Thursday, June 26

i come to the sea to breathe

i didn't bring out my camera as much as i should have but the past weekend at the beach was very relaxing (although i did very little knitting).

i'm not sure what it is but nothing feels more like home for me than walking barefoot in the sand. i absolutely love the beach and am reminded how much i missed it every time i go back. i always dreamt of living on the beach one day but i know now that isn't likely to happen. however, i did search for monthly house rentals as soon as i got back hoping i might find something decently priced and available this summer. i can telecommute so packing up and moving for a month wouldn't be unheard of. of course i didn't have much luck this late in the game. but i am hoping for a 4 or 5 day stretch in the next couple of months. we'll see.

i started missing the feel of the ocean on my feet and the sound of waves crashing as soon as we pulled away from the house we rented.

for now i'll lift my spirits by spending the evening with 2 of my closest knitting friends sipping tea, knitting and talking.

Thursday, June 19

catch up part 1

terribly behind on blogging, i apologize. first thanks for all the really nice comments about my cupcakes and cosmos party!

i have a bunch to say but no time. i leave tomorrow for my last occasion/event of june (there were 9 if you were counting!). i'm off for a weekend at the gloomy beach (no sun forecasted - boo!) for a bachelorette party.

for now i leave you with just a taste of the goodies i got for my birthday...

lovely birthday handspun from ellen. i had recently commented on how much i love the look of handspun. by the next day i already had the perfect project. the birthday cowl of course - because it was a birthday gift and i cast on the day of my birthday!

what fun these are going to be to knit up. thanks to naomi for my super fun knitterly things wee skein color kit.

Friday, June 13

cupcakes and cosmos

a peek at my party last saturday. it was a lot of fun. unfortunately i didn't get a lot of good pics, so this is the best of the bunch. i can't believe i forgot to take a picture of the swag bag contents...

Sunday, June 8

Bag Sale Monday June 9th

reminder that there is a bag sale monday the 9th at 10 a.m. pacific.

after that i'll be back with a post on a finished object that has neglected to make it to this blog, my thoughts on seeing a 2 1/2 hour movie premiere at midnight and a recap of my cupcakes and cosmos party. :)

Monday, June 2

we have winners

congratulations emily! you won the bag prize drawing! you will be getting the new large size project bag pictured a couple posts back along with an assortment of stitch markers and a few yummy frans salt caramels. thank you so much for participating :)

and second, amanda won the skein of yarntini sport weight in my blog colorway, good to be girl. an assortment of stitch markers and frans chocolate for you too!

i was chatting a bit with amanda in a forum on ravelry a few days back (plucky knitters of course!) so i got a good chuckle when i drew her name out of the 86 in my drawing!

congrats to you both - give me a couple days to get the stuff in the mail to you.

contest extended

**forgot to mention the bag sale will be tomorrow at 10 a.m. pacific on the shop blog**

my blogiversary contest has been extended until 8 pm this evening (monday). if you sent an email with the quiz answers anytime after saturday afternoon (the 31st) please send it again. my blog was offline until just a short time ago. apparently there was an explosion in the building that houses the gtbg blog. several servers owned by the hosting company i use were down for a couple days so that is why you received an error if you tried visiting. thank goodness all is fine now. must make a note to backup the site :)