Monday, January 29

the yarn that could have killed me

i don't know what more to say without this become the longest post ever, but i was in a car accident this weekend on the way home from picking up the loaner mini cooper (have i mentioned the dealership is 40+ miles away?). i am ok, just a sore back, along with my friend who was riding with me. the car took it pretty well (we were rear ended on the freeway), still driveable, but something was rubbing against the tire so we had it towed back to the dealership. i am again without a car.

and you know what? the major reason i was in that time and place when the accident occured is because i went to get socks that rock from the madrona fiber retreat. it was so close to the dealership where i was picking up the loaner i couldn't resist. so ulitmately, my 3 skeins of socks that rock nearly killed me (ok that is bit dramatic and i don't really think that, but it does make for an interesting story).

and to start this week off on a terrible note as well, this morning i got a call from the dealership saying that the damage to my car was in fact NOT the transmission, but rodent damage not covered by my warranty. i nearly fainted. thank goodness they have run into this before and told me that my insurance would cover it. they were right. so far the damage is at $1400. now comes the challenge of figuring out how to prevent this in the future. do you get that? rats. in. my. car. GROSS!

i did finish a new trekking sock though. and instead of casting on for the second, i started a new pair with the car accident socks that rock (shown above - color tidepool).

trekking 100

Friday, January 26

socks complete in 4.5 days

ok, so i like them a bit more now. maybe i like the look of these, but didn't enjoy the knitting so much. not quite as fun as the handpainted yarns, but the colors are very me. by the comments i got, most of you really like this yarn (and funny, one of my best friends went out and bought it after seeing it on my blog). anyway, they are done and i can't believe how quickly i finished them (well maybe not, i have been housebound, see below).

oh and the pill bottle? well i have had quite a week i tell you. remember when i got sick back in december? still have it. but now it is a sinus infection and an ear infection. the sinus pressure is killing me. i hope the antibiotics kick in REAL soon.

not to mention that i haven't had a car for a week. why? oh i don't know, my 37k mile mini cooper's transmission has to be replaced. don't. buy. first. model. year. i'm just saying. thank goodness for warranties. doesn't mean i don't still love my car though.

with the week i've had (there was more but i won't bore you) i needed chocolate.

have you had these before? not quite gourmet, but my mom used to make them and i couldn't resist. you just melt chocolate chips with a little shortening and mix in chow mein noodles. then you just make little piles and let them set up. easy!

cooper gave them the thumbs up (my silly kitties are food OBSESSED it is so crazy, and no i did not let him eat these!)

one more thing, i had a couple people ask me about the victorian winter mitts pattern. if you aren't from here, call the shop. i think they might be able to work something out so you can buy it.

ok that covers it for now. i hope to have some stitch marker news soon. i am going to start a blog specific to them. that way you can subscribe to that to see when things are updated. but we'll see how i feel.

Tuesday, January 23


i don't know what came over me, but this weekend i purchased the following self patterning sock yarn.

you see, i don't really like self patterning yarn. the only thing that won me over was the colors. the colors remind me of cupcakes. and then i went all out and knit like crazy so the first sock was finished in a little over a day for no real reason. and i don't love them. i like them ok, but i see the little splotches where the dye isn't supposed to be and i think they look kinda sloppy. but i have cast on for the second to avoid sss. and i won't knit with self patterning again (except for stripes, self striping is ok by me).

the yarn is trekking, i think i'll stick to their multi-colored stripey stuff.

Wednesday, January 17

simple but beautiful

something i can finally show you. this beautiful pattern was designed by one of the owners of my lys. i love the touch of the hannah's silk ribbon. they are supposed to have a small button tied in the ribbon but i haven't found any yet.

the pattern is called victorian winter mitts and uses debbie bliss cashmerino aran and astrakhan. the small handkerchief in the picture is one i picked up at liberty of london.

this pattern is so charming. although it wasn't fun to work with the astrakhan. the shop sample was in a deep red but i chose the winter white to give it a very classic look. and the contrast with my brown wool coat is very nice. now i need a winter white leather handbag to pull it all together. must repeat over and over "i am on a budget" :)

Tuesday, January 16

snowmen for sale

i have 5 SOLD OUT THANKS! sets of snowman heads for sale. it will probably be some time before i do these again (although i think snowmen are great all year round!). so get them now if you are interested.

$12 for a set of 4 (this includes shipping)
email me with your order and i'll send you a paypal invoice, my addy is amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom

i have been knitting again, my hand is so much better now that i wear a wrist brace each night. the elbow is still a little sore, but overall i am feeling good. i have knit 3 things so far this year, but i can't share them with you! two are gifts for next christmas already and the other may make a debut in a month or so. i was also able to make the markers above that were inspired by our weather outside.

it has been winter weather here in seattle. snow came last week and was followed by a deep freeze so it has lasted nearly a week (and it was only an inch or so!). today we got 3 more inches as the moisture moved back in. i see it melting now though. i don't know if i have mentioned it but i actually love snow. waking up and seeing snow outside each morning for the last 5 days has been amazing. i have walked down to the lys several times just to be outside. this doesn't happen often in seattle and i took advantage of it. everyone else complains and i just get so excited!

Monday, January 15

random yarn sale

well this is totally random, but i found a container of yarn that i want to get rid of. most of it is novelty yarn. anyways, i am trying to offer it for cheap so it will sell. the biggest reason is my camera is on it's last legs and i really need some cashola to put towards a new one :)

so here you go, RULES OF SALE
*price below does NOT include shipping. shipping will be an additional $5 per "order" (i will ship cheapest and in an envelope) orders over 6 skeins of yarn will be $7.50 shipping
*email me what you want and i'll send you a paypal invoice that adds the shipping (amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom)
*please pay in a timely manner, if i don't receive payment promptly i'll put the item back up for sale
*sale will only last 2 days or so
*i don't think this stuff will go fast, but if it does, i can't promise that what you ask for will still be available - i'll let you know if that is the case. i will do my best to update the site, but for those on the east coast, i am 3 hours behind and will probably be asleep when you see this ;)

yarn comes from smoke free home and was stored in a plastic container

3 skeins of patons allure in color 4046 (silvery white) and 1 skein in 04236 (olive)
1 skein of lion brand wool-ease thick n quick in color 131 grass
all 5 skeins $6.00

6 skeins of bernat cotton tots in white and 1 skein in dark pink
all 7 skeins $5.00

2 skeins of ggh colorado in color 4 (variety of pinks)
both skeins $6.00

6 skeins of lion brand cotton ease (old label) in color candy blue
all 6 skeins $10.00

9 skeins of lion brand cotton ease (old label) in color pistachio
all 9 skeins $15.00

3 skeins of lion brand cotton ease (old label) in color bubble gum
all 3 skeins $5.00

3 skeins of lion brand cotton ease (old label) in color popsicle blue
all 3 skeins $5.00

2 skeins of lion brand homespun in rococo and 1 skein in florida keys green
all 3 skeins $4.00

3 skeins moda dea ticker tape, 1 skein berroco zen, 1 skein filati must multi and 1 skein filati karnak
all 6 skeins $9.00

2 skeins on line linie punta in color 39 (brown and light blue)
both skeins $6.00

1 skein berroco suede in brown and 1 skein in tan (bought to make baby uggs)
both skeins $7.00

1 skein gedifra micro chic in black and 1 skein techno hair in brown
both skeins $6.00

5 skeins cascade pima tencel in color 0030 (cream/natural)
all 5 skeins $10.00

2 skeins TLC essentials in color surf n turf
both skeins $4.00

Wednesday, January 10

stitch markers

ok, so i have given up on making valentine markers. i apologize, but i just don't have it in me. i should have started way earlier but my arm troubles kept me from it. now it is getting late and truth be told, i hate hearts. not a big heart motif person so the inspiration isn't there. i am attempting dipping some real conversation hearts in liquid polymer but it isn't going well so i wouldn't hold my breath for those.

however, i'll be opening up for orders of my already existing designs in the next week or so. i'll post on the blog when i am ready. then, i'll get working on new designs. i know you guys are looking for fresh stuff and so am i. i just need that inspiration bolt to hit and for the concept to actually come to fruition (this is the tough part for me). anyways, the old favorite bluebirds and penguins will be back soon. stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 9

it runs in the family

i don't recall if i have posted about my mom's crafting adventures before. it seemed only appropriate today since she just listed the cutest primitive stitchery on ebay that lends itself well to a knitters world. take a peek.

she has done really well on ebay. growing up she did a lot of bazaars and such with her country crafts, but ebay has proven to be a more lucrative option. you can see our styles are very different, me more contemporary and her more primitive. of course with all of her stitcheries, she has hand and arm issues as well. ahh what a sorry twosome we are :)

the crafting world isn't just limited to my mom and i. my dad has his own hobby as well. i'll show you the cutest owl he carved for me this christmas when i remember to take a picture!

Sunday, January 7

future projects

some of you have asked what i have planned to knit in 2007, too much is the answer!

first off is a pattern i have been eyeing for some time now. a new 2 color noni bag. i am going to make the one in the back (shown in blue/black). the colors i chose are brown and green. i am not settled on the green yet (see pic, it may be a bit too bright). cute huh? i love the noni patterns.

i picked up the noni pattern at a sale yesterday. let's just say that me and the lfp knit girls (the group of us that goes to bainbridge island every few months and meets on tuesdays to knit) got up VERY early and headed downtown to get in line. i think we arrived a wee bit early (before 8 a.m.) so we popped in macrina bakery for a very yummy pastry and coffee. when we were done we ended up not being first in line, but still in the first 6. the deal is, from 9-11 a.m. all the yarn in the store was 30% off. so we waited in the cold for almost an hour.

i think i did the most damage. i was doing ok until i found the noni pattern. then i had to add that and the cascade 220 to my pile. in the end though i had a project in mind for each of the yarns i bought. a rarity for me. the biggest score was silk garden lite. my friend katy and i didn't believe it existed so we felt like we found the holy grail of yarn. it is destined for socks. i also picked up some claudia's handpainted and some hand maiden lady godiva for a new clapotis. oh and at another sale a few days back i picked up a bit of lorna's worsted, yum! so soft!

i'd show pics but to keep myself from crying over how much i spent, i promptly shoved it all in the yarn dresser (yes shoved, it is too full). and it made me start to think about needing to protect my very expensive stash. it is an old wood dresser in an old 70's condo. i think the cedar balls i have in it may not be enough to do the trick. your thoughts? are cedar balls really enough? i could never go to plastic containers to store my yarn (no room and hard to get into) but i could stick the yarn in ziploc bags and then put them in the dresser. that is the direction i am leaning. of course doing so means that the dresser won't be big enough because i can't cram the way i do now. maybe i should use those vacuum packed space saver bags or the seal a meal thing ;)

anyways, i am back to knitting. just a little bit for now (ok i made a whole mitten last night - they are telling me snow is coming!!!!). i know that certain patterns tweak my arm so i am sticking with stockinette or rib for now.

and finally a funny picture of trouble, i mean cooper. i think it is too funny how cats paw at water before they drink it. but not so funny when they do it in my own glass and then proceed to pull it over so they can lap up the water without having to stick their head in. fun!

Wednesday, January 3

pain in my

i am itching to knit. but i have put myself on a 3 day knitting ban (you know this won't last, i have no willpower). my hand, elbow and shoulder are giving me a lot of trouble. i am taking advil every 6-8 hours and wearing one of those wrist brace thingys. i hope i can recover quickly. i would just be heartbroken if this was some sort of permanent problem. i can't even make stitch markers it hurts too much (ok, so it even hurts to brush my teeth). i should have stopped knitting a few days ago but couldn''t resist. i have some great projects going and did not want to stop! of course when your hand falls asleep after 1 minute of knitting you know it is time to take it easy.

so i am reading blogs and looking at patterns etc to keep occupied. i even attempted to make a list of everything i knit in 2006. i didn't do too bad. i know i probably missed a few things here and there, but i came up with the following

9 pairs of socks
7 assorted handbags
7 scarves
7 hats
6 dishcloths
1 baby sweater
2 wristbands for charity
2 felted snowmen
1 pair of felted clogs
1 ipod cozy
2 felted bowls
1 headband
1 pair of wrist warmers

i was excited to see so many socks. i heart socks. i wish i was knitting socks right now. ok, off to read some more blogs.