Friday, February 15

Bags for sale today

project bags are for sale now on the shop blog. this will be the last batch for at least a couple weeks.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 13

easy ez

i don't know if i mentioned that i would be travelling to wisconsin for work next week. i'm not looking forward to the cold. so i decided to throw a quick pair of mittens on the needles.

i couldn't get a picture that represented the colors very well. these are elizabeth zimmerman's mitered mittens from the knitters almanac. i used some handspun i purchased at the puyallup fair a couple years ago. they are pretty but i used the inside of the ball for one and the outside of the ball for the other and there is a big difference in the vibrancy of color. oh well. they were fun and quick and will do the job.

i cast on for a scarf to match but i'm not sure i'll get it done in time (i leave tuesday afternoon).

i also finished the 2nd unoriginal hat and like i suspected i didn't have enough yarn. i tweaked the pattern a bit as the 1st one was a little tall. this one is perfect and left me with just a few inches of leftover yarn.

yarn is blue moon leticia in footzey foo.

tomorrow i'll be headed down to madrona to check out all the vendor booths with my friend jan. i am sure we will hit blue moon first :) i took the day off work so it should be a lot of fun. i should have planned ahead and made arrangements to stay down there for a couple days with ellen and naomi but there is just too much going on. maybe next year!

other than that i haven't been up to much. i had strep throat for some time and still have weird throat issues even though i am over the strep part. i have been watching a lot of tv and movies. with the strike, there isn't much on so i found myself resorting to dvds. i got into entourage again and even started a group for it over on ravelry. i just can't get enough ari. love love that show (as i have mentioned on this blog more than once!).

so that led me to doing some googling and i came across a show called "cupid" that jeremy piven did back in the late nineties. some columnist was doing reviews of it during the strike so i decided to check it out (you can only watch it on youtube and each ep is broken into 5 parts). it was well worth the annoyance of watching via youtube. i have been a fan of jeremy piven for a long time (i used to love him on the ellen show) and he was excellent in this show. too bad it only lasted 15 eps. i say go check it out if you like jp.

i also admit to watching some really horrible tv called rock of love or something like that. you know the one with that rock star (totally spaced his name, used to listen to his music) looking for love. ugh. SO bad. eek. it is such a train wreck i couldn't help but watch a couple episodes. those girls, my goodness.

of course, i shouldn't talk, if jeremy piven ever did a show where he was looking to get fixed up i would totally sign up ;)

alrighty, enough of that. more bags will be for sale over on the shop blog friday at 10 a.m. then i'll be quiet for a week or so while i suffer through super cold temps and lots of snow in wisconsin.

Monday, February 4

project bags for sale today

project bags are available for sale now over on the shop blog. i'll leave them up for a couple days before moving them to etsy. happy monday!