Wednesday, December 26

holiday knits

ok, before i show you all the cool gifts i received, here are my handknits i gave away this year.

the gnome i had intended to knit last year. i love him. the finishing is a bit fussy for me, but he went to a loving home and i think i might need to make just one more for myself!

a terrible picture, but a felted pear for my mom. she collects pears so i couldn't resist making one for her.

2 baby hats and 1 toddler hat. i have yet to get 2 of them to their intended recipients. the one up front in the pic is actually the unique one, the two in the back were my original concept on striping and color mixing. i don't know why i didn't put one of those up front in the pic. duh!

i know, i should list patterns, yarns etc. but i am in a bit of a rush so i apologize! but i just wanted to prove that there was knitting going on here! :)

Tuesday, December 25

Monday, December 24

playing catch up

tis the season for losing track of time! i am a couple posts behind! anyways, let's start here.

my christmas cards this year. i made little hand knit tags with the same owl and never got around to sharing. i'll save them for next year. couldn't get a great photo of these but you get the idea.

my kitchen at 9:28 this morning as i assembled the first of my cookie boxes.

you can't see all the cookies i made but here is a box. i did molasses cookies, buttery pecan cookies, rum balls, caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels, butter fudge and a christmas classic in my family, meringues. all individually wrapped so they stay fresh and don't turn soft.

cats and christmas cheer

cooper: "look mom i caught a bird" or, "look i found my christmas present!"

lily: "aren't i sweet?" or, "i didn't get into the gifts early like my naughty brother".

i'm off to relax for an hour or so before i get ready to head to my parents for christmas eve. hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Saturday, December 15

weeks past

well i haven't done much blogging this month. i did have a couple things i wanted to post from weeks past though so here you go

nov. 30th • trophy cupcakes with ellen and naomi. look at my hot chocolate - is that not the cutest thing ever?

dec. 1st • it snowed a lot but melted overnight. it was appropriate though, dec. 1st is a bit of a holiday in my family. you can read about my past ones here - 2005 and 2004. i think i missed blogging about it last year.

anyways, the bag above was my mom's gift to me and i LoVe it. i can't get enough amy butler. and the fabric is one of my favs. i have plans to incorporate it into my bedroom.

dec. 8th• holiday open house at village yarn and tea. it went well and i was happy to use my display leftover from last years cookie exchange (which my friend and i did not participate in this year because we had some issues with how things went).

ok, now i am off to shop and bake cookies with a friend. i'll post pics of my christmas cards if i can get a good shot of them. i think i figured this might be the 10th year for my handmade cards. sadly, i don't think i have a sample of them all.

Monday, December 10

small leftover sale

happening now over at the shop blog

Friday, December 7

my little boxer

ok, let's see if this works. my kit kats are so intrigued by the cd drive on my mac. here is cooper trying to fight with it. i LOVE the behind the ear action. so silly.


Tuesday, December 4

first snow of the season (and maybe last, it is seattle after all)

although there has been a little knitting (and seaming) going on around here i have nothing to show yet. you would think with the weather we had this weekend (we had 3 or 4 inches of snow on saturday) i would have shut myself in and knit but instead i worked on stitch markers for the village yarn and tea open house. i have made good progress and don't feel i will be scrambling at the last minute. which is good, because the markers are a process and they can't be created, baked, ringed and glazed quickly! i am also trying to get a few other things done for the open house like necklaces and ornaments but we'll see how that goes. i do promise that the inventory left will make it to the shop blog on monday for a sale :)

i didn't manage to get any great shots of the snow, but i'll share a couple anyways.

cooper watching the snow from my office window while i was working on markers.

a winter scene outside my dining room window. the place is all dressed for the holidays. i was sad this picture didn't turn out very well. the old camera is dying and my pictures are becoming more blurry. i just loved that the outside looked so blue.

ok, off for now. probably won't hear from me again until after the open house. if you live in seattle come see me!