Friday, August 25

again, no knitting

i have knitting stuff laying all over this place. a ball of yarn here, there, everywhere. and patterns? those too. needles? yep. markers, yep. books, tons. any actual knitting taking place? *not really. i am however, making a little progress on some new marker designs. aren't these guys cute? a new store is also in the works (trying to learn how to use zen cart). i can't easily update my existing site and yet i have all these new markers sitting here. with zen cart i will be able to easily put up some new designs and limited editions (basically things i don't want to make again!). i figure that some people might want to order them as gifts come the holiday season so i am trying to get it sorted out soon. if anyone has any zen cart references or tips, let me know. i am pretty much just hacking the thing!

*there is however a lot of pom pom making going on, i'll share in a couple days, it has to do with that cookie competition i did last year

Monday, August 21


not much knitting happening here right now. i spent some time this weekend getting some plants potted for my deck along with a new rug. i was going to wait until next year to spend any money on the deck because of my upcoming trip expenses, but gave in when i found some cool and cheap planters at target.

and just in case any one is interested in a quick appetizer, here is the recipe for giada's white bean dip. pictured above is a batch i made last week. yum!

and completely random linkage of things i have been eyeing...

wallter circles

wallter retro slats

marimekko bag

marimekko bag 2

marimekko fabric panel

marimekko kitchen stuff

Thursday, August 17

the details

pattern :: stash handbag from last minute knitted gifts oops, one skein!!
yarn :: patogonia nature cotton, color 202 (a gift from stacey awhile back), and some leftover fleece artist for the top.
started :: who knows?
finished :: the knitting a long time ago, the liner last week (not by me)

Wednesday, August 16

overdue fo

this purse has been done for awhile, but i just had it lined so now it is actually functional. i love it!

p.s. the handles came from joann fabrics, they just got a nice new line of handles in

Monday, August 14

a first for a 1st

pattern :: argyle pullover, special knits by debbie bliss
yarn :: baby ull, dalegarn, brown, baby blue and cream
started :: sunday, august 6th
finished :: saturday, august 12th

i had such a hard time taking a picture of this little sweater! this is my first completed sweater, yah for me! this was a 1st birthday gift for my friend's son (you might remember his arrival here). i tried to make the outfit more hip than classic so i bought him some trendy little jeans to go with it.

it turned out pretty well but i do need to take some finishing classes or something. i am not good at reading a book for instructions, i need to see it done. i was also hoping it would be on the bigger side for him so he had time to wear it, but i think it fits him now. my gauge was off although i did a swatch and it was correct at the time. oh well, not bad for my first!

and a special thanks to the girls at village yarn and tea for helping me out numerous times on this! :)

Thursday, August 10

definitely briefs.

somewhere in that picture my friends, is david beckham. omg. thank goodness for binoculars. now i know that he is a briefs man. my dear friend denise caught him bending over and informed me of the fact. lovely.

last night i attended a sold out soccer game. dc united played real madrid. it was really amazing. i don't think they brought their A game but it was still pretty good for an exhibition game. and seriously beckham is just plain hot. a man in a soccer uniform is one thing, but beckham in a soccer uniform? perfection ;)

i leave for london two months from tomorrow. today's news makes that reality a little less exciting than it should be. it is the trip of a lifetime for me and i know the reality of the world we live in. i'll still be on that plane and i'll still be praying for peace.

Tuesday, August 8

cotton continues...and continues

i am not aiming for the world's largest dishcloth here. although it looks like it! this is the first strip of what hopefully will become a completed beach blanket someday. i just love knitting this pattern. and it goes so fast. not to mention how cheap this thing will be!

up until 2 days ago this was all i was working on, but now i have cast on for another project and am dedicating myself to that for a few days. i'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 4

marketing marvel

honestly, being a mini owner is pretty amazing at times. the marketing that they come up with is insane. and expensive! look at this piece that i received in the mail yesterday. it was awesome. it was a book called "a dizzying look at the awesomeness of being small." it had a few pages, but is really a fake book. in the back were decoder tools. how funny!

you have to login to the mini owner's lounge to access more information. the first step is finding an ad in a bunch of different magazines (ok this bothers me, i don't want to buy a magazine just to figure it out - that is kind of a scam - of course i can't imagine myself at the bookstore with my decoder tools standing in front of the magazine rack either, can you say dork!). anyhoo, just good solid marketing. i love it. i admit that i was a sucker for buying the mini based on two things. it's looks and the marketing. the first year or so i collected all the marketing that they put out in magazines. i'll share those someday. they had tattoos, trading cards, iron ons etc. i even bought some off of ebay. maybe one day they'll be worth a ton of $$!

anyhoo, a knitting project is in the works. lets say you won't be surprised. it is just a twist on my current obsession :)

Thursday, August 3

for a good cause

our lys is asking people to make a quick wristband for the breast cancer 3 day walk in seattle at the end of this month. they supply the yarn (cascade donated fixation) and button (well in this case i made my own). i believe they are aiming for 300 to give out to walkers. pop into village yarn & tea if you are interested!

Wednesday, August 2

for sale

remember when i made this? i have never blocked or worn it. it has been nicely folded up in my closet for well over a year now. it is made out of lorna's lion and lamb in the colorway vera. i wouldn't normally do this, but is anyone interested in buying the thing? you could probably frog it and just use the yarn (has anyone frogged a clapotis?). the yarn is wonderful! i just don't love the color enough. i'll take offers, i'm not looking to get what i paid for it, so email me at goodtobegirlATgmailDOTcom if interested. SOLD!

i still have my mini clap that i love, so i'm not sure i'll be recreating the full size version anytime soon.

and if you are interested, i have a few sets of flapjack stitch markers. i am learning how to update my shop and it is taking awhile, so for now i am just offering them here. use the same email as above if you want some (set of 3 markers - $12.95, includes shipping) and i'll send you a paypal invoice.

work is busy, so i have to run...have a great day!

Tuesday, August 1

finally. done.

pattern :: rib and cable socks, interweave fall 05
yarn :: mountain colors bearfoot in wilderness (i think)
started :: ages ago
finished :: last week

my size 1 needles are free at last! up next --> socks that rock!!