Wednesday, February 28

flakes are falling from the sky.

jack frost was confused this morning. it is nearly march, in seattle - snow? come on, really?

our girls weekend was a ton of fun. lots of knitting, eating, talking and good times (i just this moment looked outside and it is snowing again!!). baby blankets were started, sweaters were finished and so many other knitterly things were going on it was just fab. i may have picked up yet another ball of trekking (color 101) at the yarn shop on the island too.

in other news, i rememembered a little project i whipped up during the holidays and again today.


i took some of my old felted bags that didn't turn out and cut fishy shapes out of them. they then went into a ziploc bag full or organic catnip to marinate. and ta da! the kitties love them!


if you live in the seattle area, village yarn and tea is having a slumber party of sorts for their 1st friday of the month knit night. this week it will be until midnight and the idea is to knit wristbands for the 3 day walk (supporting breast cancer). i had a picture of one i knit last year but i am too lazy to link right now. i made some markers for the event. pink ribbons on a hot pink circle. nothing too fancy, but all proceeds will go to support the wristband project. i think i'll be selling them individually. anyhoo, stop by if you can, it is bound to be fun!

Thursday, February 22

you say it's your birthday...

i just wanted to share a new blog with you, *That's my middle name*. it belongs to an amazing knitter who works at my lys. she kept promising a blog by her birthday (this past tuesday) and she did it (those cupcakes were my gift for her)! she is an amazing knitter and the fastest knitter i know by far! i look forward to her blogging about all the projects she is working on. she knows she is always welcome at my place thursday for "i knit with grey's" night :)

i am actually about to head up to the shop now to knit and have a cup of tea before heading back to my place to meet friends for "i knit with grey's" night. i have managed to fill about 75% of my marker orders and hope to have another batch out tomorrow. this weekend is a knitting girls weekend. a few friends and i are heading up to camano island. i already have all the projects i plan on bringing picked out. that is a MIRACLE! ;)

Saturday, February 17

grey's markers

ok, go over to the shop blog ( to find out how to order. i am offering them again due to popular demand :) SORRY no longer taking orders, i received way more than i expected (yeah for all you grey's fans!! i am impressed)

i believe the site feed for the shop blog is working now. if it stays that way, i will no longer be posting every marker update on this blog. so subscribe to the shop blog if you want to stay updated about markers. thanks!

Thursday, February 15

if you haven't seen last night's grey's, don't read on

well last night there wasn't so much knitting (and thank goodness the knitting that did occur was stockinette). grey's kept me alert as i watched mer being pulled from the water. i have to admit that i had read spoilers ahead of time (i couldn't resist with the rumors that were going around). i knew and know what will happen in the next episode (or so i think). but that didn't keep me from being startled by the presence of bomb guy (denny i saw coming). i LOVED bomb guy. in that short time they were together i felt a major chemistry between the two that rivaled der. my friend and i actually screamed when we saw him.

but the best part of it all was the way they interacted when they found out about mer. that is what i love about the show. the relationships. i admit that i am not a big izzie fan so her whole speech irritated me (and really, do not bring up george's marriage at a time like that, that was so inappropriate and ruined the moment.). as for the others, i cried a bit. i mean der? so sad. and burke being there for him, and mark? and christina, how i love christina and mer's quirky relationship.

i know many people don't like mer, too whiny, but i love her. look how horrible she has had things and she is such a mess (how will they bring up the fact that her drowning may not have been so accidental). it makes for great tv, i always think of mer and der as ross and rachel. i rooted for those guys to the end. i am a sap. seriously. i love grey's. have i mentioned that? now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

working on the cutest slippers. i'll share a pic when i get a bit further. happy friday!

Tuesday, February 13

silk garden socks

well here are my finished silk garden lite socks. i absolutely love them. i did shorten the tan color band a bit by breaking off the yarn and starting again at a further point because i really wanted the green to be on the leg portion. other than that, they were pretty simple. i cast on 44 stitches on size 3's and just did a basic sock. i think they are my favorite pair to date, although they aren't my most practical as they don't fit into a standard shoe :) they are colorific!

Monday, February 12

so pretty.

jessie at yarntini was kind enough to email me after i left a comment on her blog about the vintage colorway she makes. i was all ready to start stalking to get my hands on some when she told me she would be willing to do a swap for some of my markers! i was thrilled to say the least. and even more thrilled when it showed up on my doorstep. have you seen this knit up before? so beautiful! i can't wait to get started.

but oh then came another amazing surprise in my package! my very own colorway! look it matches my blog! (i think the use of many !!!! is appropriate here, i am THAT excited).

how sweet, how kind, how lovely! goodness, what knits first, the vintage or the good to be girl?

and one more parting shot - all wound in a cake and ready to go.

tomorrow i'll share my silk garden socks. they are amazing!

Thursday, February 8


i am making pretty steady progress on a project finally. this will be a pair of socks in silk garden lite. i am working them on size 3 needles so they are moving along. hopefully one will be completed by tonight.

the str socks are stalled at the moment as i also cast on another project that has a deadline coming up. it works up fast so hopefully i'll be done with it well before the deadline. i'll show a pic later as the progress pics are *snooze* boring.

as for my week, well it didn't get any better than the last few. after only having my car back less than a day, a problem came up and it was towed 40 miles back to the dealership with still no word on her ailment this time (no news is not good news in this case, it means they probably can't figure it out. *sigh*). pretty frustrated, but trying to stay positive.

i did receive some good news. owning a home can mean a good deal of cash back from the irs this time of year. i'll be putting it right back into my home. i am debating on a couple projects, but the bedroom is winning out for now even though a master bath remodel is tempting (i didn't get that much cash back). maybe i'll share some of the designs i have been leaning towards at some point. needless to say, new flooring will be the first thing to do (anyone install their own laminate flooring before?).

and i did find a floor lamp that was marked down 65% to match my table lamp.

and finally put a little something on one of my hallway walls.

(they are mirrors, i don't know if you can tell in this picture)

Wednesday, February 7

3 things you should know

if you are in the seattle area, my lys has some valentine yarn pirate in stock. i picked up this lovely skein of merino/tencel sock yarn. yum!

and leave it to target to have grey's anatomy valentines cards (you know the kind in a box like for kids!). i am stunned i did not buy them (it had 4 cute designs) but with the week or two i have had i can't say i am in my right mind. seriously though, you must go find them. they also had the office. too funny!

and lastly, megan started a knitalong for the peekaboo mittens. go sign up!

i also apologize for breaking my feed for this blog. i accidently forgot to type the directory for the shop blog and it just messed it up. the shop blog feed isn't working still. looks to me like my feed can't be in a sub-directory of my public html folder. i don't know. i give up for now. but there are still 3 sets of grey's markers left!

Monday, February 5

marker update

a few markers are available to order at the moment. bluebirds, peapods and pink snowmen (see link at right). i also created a blog for marker updates. of course it isn't terribly convenient when you can't get the feed to work (i'll keep trying - stupid new blogger).

Thursday, February 1

big debut

did you see the new issue of magknits is up? and did you see the adorable yet oh so functional peekaboo mittens? well i would like to say i am a stellar knitter and finished these up in record time since the pattern just debuted today, but alas, i was a test knitter back in december for dear megan. isn't she clever? i just LOVE my mittens.

mine were knit using manos so they would match my silk garden scarf. when it snowed i wore the combo a lot. i have to admit i am not much of a "normal" mitten person. i can't even lock my door without taking them off. but these, well these are a whole different story. they never have to come off because i can do everything in them, you just pop your little fingers in and out so easily.

no update on the car yet, my insurance company is in the process of approving the quote from the dealership. i am just about 2 weeks with no car (ok minus the 3 hours that i had a loaner last saturday). my home owners association has been notified and some sort of pest people will be coming out to survey the carport. apparently this isn't that uncommon. i just want to do everything to prevent it from happening again.

and i am still fighting what i thought was symptom of my sinus and ear infection. dizziness (like motion sickness). but i have been on antibiotics for 6 days so maybe it isn't related or my ears are really messed up.

ok, i hope to put up some markers for sale next week. i want to announce how it will go down tomorrow, but we'll see how i feel. have a great day and go knit a pair of megan's mittens! :)