Tuesday, October 30

some knitting related links...

just some inspiration links for you, mostly knitting related...

knit coasters, knit espresso cups and a knit bowl

hand knits for your wine (ahh come on, you could so make that)

handspun by feltstudiouk on etsy

bubble stitch bag

cafe press knitting stuff

cupcakes i know this has made it's way around but worth linking again they are so fabulous

amy butler sweet life bags my fav is the ashbury in pewter. i nearly bought it this evening but am debating on the size...too big?

felted nest ornament i have this kit and am nearly done with it

crystal yarn necklace anyone?

and a tip - if you are on ravelry and aren't using the "ravel it!" browser button you should, it is just too cool.

Monday, October 29

fo and other stuff

my third clapotis is done. this one used just under 2 skeins of lady godiva yarn. it turned out well with the exception of the 2nd skein being really washed out. the colors were not very saturated. i should have paid more attention and alternated skeins. oh well. it is still lovely. i believe i only did 4 increase sections and then to make it longer i did 20 straight sections. i didn't measure but it isn't a full size clap by any means (which is what i intended)

and if you are interested, here is an easy and cute fall appetizer

my friend jan came over for knitting, pizza and a movie on saturday. i decided to make a few of these to have while waiting for the pizza. i just think they are too cute!

and i have to say, i have the christmas bug already. i am really trying to get a majority of my shopping done early. i don't enjoy crowds much during the holiday. if i go to the mall it is just to wander and get an eggnog latte or something (and usually on weeknights to avoid the crowds). so my question to you is...what online shops do you like? i have some regulars, but want some more ideas.

i'll trade you, here are some of mine...
williams-sonoma (check out the donut maker - me want!)
ballard designs
fred flare
red envelope
vermont country store

a really random mix but good stuff. so do share, what websites do i need to know about?

p.s. target has the method holiday scents in again. i stocked up on my favorite, peppermint vanilla (i got dish soap this year, don't recall them having it last but i could be wrong)

Sunday, October 21

oui oui

pattern :: debbie bliss pom pom beret from simply baby
yarn :: debbie bliss cotton dk in light blue and brown
model :: a perturbed miss lily

a little beret i whipped up to send off to my friend's baby girl. most of my friends have had boys so it was nice to do something a little girly (you know cause it is good to be girl!). i did choose blue and brown though because I don't think the mom is really a pink person. plus blue and brown are fab together!

clap is nearly done. hope to finish it up tonight so tomorrow i can start working on some stitch markers. i planned it out to use every bit of yarn so let's hope i don't come up short!

Monday, October 15

clapotis update

fyi, just a few marker sets left over on the shop blog if you are interested.

so i had every intention of finishing this clap by yesterday. unfortunately it didn't happen. my hands have been hurting again and i need to take a little break. i am close though - probably 2/3 done or so. i can't wait to bind off and start something new. although this really has been a fast knit since i reduced the size.

my friend denise is knitting the my so called scarf in malabrigo and it is really tempting, so even though i need to get a few holiday knits on the needles, i think that scarf is in my future. i have a few skeins of yarn from handpaintedyarn.com that is really soft and might work in place of the malabrigo so i'll have to peek in my stash and check out the colors.

although i am done with the fall markers, i will start putting up holiday markers in small batches shortly. they make the cutest gifts for your knitter friends or secret pals. i know my knitting friends will be getting them this christmas! ;)

Friday, October 12

marker sale today

happening now over at the shop blog

Wednesday, October 10

sale friday

whew, it has been awhile. but i have managed to sit down and make a small batch of *mostly* fall, halloween markers. they will go on sale over at the shop blog at 9 a.m. pacific this friday (12th). so mark your calendars if you are interested!

Monday, October 8


i am calling these my leftovers socks. although they are my first (*gasp*) pair using socks that rock, they are made with leftovers from my chevron scarves. they are random but cute and comfy. i had actually completed sock 1 a couple months ago and last thursday decided it was time to get the 2nd sock done. that leaves me with just one more sock that is missing it's mate. i hope to cast on for that one this week.

next up on the needles is another mini clap (only 4 increase sections). i am using 2 skeins of fleece artist lady godiva. it has been in my stash for awhile. i was slow to cast on because i didn't want to take the time to figure out how to make it smaller because i had less yarn. it should work up pretty fast considering it is just a little over 1/2 the size of the original. this will be my 3rd clapotis. the first was full size and the second was a mini like this (although i think the one on the needles now will be slightly wider than my other mini).

the weather change has put me in the mood to knit more scarves. i love having a large selection to choose from. i have a couple other patterns picked out to start after the clapotis. you can never have too many in my book!

and finally, here are the pumpkins i glittered a couple weeks ago. i used the martha stewart glitter kit at michaels (the one for the bones). they are the fake styrofoam pumpkins so i can use them every year. they were a bit of a pain to glitter (messy and they took me several days to do). they were difficult to photograph with the light bouncing off of them!

in other news, i committed to bedding. it is a very long story, but the above picture from the designers guild website shows the duvet cover i bought. i have conflicting ideas in my mind for the style of the room and am unsure about the choice i made. i thought about trying to sell it on ebay (can't return, bought at a small store in cannon beach). but last night i decided to commit to this look and go from here. if you ask why i bought it if i was unsure i have one word - fate. it was very weird happening across this where i did - i had picked this out some time back and was going to order it online because it is impossible to find. from there a series of strange events leading me to this took place and although at the time of finding it in cannon beach i had changed my mind on it - i felt fated to buy it. it helps that i was offered 30% off too! it was the only one they had, my size, tucked away in a corner beneath other stuff and i still managed to spot it.

anyways, there you have it. a very bright room it will be indeed. but at least my walls are already a green that matches pretty well so no painting will be necessary!

with that i leave you a picture from the knitting trip to cannon beach a couple weekends ago. oh how i love that town! the weekend went by much too fast.