Saturday, March 31

easter markers

hop on over to the shop blog for a small batch of limited edition easter markers.

Friday, March 30

and so it continued

another attempt last week with 2 different skeins of koigu instead of str. long since frogged, but i look at the picture now and wonder why i did that, i kinda like it now (oh wait, i remember i liked it, but wanted more distinction between the 2 colorways).

then moved on to a mix of str (i have been using lightweight) and koigu

bad picture, but this is frogged now too.

after a week of attempts at finding the combo that really called out to me i have given up. i have now moved on to a table runner in completely different yarn, but using the feather and fan pattern still. oh well. i tried, and realized i am just so picky.

sorry i have been mia too, i got sick again and am still congested. i can almost guarantee this is another ear and sinus infection. fun!

Wednesday, March 21

all about color

ok, this is actually the 3rd combination i have tried. this is str sherbert and watermelon tourmaline. although the sherbert sucessfully negates the peach that i don't like, it is a little too neon. i wouldn't wear this. so onto the next color combo. i actually kind of enjoy this process.

if you look at the flickr group i linked to yesterday, the watermelon tourmaline and farmhouse color combo is my favorite. but if i am looking at it right, there are 3 versions shown and they all look really different to me. and wouldn't you know that i sold my skein of farmhouse on ebay awhile back? oh well, i know i got something that will work. and if comes down to it, i have tons of koigu that i can start swatching as well! :)

and someone really likes my snugs. i had to take them away because she was going crazy! notice how the lining is almost the same colors as my wall? yeah so i have color issues. i am very specific about what i like.

the fireplace guy came today to measure for glass doors. i am so excited about that. i haven't posted on here about this (i think) but i am re-doing my fireplace. new mantel, tile and glass doors. right now the pics are boring and i have to wait 4-6 weeks for the custom glass doors, but i'll do a progress report soon. i was so proud of myself for tearing out all the stone that was mortared on myself! it is going to look fab! or at least it does in my mind.

Tuesday, March 20

old pattern, new inspiration

a week or so ago i came across this entry on domesticat's blog. something about that scarf appealed to me so much that i cast on friday night (finally another use for my sock yarn!). but it didn't end there. yesterday, while reading january one i clicked around and came across the flickr group for the lmkg chevron scarf pattern. i can't stand how amazing these are, especially the idea of combining two socks that rock colors. they are like pieces of watercolor art.

not that i haven't seen these before. both my friend jan and katy have worked on these. i guess it just takes seeing it in many different ways for it to click with me!

now if only i could find two colors i like together. i have some ideas (i have a few skeins of str to play with) but i am having a hard time parting with one of the colors i am leaning towards. i want to keep it for socks. but the scarf is calling. anyways, the skinnier scarf is the domesticat version in a skein of koigu (unknown color) and louet. the lmkg scarf is in str tidepool and watermelon tourmaline. i think i will replace the watermelon color with another - the peach is killing me. i didn't realize i had such an aversion to the color until now.

Monday, March 19

breakfast and yarn.

*bloglines doesn't seem to be picking up feeds, i don't think it is just mine, but maybe a blogger issue? either way it is annoying!

over the weekend i made a batch of rice pudding. i used 1% milk and it turned out really good (ok, doesn't hurt that I drizzle condensed milk and toasted almonds over the top). this morning i had it for breakfast while taking pics of my new yarn.

more trekking? me? what? trekking 101 purchased on camano island a few weeks back. you know that this will end up on the needles sooner that it should. i can't resist. it will be my 4th pair i think (for a pic of me in my paris trekking socks friday night, head over to naomi's blog - mine are the top left, pinks, greens ).

have you heard of the duets sock yarn from a swell yarn shop yet? i can't believe i managed to get my hands on some. and my first colorway choice too (army girl)!

Saturday, March 17

we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for totally non-knitting related news

recalled cat and dog food

just an fyi if you haven't heard. this is a big one and i myself had a bit of a panic attack this morning when i saw the brand of food i feed my kitties on a recall list. thankfully, i don't feed them the cuts and gravy style and it isn't one of the specific types mentioned, so i think we are ok, but they will be going off of wet food for a couple days until things are more clear. i know many of you probably feel as strongly as i do about my little guys so i thought i would share.

Thursday, March 15

snug as a bug in an......ugg :: part 2

snug boot pattern from pick up sticks. well written and fairly simple, i love these. lined with 100% alpaca they are super cozy. only downside is the foot is a bit wide. i thought about felting them more, but then they would be too short. i think they are supposed to be this way by design so i am content.

started: i don't know really, sometime this year
finished: 3/14/07
yarn: 3 skeins lamb's pride worsted in oatmeal and 4 skeins baby alpaca grande in 1310 (plymouth)
needles: for the lamb's pride, size 10, for the alpaca size 9 to get gauge

oh yeah, second downfall, the wet wool smells like a perm and it lasts quite awhile because they take forever to dry.

but still cute, no?

completely random markers over on the shop blog.

snug as a bug in an......ugg :: part 1


final result and pattern details coming soon. they are currently sitting in front of my heater and waiting for a shave, that darned lamb's pride! but i do love the result.

Wednesday, March 14

key lime pie martini recipe

by popular request, here is the recipe for you! enjoy!

key lime pie martini

1.5 oz vanilla vodka
0.5 - 1oz key lime juice (depends on how sour you want)
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. 1/2 and 1/2
crushed graham crackers

rim martini glasses by first dipping in lime juice and then the graham crackers. put in freezer for 30 minutes to set. put the rest of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with several ice cubes, shake and serve.

i actually made this in a large batch and fiddled with the amounts, so try one and then adjust to your taste. i also added a tiny drop of green food coloring to my full pitcher because otherwise they are just creamy white. i combined some recipes i found on the net, if you want to see other ones just google "key lime pie martini"

overly ambitious

i think i mentioned back in january that i had already completed a few knits for christmas '07. every january i get this grand idea that i will make up presents for the following year. well, sadly, my '06 presents are now destined for le garbage. you see those ornament wreaths? yep, those were handcrafted by me, now over a year ago. i searched the after christmas sales for all those ornaments. i sat on my floor glueing them on for hours and then left them piled under a table for a year, only to find the ornaments breaking and falling off when it was time to start giving them as gifts. apparently the glue i chose did not stand the test of time. there is no salvaging these things. i have tried. so sad.

maybe a key lime pie martini with a graham cracker rim will ease the pain. oh and those slippers i mentioned awhile back. completing those will ease the pain (assuming i don't fail at those as well). stay tuned.

Saturday, March 10

sweet wishes

please go wish the lovely and talented tami a very happy birthday today! :) she is visting oklahoma right now (she is moving back there, oh how we'll miss her!) but i am sure she has internet access. if not, she will get a good surprise when she gets home (which i think is tonight!).

Tuesday, March 6

more trekking socks complete!

well it is becoming more obvious that i need to get a new camera. check out this blurry shot. and that is with sharpening in photoshop! anyways, my trekking 100 socks are complete! this was my 4th or 5th pair of trekking socks. i purchased another skein on camano island a couple weeks back. for now, it will remain in the stash, i am going to cast on for my good to be girl yarntini socks next. any pattern ideas? i want something simple with just a hint of detail. ohh and maybe a picot edge. ideas?

Monday, March 5


the stitch markers for charity did ok friday night. hopefully they will sell all of them over the next week. if there are any left i will offer them up for sale here.

i am knitting! i am working so hard to finish up a pair of trekking socks in color 100 (hopefully by tomorrow) and a pair of slippers (they are so cute, i can't wait to show you!). i am just dying to get my very own yarntini colorway on the needles. did you see she actually sold a few skeins in the good to be girl colorway this weekend?!

and probably more importantly, i need to get some baby projects on the needles. 2 of my closest friends are pregnant! i can't believe it. they are due a week apart! and the funny thing is that they are the bestest of friends. isn't that every girls dream to be pregnant at the same time as their best friend? i am so excited for them. i have until september to get some projects done. i have a couple ideas floating around already.

i can't tell if the darned feed is working on my shop blog, but i put up a skein of trekking for sale over there if you are interested.