Sunday, July 22

randomness because i got nothin' else.

probably the only knitting content of this post. i never mentioned that i joined ravelry awhile back thanks to amanda. i like it a lot. i don't love it. but i like it. the only reason i don't love it - too much work. i can't see keeping it updated and maintaining a blog at the same time. and i don't use flickr for blogging so that throws in yet another step. i am trying to reduce my computer time these days. but if you are blogless or have a lot of time? it is brilliant. i pretty much use it to surf other's projects and yarns. it is good inspiration! so even if i am terrible updating it, it has some great other features (oh and the groups are a lot of fun too!).

i bought the new smashing pumpkins cd. i wasn't going to. billy corgan is full of himself. he made a comment at live earth that really irked me. and at the last smashing pumpkins concert in seattle (years ago, when they knew they were breaking up) he made some idiotic comments too. but i couldn't resist. sp was like my all time favorite band back in my 20's. i was hard core. anyways, the new cd is good.

i would comment on how i feel the next season of grey's is going to be but it is too depressing. i am 90% sure i won't like the direction they go.

stitch n' pitch is this thursday! should be tons of fun. i am making some stitch markers for my lys to take to the event. i could be wrong, but i think seattle was the first mlb city to do stitch n' pitch. it is a pretty amazing event with lots of vendors.

i am not knitting. it is sad but true. i have been reading a lot. i know i just need to pick up the needles to get going but haven't done that yet. maybe stitch n' pitch will help.

Wednesday, July 11


not the best shot for showing off the lace detail, but it is still early so you'll get better shots later. i just thought it was funny that as i was knitting on my deck, everything around me was the same green as the yarn!

pattern was a one skein pattern from the lys tour called the touring wrap. if you click on the patterns link at the top of the screen you can download the free pattern. it happened to be designed by my friend ellen who works at vyt. i am really enjoying it. very good beginner's lace pattern i think. and the suri blue by fleece artist is lovely yarn.

btw, it is just too hot in seattle. central air is looking very appealing now. too bad i don't think they can rig it up in my condo. it would be worth every penny on these hot days.

Friday, July 6

one more down.

oh thank goodness. i was able to cast off last night. phew. i don't even want to know how long this took me. especially since i did the first one in 2 weeks! oh well.

chevron scarf modified to 36 stitches (I believe). STR lightweight in pebble beach and footzey foo on size 5's.

so tempted to cast on for another. i love these. but other projects are waiting. and so is the sun outside! ciao!

p.s. meant to add that the photo here was taken on my iPhone. not bad!

Thursday, July 5

more yarn.

i won a contest over at the plucky knitter a short time ago. i was lucky enough to receive some of her hand dyed yarn as a prize! so lovely! colorway antoinette pink in a soft merino lace weight. i already have a pattern picked out for it!

i also picked up some more silk garden lite and a cute frog zipper case to hold my scissors etc. at my lys.

i am in a blogging funk. i have to admit that i really only like to blog with pictures. so i won't blog if i don't have a lot of progress to show on projects. which happens to be the case right now. i am so close to finishing the chevron II scarf so you'll see that soon. but the other project i cast on for is going to take awhile. once i get enough done to make it picture worthy i will post.

there are just so many knits on my to do list that i am feeling overwhelmed. i would love to knit a bunch of footsie socks for summer etc. but they take time. and this time of year i am not knitting as much as i had been. i'll get over it. but if you don't see me posting often you know why.

of course if i can figure out how to insert my iphone pics into blogger while on my iphone, i might start blogging even more!