Wednesday, November 29

oh ok, more markers!

well it looks like i made it into the lime & violet holiday gift guide! so i decided it would be wise to start taking orders early otherwise people are linking to the old sale information. click on the shop good to be girl image over there on the right. it has the details. why do i get the feeling i will be making a lot of penguins over the next week? ;)

that time of year

i have been knitting, but this time of year it is a bit of a secret so i can't share quite yet. i am using koigu for the first time and it is very nice. maybe i'll pick up a bit more at churchmouse when i head back to bainbridge this weekend with the same group of friends as last time. i am looking forward to it, actually i am looking forward to going anywhere, i have been snowed in for a couple days not braving the icy roads. november has been just crazy in the weather department here. i see our snow even made the national news last night!

other things occupying my time

and this

which along with this year's cookies (that's right, it is cookie competition time again!) goes into this

i am sharing responsibility with a friend again, but it is still too much work. i think next year i will have to skip it. i haven't had much time to work on markers and that makes me sad because i had so many great ideas that never came to be.

speaking of markers, on friday i will start selling more markers, this time you will be able to place an order vs. me having pre-made inventory and selling out. i will have limited designs but this way it will be easier for everyone. i'll stop taking orders on the 7th and all will ship by the 11th. anyways, look for the link on friday.

wish me luck on the cookie competition, it is saturday. i need to go make up some marshmallows for it now.

Friday, November 24

a couple new accessories and midnight madness

i am sorry that i have been an absent blogger this week. i know it is too late to wish you a happy thanksgiving, so happy thanksgiving weekend. :)

i got a little package in the mail on wednesday and have to share it with you because it is brilliant. it is a small project pouch that i bought from piddleloop. their stuff is just adorable and i specifically asked for the fishy fabric after seeing them use it on another item. they were kind enough to oblige and make one up.

actually, they made a few up, so if you want one of your very own (this thing is the best to carry small projects (i.e. socks!) around in). the fabric is just too cute (the goldfish have little names under them!). a project went into the bag about 2 minutes after i took the picture. and with a house full of kittens this is also a very good way to deter them from attacking the yarn ball!

and i hate to admit this, but last night (ok really it was this morning) i went shopping at midnight. the outlet shops 30 miles north of me opened at midnight last night so after thanksgiving dinner and watching grey's i bundled up and headed north with my parents and a friend for some midnight madness. and madness it was. the 2 exits to the place were backed up for miles (we took a shortcut) and the parking lot was FULL. I am not kidding. some of the shops had lines that wrapped around the building (coach, banana republic and puma to name a few). it was truly unbelievable. i kind of just went for the novelty of it all and probably won't be back next year. i mean i couldn't even get my hands on an eggnog latte the line for starbucks was out the door and around the side.

but, i couldn't walk away empty handed. and before my big trip in october i rediscovered le sportsac, this outlet mall had a shop full of them so i couldn't resist.

and a big thanks to everyone who made my marker sale a success, i will have just one more sale before the holidays in a couple weeks. stay tuned for details.

Friday, November 17

SOLD OUT!! Thanks!!

happy holidays! up for sale through sunday are some of my new holiday stitch marker designs. these make wonderful stocking stuffers and are perfect to include in your magic yarn ball. or maybe just as a gift to yourself? each set comes in a small tin filled with a little "snow".

$12.00 per set. Markers fit up to a US size 10 needle. Hand Sculpted by me out of polymer clay. Prices include shipping. Quantities below are all that are available for now. Please email me at amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom with your order request and I will send you a paypal invoice (if you are not emailing from your paypal email address please include that). If you have my old gmail address it is not currently working so please be sure to use the address above. I mark the inventory as sold as soon as I receive your email, so please pay in a timely fashion. So there isn't confusion, please copy the description and number as it is below when you request a set and include how many sets you want.

From left to right, top to bottom
1. Set of 4 markers, 2 red mittens & two snowballsSOLD OUT!
2. Set of 4 markers, 2 light blue mittens & two snowballs SOLD OUT!
3. Set of 4 markers, 4 snowmen heads with bright green, pink, purple & blue accentsSOLD OUT!
4. Set of 4 markers, all penguinsSOLD OUT!
5. Set of 4 markers, green ribbon candy SOLD OUT!
6. Set of 3 markers, cellophane wrapped starlight mintsSOLD OUT!

happy holidays!

all designs copyright 2006 good to be girl

SALE today

Marker sale today at Noon pacific time (2 central, 3 eastern).

Monday, November 13


random photo from paris. this was taken from the luxembourg gardens.

this weekend i picked up a couple skeins of araucania nature wool in a cool green. i wanted to start something with it right away and decided on the convertible mittens from handknit holidays. i paired it with some brown manos i had. i am nearly complete with the first mitten. my gauge must be off as it was longer than it should have been at a couple points, but still should work out. i'll finish the first one and see how i like it.

my mom also picked some koigu out of my stash for a pair of socks. i'll be starting those soon along with a gnome. it will probably be slow going since i am trying to concentrate on markers. i got some mitten/snowball sets done last night and hope to get my other ideas done in the next few days so that i can put the first batch up for sale friday. there will definitely be more inventory than the past sales i have run so it shouldn't sell out that quickly i would think. we'll see. sets will be back to near regular price at $12.

Friday, November 10

gnome pattern question

all taken care of thanks to jenn!

ok, so a month or so ago i saw a gnome knitalong. there was a pattern that had been free in a magazine that people were using. i am too lazy to google at the moment, but if anyone has it and is willing to trade it for a set of my stitch markers email me at goodtobegirlATgmailDOTcom, i sure would appreciate it :) i have some very gnome-ish people on my holiday list and would love to knit some up.

have a great weekend, i am hoping i have enough time to get some of my holiday markers started. i haven't said anything yet, but looks like the new store won't launch in time for the holidays so i'll be selling them like i did before - on my blog. more details soon assuming i actually get some made!

Wednesday, November 8

needle help

not to get too political, but wow, i am hoping that all this means a lot of positive change for our country. rumsfeld stepping down is certainly a big start. and the senate race is just 1 state away from being decided. no matter what your affiliation is, we are all responsible for shaping our country by getting out and voting.

now, a decision that is weighing heavy on my mind. i am the queen of not buying needles. i hate spending the money. besides my trusty size 1 addis and my denise set (oh and my bamboo dpns), i don't have much. i am running into situations more and more where i don't have the right needles, or now that i knit on 2 circs, i don't have a second set. so, i could solve some of it by buying another set of denise needles, but then these came out...

the knit picks options set is very intriguing. of course they don't have a short cord length for knittng hats etc so that was disappointing and one of the biggest reasons i am thinking of passing. but you can get size 0-3 needles for very cheap through knit picks. so do i buy a set of these, and sell my denise set? or buy another denise set? oh the decisions. i might have to sit down and do a list of what i really need and see what suits me best and which is most cost effective (ok, yes, i can spend a bazillion dollars on a stash but cringe at spending money on needles!).

what do you think? how would i make do without the shorter cords? hmmmm.

Monday, November 6

all sorts of things

ok, well this is a knit blog so let's start with the knitting. the socks i cast on for in paris are complete, so here they are, my paris socks!

the yarn is trekking and the pattern was made up, just a rib cuff and stockinette over 64 stitches. i really love this trekking colorway, but can't remember which number it is.

ok, now completely random stuff.

cool lamp purchased in the target holiday section. a little pricey for target but i couldn't resist it. also, you might want to know that the holiday method products are out (found on a hidden endcap). i picked up my fav, the peppermint vanilla hand soap. packaging is different, but same product. i love it and should probably stock up for the year (although i think i saw it on over the summer).

and just a quick glimpse at my drawer of goodies from the trip.

i probably didn't mention that i also purchased the smaller bag shown here at harrods? i really wanted a vernis papillion but couldn't justify the price. i had a hard enough time justifying this, even though it was about $100 dollars cheaper in london (kinda scary that i knew what the US price was off the top of my head while we where there).

oh and although i should have posted this before halloween, the nightmare before christmas is much bigger over there so the disney store was full of goodies. i took home this votive holder

i peeked at the disney store here when i got home and couldn't find one nightmare thing. i am glad i picked this up!

ok, that is all the random thoughts for today. i am in limbo on what i should be knitting now. i admit to casting on a pair of socks, but the holiday gift guilt is being felt and i need to work on stuff that is not for me *gasp*

Friday, November 3

cute knit

cake tea cozys found via decor8. cute no?