Sunday, December 31

new year, new hat

or so i had hoped. but unfortunately, this lady detective hat from knit 2 together is too big. i have a feeling this isn't uncommon due to the suggestion at the end of the pattern to add a grosgrain ribbon the circumfrence of your head inside the hat to make it smaller. and sadly, the vintage buckle i had picked out doesn't match well enough. but i won't be giving up. if the grosgrain doesn't work it is either into the wash for a felt job (75% wool, 25% silk should felt right?) or frogged to be re-knit on smaller needles. i was a bit sad, i love this hat (i love that is has a slight crocheted look to it) and was so sad it wouldn't make it's debut tonight.

as for new years, i am making myself chicken and dumplings for dinner and croissant bread pudding for dessert. just myself, although i may pop by a friends party later in the evening. i have been sick for over a week now and may not be able to stay up until midnight though!

thanks for all the well wishes and compliments on my kitty pic. those 2 aren't quite as small anymore (that picture was taken a month ago). they are super busy and a little too intrigued with all things food. quite the handful at the time being but i know that they will grow out of some of this in time (although things will probably get worse before better!). thankfully they are little cuddle bugs (one is on my lap as i type) so when i have them snuggled up (on my face of course) i forgive their naughtiness. :)

happy new year everyone! i did not keep my resolution from last year (to master the art of the french macaron so i'll just take that one with me into 2007 along with knitting a sweater for myself (it's about time!).

gotta go, two kitties are currently on one of my shelves batting around a little glass vase. lovely. cheers!

Sunday, December 24

from our house to yours, merry christmas!

-amy, lily and cooper

Thursday, December 21

breakfast of champions

this morning's breakfast was a strawberry champagne bar from harrods (strawberry chocolate filled with a champagne flavored truffle center). and a cup of tea. how healthy of me huh? i didn't eat the whole thing, but it was tempting. ahh to be able to pop into harrods whenever you wanted, that would be the life.

as you can see, i took my mint stitch markers and made buttons out of them for my packages this year. makes for a simple adornment that the kitties aren't very interested in playing with. which is a good thing. i also made some tags that matched. as you know i like things to match :)

and my new knit hat from macys. a bit golferish but i LOVE it. i have a big thing for argyle. and this was one of those items that you see for around $20 and make that call that it is so worth buying rather than knitting.

totally random, but there you have it. i am off to do a bit of shopping with my mom. there just happens to be a yarn shop where we are headed. will my wallet remain in my purse? probably, i got the biggest visa bill yesterday :)

Wednesday, December 20

holiday progress

it was a toss up this year between a picture of paris or a picture of the kitties. the majority of the cards were paris, but i did a few kitty ones too. i bought the card stock already in the shape of the globe and added my pic and a large amount of glitter (which is hard to see in the picture).

i didn't get around to making tags for the handknits this year which is ok because there are only 2. but if you want, here is a link to the one i did a couple years back. it is still by far my fav. click and it will automatically download a pdf file for you that you can print out (see image below of tag - my name is not on the ones you download and i took the year off of it so it can be used anytime!). holiday tags pdf

i have some pics to share but haven't had a chance to download them yet. i was busying baking yesterday, i got 3 doughs made and so that is good news. i have another 3 cookies to make but they can't be frozen so will wait until a couple days before christmas eve. i have plenty of gifts to wrap still and 1/2 of a handknitted gift left to finish. i am confident it can be done, but i might be fooling myself. i am a wee bit worried too because we have a small windstorm coming in tonight (well small compared to the last one, but still pretty big in the normal seattle weather world). if i lose power i am going to cry. it was so miserable. i cannot even imagine what it must be like for the thousands still without.

Sunday, December 17


i'll have some real content soon. i had been without power since thursday due to the big storm on thursday night. things are fine now and i have never been so happy to turn on the heat in my life. the only cool thing about losing power was it made the northern lights 100x better to view. yes, i stood outside in the midst of a wind storm to watch them! :) talk soon.

Sunday, December 10

milk jam

one of the fun things about travelling is experiencing the different foods (i.e. sweets) that we don't have here. i am easily intrigued by things and the milk jam you see above caught my interest while in paris. i purchased it, and have used it to spread on toast a couple times, but i wanted to see what other options i had before emptying this expensive jar of "jam."

this one says you can put it in your coffee or hot chocolate of course adding it to your breakfast yogurt could be interesting. or you could make it yourself and add it to one of the most complex recipes i have seen in awhile (look at that ingredient list!!). who knew they used to have pots made just for this stuff. of course i think using it as a filling for eclairs is a winning idea.

so my biggest question in doing research was - is this stuff just dulce de leche? it seems to be so. although the jar i have has fleur de sel in it as well (you all know my passion for caramel and salt). however, it doesn't have quite the consistency that dulce de leche has so i am not convinced that it is exactly the same (ok ok the ingredients are the same).

the little jars i bought are actually labeled milk pudding instead of milk jam like the larger jar, although the french translation, confiture de lait, is the same. milk pudding didn't turn up a lot of hits on google that seemed relevant.

so there you have it, one of my paris purchases in the foodie category. there are some of my other caramel purchases in the picture as well (i have yet to try the caramel/sea salt lollipops).

Saturday, December 9

2 weeks away and some progress made

it is late, i just finished my christmas cards, putting some final touches on a couple gifts and reading a bunch of blogs. i am also regretting my use of red this christmas (i apologize to those who like red but it is by far my least fav color. my christmas' have been sans red for years), cursing my hand falling asleep every 5 minutes when i try to knit (or read or talk on the phone) and for telling people who i give gifts to about this blog. i mean the lack of content is only going to get worse over the next couple weeks (although there is very little knitting really, see hand comment above).

i can show you something though, check out my latest purchase from spritely goods - hand felted soaps. i bought 2, both are gifts (did i mention i am regretting the vast amount of money i spent on red christmas decorations that caused my visa bill to get so high i couldn't justify buying a piece of soap for myself? seriously).

ok, ok nevermind that i spent a small fortune on that urban bobble scarf kit. oh, or that these came in the mail a couple days ago..

it is nuts, but they just made it onto a project yesterday. they had been sitting on my table for days untouched. again, see comment on hands above. but, with the inch of a scarf i was able to knit, so far i like them (well except that the needle size is not marked on the needle - boo!).

another task marked off the list, all orders went out today. i made 80 penguins for those orders alone (not 80 sets silly!). now my lys is flying through my markers (no surprise, penguins first!). but no complaints, i am very happy they decided to carry my stuff.

what else? kitties are doing really well. tonight they were a wee bit involved with some of my yarn, but it survived. they like to hang out by the bathroom sink a lot (i call it lounging poolside). i spent some time today at my lys holiday open house making some cute little gifts for a few friends and chatting with the gals there. i am so thankful to have a knitting shop a block or so away.

holiday baking and some major gift shopping is up next. but with cards and markers mostly out of the way i am in decent shape. so i'll quit complaining and wishing i had seen the marimekko lumimarja tablecloth sooner so i would not have gone red. but alas, the marimekko was purchased for next year and the red will go away again. are you still reading? seriously? this is some major rambling.... :)

Tuesday, December 5

more blue moon

yep i bought the stuff to make the urban bubble scarf. i am really excited to try it out, but it will have to wait until my christmas knitting is done. the color i picked up is bloodstone and i bought the matching lightweight str yarn to match.

the sock yarn will actually be knit into a beret i think. we'll see.

and for those who have asked, the kitties names are lily and cooper. :)

and one more thing, i am getting hit with my first round of spam comments ever (so much fun!). i may have to turn off commenting for a bit. if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to prevent them let me know. grrrrr....

Sunday, December 3

an early gift to myself

we made it to bainbridge today and it was great. the yarn store was extra fabulous this time around with amazing shop patterns that were very inspiring (and these amazing yarn wreaths that sadly i didn't get a picture of!). and i picked up a little gift for myself that i'll share when i get a chance to snap some pictures. it involves blue moon fiber arts and a lot of wooden balls. you know what i am talking about? it is very cool.

anyhoo, i have closed up shop for the rest of the year. no more markers until january. i reached my order max earlier than expected. and yes, most are penguins! i'll be working hard this week to get them all out. and then i need a good break to recover because believe it or not i have a majorly bothersome hand, arm and shoulder from the tedious work. if only i had my own elves to do the work :)

as for cookie competition news, we won. yeah for us! i actually took a picture with my cell phone that i need to upload for you to see. my friend did an amazing job creating a giant pink good to be girl snowman for the display. best presentation is top honors and that is what we won (best cookie, best artisan are the other 2 but you can only win 1). we are taking next year off for sure. too much work!

i'll be back soon!