Tuesday, September 25

socks complete!

this morning. the leaves are changing and it has felt like fall for at least a week now. my new socks are perfect for the season.

whew, it has been awhile since i have completed a pair of socks! for those of you who left comments, here are the details.

yarn :: regia design line by kaffe fassett, color 4259
pattern :: knitting pure & simple beginner's lightweight socks
needles :: knit picks size 0 on 2 circulars

these are slightly thick because i used size 0 needles. i am hoping this will make them last longer. i keep referring to these as my cannon beach socks. my goal was to have them completed by my trip there this weekend with the girls. i am so excited for a weekend away - i really need it and CB happens to be one of my favorite places. it was where our family vacationed every year when i was growing up. ellen's family had a place there too so she loves it as well. i think this is naomi's first time there so we'll see if she loves it as much as ellen and i do!

SOLDand on a doh! note...
i accidently ordered some yarntini yarn recently that i already had in my stash. as i am trying to be really good about keeping it to a minimum (hah! my version of minimum anyways!)...i am offering my duplicate up for sale.

it is merino sport weight - variegated appletini - 260yds - US needles 3-5

i'm asking what i paid. send me an email to amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom if you want it. first responder gets it, i'll paypal you an invoice.

$23 plus $4.75 shipping = $27.75

despite my blunder, i did manage to get a skein that i had been wanting for awhile. it is the colorway home and i might be bringing it to the beach with me. either that or trekking (i always seem to be knitting on trekking on my trips so it seems kind of appropriate that i continue the "tradition").

Tuesday, September 18

useless chatter

i wasn't paying much attention to the large poster on the door at my lys apparently. yarn harlot was in town friday night and i had no clue until my friend ellen emailed me that morning (you remember ellen right? the one who walked 60 miles for the 3 day a couple weekends back).

terrible picture, but you get the idea. she has been in town before (i think more than once) and i just hadn't made the effort. i was glad i did this time, she is just so funny. she spoke at a bookstore just down the street from my place so how could i not go when it took less than 5 minutes to get there?

you can see the beginnings of my 2nd sock there. i hope to have a complete pair to show you soon. can i say how much i LOVE the colors?

here is ellen earlier that day. she talked me into (i use that term loosely, i didn't need any prodding) a quick trip down to trophy cupcakes. yum!

right now i have a lot on my mind and i am in that stage where i can't seem to settle it down. thoughts are flying all over the place and instead of concentrating on getting my condo put back together after the floors were installed i am scattered doing a thousand useless things (like glittering pumpkins - i'll share later).

here is what is weighing on my mind at this very moment...
pea fritters (chris, i am CRAVING these things and seriously considering making some although i'll never be able to replicate them)

and if i even thought i could replicate the chips we had in portsmouth i would be all over that too (i happen to have a mini deep fryer that is great for these sorts of things (but not my health))

and the serious thought that most likely i will never quite be an expert at anything. i may be good at stuff, but i don't have that certain something to be great. i'm not sure yet if this is good or bad (i actually see a few good points). i think it is because i suffer from lack of focus. i may love to bake for a few weeks but the next it is all about how to glitter pumpkins or something else totally useless. so i never focus on anything long enough to be great at it. i used to think astrology was a complete waste of time - but now i realize there must be something to it because i fit the gemini description to a T. split personality sums it up well :)

oh and of course that as of 2 days ago in seattle, summer is officially over. i have mixed feelings about that (i hate turning on my heaters) but then again, it is hot chocolate season and we all know how i feel about that! yum! i actually had my first cup the other night - white chocolate strawberry. i bought it at village yarn and tea. next up will be the fran's hot chocolate my friend jan bought me for my birthday. which reminds me, i need to go to the store to get milk....

Wednesday, September 5

apple? seriously?

i guess that is what i get for being a loyal apple customer who was willing to buy first generation. i won't say that i didn't know there might be changes in the not so distant future, but i was thinking say 6 months and i would be pretty cool about that. but a $200 price drop in 2 months? you can call me a sucker. i know the reasoning behind it makes sense, they need to sell more phones. but really? did they think about all the loyal fans who waited in lines and shelled out the cash would be happy about that? i mean as if it wasn't bad enough that i had to settle for AT&Ts edge network and wait over 12 hours to activate the thing.

oh well lesson learned. i still love my iphone, just 33% less now :)

back to knitting

although i have no pictures to show you (4 baby hats and one sock). i had grand plans for this week, but with it being a short week and all i am quite behind in what i set out to do. so the stuff that could wait (blogging, knitting pics etc) will.

i am living in a bit of a mess right now. i finally bit the bullet and am having nearly the rest of the condo done up with laminate flooring to match my kitchen, dining and living rooms. i needed to do this. it will make me SO happy. i can finally start decorating my bedroom and won't have to look at the ugly, cheap carpet the previous homeowners put in. and it will be a snap to clean! yeah!

of course that means pulling up carpet, patching sub flooring and pulling off lots of carpet tack strips. it also means purging all the items i haven't used in over a year which in turn led to the idea of an impromptu garage sale this weekend (reminder to self, print signs, post on craigs list). said garage sale items along with all closet contents are piled high on the dining table and floors. place is a m.e.s.s. which is very hard for me to live with even if it is only for a week.

bedroom design ideas are spinning around in head. finally settled on look although have yet to purchase much of anything for it. let's just call it modern glam? i fell in love with designer's guild in uk (too lazy to link) and will be using that for inspiration although not quite as dramatic. i recently met a friend who is an interior designer so she is going to get me in to the design center to take a peek at the designer's guild line. i hope to really get moving on the design in the next few weeks, i am starting from scratch besides my california closet stuff from target so i have a lot to do.

that being said, i need cash. so look for some major destashing starting later this week or early next week. purging took place in the yarn dresser as well my friends. yikes! i have put a major stop to the yarn buying. i will also be working on a fall line of stitch markers and necklaces.

i should confess though that i did purchase yarn last weekend (with a store credit, but i would have bought it anyways). it went straight on the needles so it can be justified. it is the new kaffe fasset regia sock yarn (probably just destroyed the spelling of name but again to lazy to link). it is stripey fabulous. and although regia is on my too itchy list i am hoping i can break it down a bit with some conditioner and washing.

ok, sorry for the totally blubbering post. also too lazy to go back and edit. what you see is straight from my head to keyboard today friends.

have a good one, hope to check back with you soon.