Tuesday, May 30


alrighty, this is going to be pretty simple! for my 2nd blogiversary i have 2 special prizes to give away. one includes a lovely skein of fleece artist sock yarn and the other, a skein of socks that rock yarn (lightweight). both will include a set of my stitch markers and some other lovely treats :)

wanna know how to win one of them? easy peasy. send an email to goodtobegirlATgmailDOTcom with the name of your favorite accessory pattern and where it came from (which magazine, website etc.). it can be a dishcloth, a pair of mittens, a handbag, scarf etc (basically just no sweaters). i am lacking inspiration for projects at the moment and i need your help! or if you have any london or paris travel trips (or how to survive long flights for that matter) those will count too!

see, painless! just a couple of rules, if you accidently leave your response in the comments it won't count (email me!!) and on thursday, june 1st at 5 p.m. pacific, i will enter the names of all that responded into a hat and pick two winners. oh, and when you email me, please give me your blog address if you have one. i want to add any of you i don't already have to my bloglines.

p.s. just to clarify, my email address is goodtobegirl, NOT goodtobeAgirl. i know that a lot of people accidently think my blog is good to be *a* girl instead of just good to be girl. :) i wouldn't want you to send it to the wrong address and not be included!

oh my, two years!!

Friday, May 26

just relaxin'

taking a little break from blogging over the weekend as i have no knitting to show (nothing is even on the needles *gasp*). i have been working on some home improvement stuff instead. hopefully by monday i will have started a new project, although i have no clue what i want to do next. that is so rare. mainly i am avoiding the second cable and rib sock like you wouldn't believe. ha, sss strikes again! have a great holiday weekend and remember to check back next week for my blogiversary plans.

Monday, May 22

if you are going to do it, do it right.

another of my very favorite programs ended tonight. seriously, next year the only thing i'll be watching is grey's. tonight alias said goodbye, and although this season was almost painful for me to watch they did end things very well. i am glad i stuck through. i was a faithful fan of this show and i was happy to see a well written finale. i'm gonna miss vaughn, but if you want a piece to always remember him by, you could always buy this.

i promise i'll be back to knitting soon. or something related, like my blogiversary gifties. i have 2, but am not quite sure how to give them away yet. i am coming up on a very busy month and things are going to get hectic (and someone will be turning 29 for the 3rd time! crap!). i have 2 trips, 3 birthdays, father's day, my parent's anniversary and more. june is always tough for me, besides being busy i get really reflective around my birthday. anyone else do that? it is kind of depressing. ok, going now.

Saturday, May 20

quick post

all is a-ok now. although the problem turned out to be much bigger than just my camera. my whole computer was messed up. i couldn't print, download software apps etc. i did some troubleshooting (i love google) and managed to find out what the problem was. it took me awhile but i narrowed it down to my /tmp folder being gone and had to go into terminal on my mac to fix it! i was soooo relieved it worked. macs are great and all, but when something goes wrong, it isn't always easy to figure out. well enough of that, one more dishcloth for my mom (can you see the kitty?)

and a pic of my new love, fake plants that look really real. this one was bought at joanns. i am going to get some more for my other cloches. i also need to pick up some fabric today to make some curtains (my mom is doing the sewing).

did i ever mention how i loved all the grey's comments? man i am glad i am not alone in my passion. and will and grace, sounds like many of you were on the same page as me, ho-hum. not such a great finale. but that is good, i was happy to not cry and get all sad. i will miss the show though. did you see how next fall the schedules are getting all mixed around? i'll try and find the article and post it. grey's is going to thursdays against csi!

Friday, May 19

oh no!

i never knew how much i depended on my little digital camera until yesterday. although iphoto opens when i plug the darn thing in, it tells me no camera is selected. crap! i can't get it to work. and i broke one of my denise needle cords. and will and grace ended forever last night. woe is me.

Wednesday, May 17


it was a little too hot for me to knit yesterday so what did i do instead? fired up the oven. smart.

it was worth it. the cupcakes were yummy! i picked up this cookbook at joanns and used a 40% off coupon. i have to say the recipes in here are really great. and unique. this one was a butter cupcake (cake flour makes it so moist and light!) with sticky chocolate frosting. the frosting would have turned out better had i not made it on an 80 degree day where it didn't set up quite right. i also substituted cocoa powder for the chocolate so the frosting is really dark. but you know what? it has a can of condensed milk in it. yah, they aren't bad ;)

and i want to say thank you to pink dandelion. she sent me the sweetest thank you gift. i made her one of my dandelion prints in pink a short while ago. take a peek, i love the card she made and the bag is adorable. thank you!

seattle is having the best weather so i am headed out to a farmers market now with my friend. have a great day!

Tuesday, May 16

20 percent knitting, 80 percent grey's

i did knit one little item for my mom. it was a free pattern from here. when i can't quite commit to my next project, i usually throw a dishcloth on the needles.

my mom's kitchen is a deep red and gold. she has some pear knick knacks so i thought this fit well. even though she'll just be using it to wash dishes.

i am still recovering from grey's last night. i have mixed feelings. overall, it was good. but meredith, are you crazy? derek could you quit traumatizing the poor girl? i mean when you give a girl a look like that how can she resist? but seriously, you need to leave your wife. the highlight of the show was of course burke and christina. i love christina and last night she frustrated me to no end. in a good way. she is brilliant. and sorry to say it, but i am so glad denny is dead. i was SO sick of that storyline. the only good part of it was seeing alex pick up izzie, talk about an amazing gesture. and one more thing, george, thank you for realizing that you were partly to blame. i so needed to hear that to gain back my respect for him.

how am i going to get through the next 4 months people?? i have already watched the season 1 dvd too many times :) not that you haven't heard this a million times, but i love greys.

Monday, May 15

finding it

inspiration isn't always easy to come by. i have blogged about how i am struggling with it now that i focus mostly on knitting. i made some progress this last week. this one falls in the entertaining category. i put together a little dinner for my mom on sunday.

it all started with the napkins i bought, i used them as my inspiration. from there, i found a fabric image online and converted it to the color theme i wanted in photoshop. with my handy dandy printer i made cool placemats (covered with clear contact paper), a table runner, wrapping paper and a wrap for the candle cups.

i also made a framed print to hang.

it turned out really cool. it was a very bold combination and i had fun making all the little stuff to match. i also made a lot of the food and was really happy with the platter of grilled balsamic veggies i made (recipe from giada, everyday italian). yum! i think everyone enjoyed themselves (just 4 of us, mom, dad, bro and me) and that is what is important.

and no, i didn't go to the yarn sale. :)

grey's tonight. gotta watch. seriously? burke?? and writers, you know i heart derek, but give finn a chance huh?

Thursday, May 11


right now i am resisting temptation. one of the best yarn shops in seattle is having their annual sale (weaving works). i am not going. will i have made a trip by the end of the weekend? we'll see. i hope not! i really need to save my money for the trip. it helps that i had to commute into the office this morning so i couldn't possibly meet my friend there at opening like i did last year. without my work commitment, i totally would have gone :)

last night i finished up the backyard leaves scarf (the paris scarf). it goes quick on size 10 1/2 needles. i did not run out of yarn, but it is on the short side. i will most likely find a pin to keep it in place.

and a bit closer so you can see how the leaves pop out. i love that! i won't be blocking the scarf because i don't want to lose that.

and one sock was finished. i have not cast on for the second yet. i definitely have sss with this one.

happy thursday.

Friday, May 5

making friends

wow, thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post. it was kind of nice to hear that i wasn't alone in my feelings. one of the things i neglected to mention, was how much i love knitting for reasons other than the actual process of knitting. making friends. i love knitting because i have made some wonderful friends. many of whom i haven't met in person, but others that i have. today in particular, marks the one year anniversary of my first meeting with tami and her friend alyson (now my friend too!). on a whim i posted about a local yarn sale and asked if anyone wanted to meet there and have lunch after. that day, my friend denise and i found 2 new and wonderful friends. we started with a common interest and turned it into something more. i look forward to spending more time with them, i can't say enough about how well we just clicked! if it wasn't for knitting, i wouldn't know them. another reason to love knitting!

and for all my virtual friends, well, i never would have thought that you could develop any type of friendship over the internet, but am happy to discover that you can. and i can't forget my quirky little knitting group, lfp knits. founded by megan, go read her blog, she is so funny. i think we must have hit a year by now too? anyways, i am not terribly sappy, but i am a girl who loves her friends so a big hug to all of you.

other things on my mind lately...

yep, paris in the fall. and what is being dubbed my paris scarf (although it is close to being frogged). this is backyard leaves from scarf style in baby alpaca grande by plymouth yarn. i love it, but i don't think i have enough yarn. we'll see. i am so inspired by this leafy scarf (1/2 way down the page or so) on the craftoholic blog. but no pattern to be found, so i was looking for something with a similar chunky feel.

i also have the rib and cable socks from interweave on the needles, i have actually turned the heel, but here is a shot from a few days ago

i hope to have the first one done this weekend. i am not super in love with these, so i am worried that some socks that rock might hop on my needles before the second sock.

have a great weekend everybody. thanks to everyone who reads my little blog. i can tell from my stats (what you think i don't look at my stats??) that there are more of you than the comments let on and i just want to thank you for reading. and stay tuned, because i am coming up on my second blogiversary! although i won't be sending out 40 packages again, there will be a contest of some sort and 1 or 2 fabulous prizes!!

Wednesday, May 3

before i was a knitter

what were you before you were a knitter? because dear me, my life has changed since becoming a knitter. i used to have a lot of hobbies and interests. now? yarn, knit blogs and knitting patterns. i have little room for all the things that i used to love. slowly, over the last month i have been trying to integrate some of those back in. mind you, i still knit like a mad woman (working from home is dangerous).

first, there is design. i used to do party invitations and other cool designy stuff on my computer. i used to even call myself a graphic designer. i have an education in the field. when my career took a different path (still in a related industry - print), i still considered myself a designer because my plate was always full of freelance work. not anymore. i did two party invitations in the past couple weeks and i was not on my game. but at least i dabbled again. and my gtbg shop, well you will see in a bit the lame design (it isn't bad, just kinda boring) that i threw together. not. on. my. game. i used to pride myself on my creativity there. now, i pride myself on my yarn stash.

second, there were the parties. oh how i used to throw little get togethers on occasions like my parent's birthdays. placecards, elaborate table scapes, unique gift wrapping, cool food presentation and favors to ahhh over. now they get knitted gifts and pizza or take out chinese.

i could go on and on. i am not trying to toot my own horn here, i just miss life before knitting sometimes. i am trying to get it back and still maintain the knitting. i love knitting, and i am just as surprised as many of you probably are, that it has remained a constant in my life for over 2 years now.

don't get me wrong, knitting has certainly made life more tolerable at times. sitting in the lobby of my dr.'s office several times over the last year, knitting in the er while my grandma was being checked out and waiting in a long line to buy tickets to name a few. knitting is good. it has helped me to overcome a fear of flying, knowing that now i have a hobby that will occupy my time on a plane. i won't give up the knitting. but i hate to have to give up everything else.

i have been reflecting on my past life a lot lately. i always do in the spring. i also had a dear friend, whom i lost touch with over the last 5 years, reconnect with me. she was always a huge part of my crafty endeavors. she brought a lot of memories back to me. so i ask you, what were you before you were a knitter?

so yesterday, my knitting friend tami came over and we attempted to do something non-knitting related. we discovered (at our last knitting get together) that we both had an interest in trying out pmc. i wish i had taken more pictures, but you can see my first attempts below. although they both need a lot more polishing, they are indeed silver. i made silver. it is just so cool.

p.s. that is a bird and a nest

prior to attempting the silver clay, i worked with my fimo to get a few ideas going. so over the weekend i created some jewelry based on my stitch marker designs (see how everything goes back to knitting!).

you can see my attempt to recreate in the silver above. i was more successful in the fimo, but will be working with pmc again. tami and i were so thrilled with the process!

and right now i am wishing so very darn hard that i was a seamstress. because amy butler is one of those people who kills me with inspiration. everything from her fabric to her website design to her logo color. fantastic! but i hate sewing. i need to hire a seamstress for me, i'll buy the fabric and she will charge me to sew. do people do that? seriously.

and of course, during all of this, there was still knitting. tomorrow i will show you my current wips. the socks that rock is still neatly tucked in a basket on display in my living room. i am having a hard time actually using the stuff because it looks so pretty.

thanks for bearing with me today. i love my life, i really do.