Wednesday, April 30

sale friday

the "amy's choice" project bags will be for sale on the shop blog this friday (2nd) at 10 a.m. pacific. this is a small batch. 3 possibly 4 (if the fabric arrives tomorrow) different designs, all non amy butler fabric but super cute and somehow related to stuff i love. with the bag you will also receive 2 coordinating stitch markers. the set (small bag/2 markers) will be $27.95 plus $2.50 shipping (international except Canada add $1.00 more for shipping).

i took a lot of time picking the fabrics out, one was pretty difficult to get our hands on but well worth it. i have a bag of my own out of this one already, can you guess what is on it? :)

there will be a few sets of markers available separate from the bags too. they will be $7.50 for a set of 2.

then on monday the 5th there will be a batch of amy butler fabric project bags, 10 a.m. pacific as well. if you are buying for mother's day let us know, if you pay straight away we should be able to get them to you in time.

Friday, April 25

weather woes

although last weekend was a total bust weather wise i have higher hopes for this weekend. no snow is in the forecast so that alone should make me happy, but there is also warm temps and sunshine on it's way!

things are moving along around here. i feel like i have been knitting bunches but just don't have a lot to share with you! soon i think.

i have been buying yarn though. and i can share that. i came across this beautiful stuff after seeing it on sarah's blog. this is actually vegan yarn from feltstudio uk (etsy). it was knit into a cowl and then frogged. oops. oh well. it is destined for something else i just don't know what. i love the colors and hope to pick up some more of her yarn down the road.

for now, i just want to let you know that the "amy's choice" bags and stitch markers will be available for sale next friday on the shop blog. the bags are almost done and i can't begin to tell you how cute they are! i think you will LOVE them too! these are non-amy butler this go around but are kind of based on the idea of my favorite things. there will be 4 choices all in the small bag style.

happy friday!

Friday, April 11

spending money

new yarn

i couldn't resist this yarn. i am loving aqua and red together at the moment. throw in brown and i love it more. tempted to cast on in the next day or so, but we'll see.

i have been doing a lot of online shopping lately. i see a few extra bucks in my checking account and i have instant rationalization for knitting purchases. nevermind the visa bill that is coming with 2 super cute new spring handbags charged on it. oh well.

i haven't been baking much lately, but inspiration hit when my mom bought me this book.

granted, the recipe is here for free (and since i have every publication of hers i am sure it is in one of the magazines on my shelf too).

but the book is so well designed i couldn't resist. good design makes me happy. anyways, these were pretty too look at, expensive to make and a bit of a time suck to prepare. and you know what? they were pretty tasteless! ugh. too bad. the honey bee ice cream from haagen dazs that i paired them with was excellent though!

(jan and chris, i don't know why but these totally remind me of jammie dodgers!)

and i meant to blog this awhile back, but newly acquired art for above the fireplace

purchased here. because it is a diy stretched fabric piece, you get a lot of bang for your buck. this thing is HUGE. 5 ft x 5 ft or something crazy like that. i love it though. marimekko fabrics are awesome.

my mystery piece is blocked and i took some pictures today (holy moly there is sun in seattle today!). they need some major photoshopping so i'll post later. have a great weekend. besides having to take my parents to the airport before 5 a.m. tomorrow, i have some fun plans and the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm. what more could i ask for?

Saturday, April 5

saturday sweets

if you are a regular viewer of this show then you might recognize the above. living in seattle how could i resist heading to trophy cupcakes to pick up a limited edition cupcake that martha stewart herself featured? recipe available here (warning links to video).

getting one wasn't so easy, the lines were long and they were out when i got there. my blogless friend jan who lives dangerously close to trophy managed to score some a short while later and picked one up for me, thanks jan! yum!

i know i owe you a photo of the mystery item soaking in the sink (if you are on ravelry it isn't such a mystery). i need a little more time to get good pictures.

in the meantime, i have whipped up a project that has been on my list for at least 2 years.


after searching high and low for the perfect market bag pattern i found the saturday market bag from magknits. i did several mods, i knit this in the round based on instructions found here and handle changes from here. i found these great mods via ravelry.


this bag stretches to no end. i used it when i bought a big bag of kitty food and lots of cans of wet food with no problem. of course it also holds all of my str just fine too :) i hope to use this at the saturday markets this summer. maybe even knit a few more to have on hand when i grocery shop. it was a SUPER fast knit and goodness knows i have plenty of dishcloth cotton.

Friday, April 4

reminder - bag sale today with new Amy Butler line!

project bags will be for sale on the shop blog today (friday april 4th for those reading this late thursday!) at 10 a.m. pacific.

Happy Friday!