Tuesday, October 31

and then there were 3

i adopted 2 kitties this weekend from a local shelter. boy are they a handful! but thankfully they keep each other entertained. aren't they cute? a little hard to tell apart, but it is getting easier as time goes by. one boy, one girl, still nameless :) i was going to just get one, but knew down the road there would probably be a 2nd and apparently kittens bond better at this age. we'll see about that, they love to fight!

i present one pair of finished socks. all finished up while visiting my friend in portsmouth at the beginning of the big trip. probably around 3:30 in the morning or so since the jet lag hit pretty hard the first 2 nights. the pair i cast on for in paris is nearly complete. i should be debuting those soon.

i have a lot of projects in the works (more craft than knitting) so my time is being devoted to that for the next several days. deadlines and all you know.

more trip stuff to share as well.

ok, back to work and to check on the kitties!

Thursday, October 26

the trip, entry 1

as i mentioned the trip was great. i really loved paris and can't wait to go back someday. we had amazing weather almost the whole time (especially in paris). there just are no words to explain paris in the fall. it was so amazingly clean and beautiful that i felt like i was in a dream. notre dame topped my list of favorite things.

as for sweets, this place stole my heart (and tummy!)

i mean how can you resist a pink and green themed shop? i had a raspberry macaroon (not to be confused with our coconut macaroons) and a cannele. my top 2 fav paris pastries.

and here i am in the courtyard at the louvre eating my first cannele.

we weren't very successful finding yarn in paris (couldn't find it in the bon marche and la droguerie was somewhat disappointing). we also didn't find any in london as harrods no longer has a haberdashery! boo! but there was so much to see that it wasn't that big of a deal. le grande epicerie at le bon marche and the food halls at harrods almost made me faint. we just don't have anything that compares here. ok, that is my first installment for now. more later!

Tuesday, October 24

i heart paris

i am home! home at last. what a trip, i never expected to be so completely in love with a city as i am with paris. it was amazing. i have a lot to share (not so much knitting) in the next few days but i need to find my camera cord to download pics. i went to bed at 9:30 last night and woke up at 5:30 this morning which isn't to bad considering the 8 hour time difference i am fighting. i am sipping aero mint hot chocolate out of my harrods mug and munching on digestives. i already miss the chocolate in england. i am completely obsessed with maltesers (a WAY better version of whoppers) and am afraid i didn't buy enough. good thing i have my friend chris in portsmouth to fix me up when i run out. cheers all, talk soon.

Sunday, October 8

counting down.

i am still in my pajamas, but wearing my new joseph seibel shoes in hopes of breaking them in around the condo. they aren't the cutest shoes, but function before fashion is the name of the game right now. i leave in 3 days. lists are laying all over my place, what to buy, what to pack and what to see. last night and this afternoon were spent surfing the internets looking for the can't miss places in paris. trying to pronounce things in french (hah! that was an item that didn't get marked off the to-do list (learn french)).

i spent a lot of time reading these blog entries by seattle bon vivant. and of course checking out chocolate and zucchini too. i came across an article (now lost, but notes were taken) on chocolate and tea in paris. i know i will never make it to all the places i have discovered online, but feel better having noted some of the top spots. and they all have to do with chocolate, pastries, yarn and tea. :) and even better, most are within walking distance of our apartment (did i ever mention that we rented an apartment for our stay!!). it is a wonderful thing that my traveling companion and i enjoy so much of the same things (hi jan!!!!).

as for london, i think there is less that i have to see. i am pretty comfortable winging it there more than paris. there are some tea shops noted and of course places like harrods and portobello market are a must, but i think with no language barrier it will be a bit easier. i am really looking forward to partaking in the afternoon tea rituals there. and we are staying at a sweet bed & breakfast near notting hill.

this is my first big trip and i am excited to see a part of the world that i have long dreamt about! to be able to eat macarons and canneles in paris is going to be a memorable moment in my life (oh how i have tried to make my own). sipping hot chocolate and eating croissants. taking a night cruise on the river seine. paris!

the hat is oh so close (pattern is linked in the post after). the socks? i tried, and although i am turning the heel, i am sure they will go on stitch holders. i picked up some new trekking for the trip.

if you don't hear from me between now and wednesday, i'll catch up with all of you the week of the 23rd! if i get a chance to blog while away, i'll do so. in the meantime, i'll be trying to practice the art of packing light. au revoir mes amis!

Friday, October 6

tv talk

ok, so long story short, i am taking a break from my hat. i had to knit, un-knit, knit, un-knit and so on last night. i made a small mistake somewhere along the way and couldn't find it. turns out my first hunch was right so now i have to go back and un-knit again. i have a hard time with mistakes on short rows. confuses me way too much. i'm sure i'll pick it up again, i really want this to be done for the trip.

ok, so i am really posting because i LOVED last night's grey's. seriously. but what freaks me out even more? the preview for next weeks. what?? is that really how they are going to resolve this? WOW! it can't be. now, i used to read spoilers, but don't anymore so if you know secrets, please don't tell me. I don't want to be heartbroken. oh the drama. i wish mcdreamy would bring me tullys in the morning (yeah for tullys!).

i am also really enjoying ugly betty (did you see the bridget jones references last night? and the gal from the uk office!! it was dawn! i loved dawn!!). oh and brothers and sisters is on my yes list as well. the first episode of the nine was also decent so i'll keep that on my list for now. i am so very happy that you can watch the shows on abc.com. gotta love modern technology. what shows are you watching? i was disappointed by six degrees, but didn't really give it much of a chance.

and in regards to an older show, i believe bravo (or is it tbs?) is re-playing six feet under. omg. watch it. really it is the most amazing show. i only started to watch brothers and sisters because rachel griffiths (from sfu) is on it.

tonight is knit night at our lys. gotta find something that doesn't take much concentration to knit :)

a few marker sets remain. happy friday!

Thursday, October 5

!!SALE!! Sold out - Thanks!

$10.00 per set (normally $12.95). Markers fit up to a US size 10 needle. Hand Sculpted by me out of polymer clay. Prices include shipping. Quantities below are all that are available. Please email me at amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom with your order request and I will send you a paypal invoice. I mark the inventory as sold as soon as I receive your email, so please pay in a timely fashion. For clarity's sake, please copy the description and number as it is below when you request a set.

From left to right, top to bottom
1. Set of 4 markers, 2 funny pumpkins & 2 candy corn SOLD OUT
2. Set of 4 markers, 2 funny pumpkins & 2 witch hats SOLD OUT
3. Set of 4 markers, all plain pumpkins (no faces) SOLD OUT
4. Set of 3 markers, all "i knit with grey's" SOLD OUT
5. Set of 3 markers, 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla & 1 strawberry soft cones SOLD OUT
6. Set of 4 markers, 2 bluebirds, 2 yellow chicks SOLD OUT
7. Set of 4 markers, all snowman heads in asstd. pastel colorsSOLD OUT
8. Set of 4 markers, 2 full body snowmen & 2 snowballsSOLD OUT

i won't be selling anymore markers until november after this. thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 4

sale info and hat pattern

stitch markers will be on sale tomorrow for $10 a set. available through this blog, starting at 12:30 p.m. pacific time.

and for those who asked, the hat i am working on is a free pattern from interweave, winter 2005. the link is on the right under web projects, short row hat. i ordered the yarn it called for online.

Tuesday, October 3

i'm in love again

remember this hat? i cast on 3 times for it last year and never concentrated enough to get very far before making a mistake. i decided it would be a good hat for my trip so i put the effort into it this time around and it is going well. and i love knitting it. it has been awhile since i have loved a project on the needles. liked, yes, but this i love. it must be something to do with short rows because i also really loved lady eleanor.

i am also plugging along on my 2nd ribbed sock. i need to get it off the needles before my trip. i think i should be able to complete both items before i leave.

went to the dr. today and got a prescription for ambien. i plan on taking it for the long flight. anyone had any experience with it? the side effects are a bit freaky and i heard that if for some reason you don't fall asleep you can hallucinate. lovely! the other problem is i have to take motion sickness meds too. my dr. doesn't think mixing them is a great idea, but says i should be ok. i'll ask the pharmacist tomorrow. mixing drugs scares me, even though both will be low dosage. if i can be knocked out for most of the trip it would be the best thing ever! seriously.

did i mention i'll miss 2 weeks of grey's while out of the country? omg. what is a girl to do? you know i am making backup plans.

and because of the immense pressure :) - i will have a few sets of grey's markers at the sale - 3 markers for $10. be aware, they aren't super sophisticated, just paper lacquered onto fimo. but people claim they want them anyways :)

have you noticed how active knit blogland is again? must be the change of the seasons. if only i could keep up, there is so much out there that i want to explore, but right now just don't have the time.

i'll post sale details tomorrow.

Sunday, October 1

shop update and sale

just an fyi, i will be taking down the shop good to be girl site on tuesday. hopefully a new site will be launching the beginning of november that will have new holiday designs and possibly some jewelry based on my stitch marker designs. some markers will be retired until next spring, like the chicks and ice cream cones, along with the pastel themed snowmen (they'll be coming out in new holiday colors). so if you need to have them i suggest ordering now. if i have any inventory of these left come sale day (this thurs or friday) they'll be discounted to $10 along with all the other sets (halloween etc.). and then my friends, it is off to london and paris! ooh la la!