Monday, March 31


hi there. time to check in again and post a few pics of knitting. first up is a quick knit i churned out while sipping tea with jan at village yarn and tea yesterday.

i found this iphone cozy on ravelry. i didn't add the pocket and such. mainly used it to practice the magic cast on. and use up some leftover str (lightweight, lemongrass).

my big fo is actually soaking in the sink so no final pics to share yet.

here's lil overseeing my work. she wasn't too happy that i filled the sink with vinegar water.

ellen was kind enough to offer her help with blocking so i'll be headed over to her place tonight to block this. i'll share details when it is dry. i am so excited about this project. i hope it turns out as fabulous as i expect. the biggest shock? this is a gift knit! you know how i hate to knit for others, but i made an exception.

in other news, i finally made a dent in my bedroom. it had been a wreck since i moved in 2+ years ago. my new bedding and furniture are in now in place though and it feels good (i did the headboard myself).

i need some art on the walls, a rug and a hanging lamp but for now i am happy with it.

just an fyi, there will be a bag sale on the shop blog this friday at 10 a.m. pacific. last one for a few weeks as my mom and dad are off on vacation soon.

Tuesday, March 25

little destashing

anyone interested in the following?

SOLD first, a blue moon urban bubble scarf kit in bloodstone. this includes 2 skeins of bloodstone kidmo, the pattern and the wooden balls all in brand new condition. if you are interested let me know. i'm thinking $45 for everything including shipping but willing to consider other offers. this colorway is not available on their site right now. if you are interested in the 1 skein of str bloodstone in lightweight as well to match let me know.

SOLD next up is 2 skeins of lodestone str medium weight. umm yes i realize i just blogged this!

i just bought this yarn. but when i got outside in natural light it wasn't quite what i was wanting. it looked really green inside. i bought it for a specific purpose, the shifting sands scarf by grumperina, and if i am going to take the time to do a bazillion cables on a scarf i want to love the yarn. i'm offering both skeins for $40 including shipping. i am selling it because i found it's replacement color and can't justify buying it until i have sold this.

email me at if you are interested.

not much to catch up on

i have been feeling 100% for about a week now and am very thankful for it. the knitting has just started back up so i have little to show but let's catch up on a few things.

really only went to shop. :) spent my money in 2 places

the plucky knitter

and blue moon

there were a few more skeins than i show here, but you'll probably see them pop up on my blog shortly.

it was fun. i got to meet sarah aka the plucky knitter briefly. she was so sweet. i had a really hard time deciding on which yarn i wanted of hers. i think i bought 4 skeins total. the lace weight in the pic above is currently on the needles and i'll be showing a progress pic soon. all of her base yarns are so fabulous!

a few days after madrona i flew to wisconsin for work. it was SO cold and there was SO much snow. that is all i have to say about that except i am pretty sure that my lovely flu was acquired on the flight.

the next couple weeks were spent sleeping on either my couch with this little one

or in my bed. with a few trips to the fridge to fuel up on some orange juice.

speaking of kit kats. remember how i blogged about cooper taking (stealing) my yarn and wrapping it around the toilet a bazillion times? now it happens all over the house. this is a bad shot but you can see his little yarn adventure below my dining table.

it is something to watch. he goes around and around.

ok, going to sign off for now. i'll leave you with what little baking i have done recently. this is my version of my grandma's polish babka. every easter we would get a babka baked in a can in our easter baskets. complete with white powdered sugar frosting and rainbow sprinkles. i didn't like babka much back then. now that my grandma is gone i find that i enjoy it because it reminds me so much of her and the tastes of my childhood.

Friday, March 21

bags for sale today

project bags are for sale now on the shop blog.

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 17

more bags soon

just an fyi, there will be project bags for sale over on the shop blog friday morning at 10 a.m. pacific (3/21)

i know i haven't blogged about anything besides the bags and i apologize. but honestly i haven't knit much in the last several weeks. almost recovered from the flu although my energy isn't. it is getting annoying to be so lazy. i did take pictures of the yarn i bought at madrona and hopefully i will get around to sharing those soon. i promise i'll be back at some point!

and for those who keep supporting my mom by purchasing the bags she appreciates it. she really enjoys searching for the fabrics and making the bags. i know some of you have even found her over on ebay and added to your collection there. :)