was going for nicely. i'll try to find a pic of the whole room to post at some point.

Wednesday, July 23

marker sale this week...

there will be a stitch marker sale on Friday, July 25th at 10 a.m. pacific on the shop blog.

i don't know what my problem is but i can't seem to photograph my finished knits these days. every photo i take just looks wrong. the hemlock ring is blocked and finished but the paris night color just does not want to come through accurately and i am having a hard time photoshopping it! i have also finished 2 cowls since my last post and am a few stitches away from completing a pair of socks and a hat!

if the sun comes out today i am making time to get the pictures taken so i can share. i am in love with the hemlock - such a beautiful knit (doesn't hurt that i used the squishy and lovely malabrigo!)

Saturday, July 12

too many projects

just a quick fyi, i started a good to be girl*ies group on ravelry if you want to check it out. there will be special offers to group members from time to time on shop good to be girl items.

as knitting content, i thought i had my projects under control. then i did a quick inventory this afternoon of what is on the needles (too lazy to link patterns right now)
  • hemlock ring blanket - status: casting off

  • vinnland socks - status: 16 rows from completing the pair

  • gloria cowl - status: halfway done

  • 2nd diamanta wrap - status: haven't completed 1st pattern repeat

  • lys tour wrap - status: only about 1/4 done

  • lys tour fixation headband - status: 1/2 way done

  • felted tweed and kidsilk haze hat - status: casted on, 12 rows done

  • lys tour fingerless mitts - status: knitting complete need buttons
so i really need to wrap all of these up so i can start the project i really meant to get done this summer - the shifting sands scarf. hopefully i'll have some pictures of these things for you this week!

on another note, it is that time of year again! stitch n pitch really snuck up on me this year even though it is over a week later this year. as you can see i had my mom whip me up a bag for the event. cute huh? we have a couple extra. if you are interested in one send me an email (amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom). the game is august 7th so there is still plenty of time to ship it to you! and like last year, village yarn and tea will have special stitch markers at the game.

just a reminder that we have a bag sale scheduled for July 17th at 10 a.m. pacific. there are further details on the shop blog.

Thursday, July 3

catch up part 2

ok, so a little more catch up.

i couldn't resist showing you my birthday present from my friend denise. how cute is this? she coordinated 2 little bowls with some louet yarns. i'm a sucker for presentation :)

on the actual day of my birthday (party was weekend before) ellen,
naomi, joni (blogless) and i got together for happy hour and to cast on for our own little hemlock ring knitalong.

here is our progress at the end of the evening. pretty good for having been drinking while knitting (washington apple martinis for me)! sorry for the photo quality, these are iphone pics.

there has been much knitting on the hemlock since the cast on event - i'll blog that later.

and lastly for today's catch up...

i finished using my lovely birthday handspun from ellen to make the birthday cowl. i have a bit leftover and i might attempt some matching fingerless mitts.

fyi - there will be a bag sale in the next week or so.