Friday, March 31

not a team player this year

there will be no stash flashing here. although i did it last year, my stash has grown by leaps and bounds and i don't want to tug anything out of the yarn dresser for fear i won't be able to fit it back in :) i'll enjoy looking at everybody elses though!

stacey was super cool and took a pic of her tv while they were showing the preview for this sunday's grey's. so i asked her if i could snag it and make a button (hello! mer is knitting!!). it is kinda big, but i am a big fan :)

*edit - feel free to take the button

Wednesday, March 29

my mailman doesn't knock

i had a sneaking suspicion that i had a package today. and although i was home all day, the doorbell never rang. shortly after 1 o'clock i peaked out my door and there it was!

my candy swap!
lynne completely spoiled me and sent SO many goodies for the candy swap. i am a regular reader of her blog so it was kinda fun that she got me as her swap partner. and i should mention the packaging, oh the packaging was beautiful! it so totally made my day.

it was oh so pink and there was the cutest little pink chick (funny, it actually looks like my chick stitch markers!!). every treat was wrapped up in cute paper or neat bags. i can't say enough, she did so much!

the candy you say? check it out!

she stuck to the regional theme (buffalo and WNY) and that was perfect because i am all the way across the country from her. i love trying new treats and boy did i get a lot to try. i'll admit i am on a bit of a sugar rush now. it is all so yummy. i thought i would share the most unique treat she sent...

sponge candy. it just melts in your mouth. i absolutely love it and she sent me such a big box, i won't run out anytime soon! thanks so much lynne.

and i found out that my swap partner received her package from me a-ok. sibille is all the way over in germany and i was worried about the candy arriving ok. apparently it did and she was getting set to try some of the treats in the last email i received from her. living in seattle, we have a lot of yummy regional treats so i sent her a sampling. it included chocolates by frans, seattle chocolate and bakers (a chocolate factory/restauarant i worked at in highschool!). i also send her aplets and cotlets which is probably the most famous candy that comes out of washington. i hope she enjoys. the swap was a lot of fun and i look forward to the next one!

lastly, i got my tush in gear and got my website design sent out to my friend who is building the good to be girl shop. he is kind enough to do it for free so i am not pressuring him to get it done quickly. but i'll keep you posted as i am getting a lot of emails about it. i need to get working on inventory again because just by word of mouth i sold a bunch that i had made!

Monday, March 27

bowled over

i know many will disagree, but i really don't like lamb's pride. i have tried it for several projects (mostly felted) and i can't stand the stuff! i think that when it is unfelted it is so fuzzy the little fibers fly about and make my nose itch and i feel like a cat just rubbed across my face. not to mention the itch factor. when you felt it the thing sheds like sasquatch in the washer. and oh the joy of having to give your felted project a shave after it is all dry because the fibers are long and yucky. ok, so why the rant all the sudden?

i finally made the felted bowls from one skein and i just don't like the way they turned out in the lamb's pride. too fuzzy and not substantial enough (maybe i should have carried two strands of the bulky?). i know it isn't really horrible. i just wasn't happy with them so i just have to pout.

i think i would have been happier if i had used my *fav* wool, cascasde 220. that stuff felts brilliantly!

ok, now that i have ticked off all the lamb's pride junkies out there, i'll go onto something else. ;)

another cupcake hat. this is what, the 4th? 5th? these things are a quick knit and fun to whip up.

i also finished branching out on friday. it needs a good blocking and then i will post pics. i have my lace socks STILL on the needles and a small bolster pillow for my new chair i got this weekend (ok, i got 2 chairs, a coffee table and nesting end tables! yeah for a furnished home!). for once something arrived early (they quoted 6-8 weeks, it took less than 4!). my hold everything order is about 5 months old. lovely.

ok, happy monday. i already wish it was friday.

Friday, March 24

whatcha got on your ipod?

came across this fun little thing over at misocrafty. i don't often play along with things like this, but i like this one. feel free to join me!

basically put your ipod (or whatever you use) on shuffle and write down the 1st 10 songs it plays. here are mine..

1. Back You Up (live) - Dave Matthews Band
2. Rollover D.J. - Jet
3. Tripping Billies - Dave Matthews Band
4. Trying Your Luck - The Strokes
5. Why Georgia - John Mayer
6. City Hall - Tenacious D
7. Iron On - Superchunk
8. The Long Day is Over - Norah Jones
9. Do What You Have to Do - Sarah Mclachlan
10. Sweet Surrender - Sarah Mclachlan

funny that it played more than one DMB and Sarah Mclachlan considering the size of my music library! whatever! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 23

empty drawer!

with my ikea purchases i was able to move my fabric out of the last drawer in my yarn dresser. you know what that means right? buy more yarn to fill it! so i did (even though the way the stuff is squished in the other drawers i should have moved some and relieved the pressure, but nope, i wanted new yarn).

bad picture, but another silky tweed (this one in grey), cotton chenille (flower washcloth) and blue sky bulky (this one is useless at 45 yds, but i had to have it). oh, i should mention this is stuff i got at 50% off.

ggh esprit. one of my fav yarns due solely to it's softness. i don't know what these are destined to be, but i am thinking pillows?

and finally some needles

i hadn't seen these kind before, but they were cheap and i won't need such huge double pointed needles very often. for now, the size 15's will be used on the felted bowls in the one skein book.

and as if new yarn wasn't enough...


i am now almost done with my branching out. up next is something for my place. maybe a pillow or something. we'll see. i have been surfing the internets looking for a new bed set and bedding. here are my top 2, what do you think?

bed one
bed two

my walls are a VERY bright green so I am going with chocolate brown and bright green. i found a bed at ikea as well that is CHEAP! but it is also very low and i have yet to decide if i want a low bed, i kinda like them higher...

anyhoo, i am off to knit for a bit before my gal pals come over for dinner and some tv.

oh, and did you notice dr. mcdreamy's voice on the life cereal commercials?? :)

Sunday, March 19

ikea part 2

both of my current wips are lace. the socks (i just finished the heel of the second one!) and a new project for my mom,

it is the branching out from knitty. i am using the elisabeth lavold silky wool in a tweedy brown. i am making decent progress and the yarn is really soft.

i have new furniture! i finally made it back to ikea to pick up the bonde units in white. i am so glad that i did not settle for the billy stuff that i bought. i liked it, but since every piece of furniture in the office is white, the birch color i picked didn't work well. also, the bonde is a few inches deeper and that also worked out better. do you see the 9 years worth of marthas on the shelf there?? and behind the door is another 10 years of marthas weddings and kids magazines. i am obsessed. and fyi, she is coming out with what looks like another amazing magazine. i already subscribed of course!

can you see where my dandelion print idea ended up? i did a series of 3 in red, brown and orange along with a coordinating stripe in between. the frames were super cheap from ikea so this cost me almost nothing.

close up shot of the final pics. it isn't often i am content with the way my stuff comes out, but i do think this looks cool. now i just have to order some brown organizer things from hold everything IF they ship my media center soon (i don't trust them quite yet).

i have a knitters meeting at 3 today, i am looking forward to it. i have to go whip up a batch of brownies. happy sunday, and because i am a dork, i just want to remind you that grey's is on tonight :) will denny die? will der hate mer for what she did with george???

Friday, March 17


well i'm polish, not irish, but hey, everyone can join in the celebration right?

**blogger is being really unstable for me the last few days so i apologize if my blog just craps out and you get the directory, i don't know what the heck is up. i will look into other options if it doesn't get better! yikes!

Wednesday, March 15

oh yeah..

if anyone is interested and doesn't wanna go back through my archives, here is the link to the cupcake hat pattern.

knitting away on my lace socks and dreaming of casting on for a new pair at some point. which yarn will i choose? my sock yarn stash has become fairly large since january!

a picture-less post sucks, i know. so i'll leave you now.

Tuesday, March 14

it didn't happen

so i was supposed to have some fantastic new knits to show you after my long weekend of knitting. well i don't have much. i fell into this mode of trying to get stuff done that i had promised people way back. the first on the list was another cupcake hat.

this will go to the grandaughter of a co-worker.

next i cut out the fabric for an amy butler bag that i owe a friend. it was for her birthday LAST july. eek.

speaking of amy butler. crap. her new stuff is so cool i can't contain myself. i just promised my mom that after this bag i am working on i will never do another. i hate sewing, i hate cutting fabric. i just like the end result. the process sucks for me, unlike knitting where i enjoy the process (for the most part). and the new stuff has home things. like cool pillows and stuff. i need home stuff. ah the inner turmoil.

and then i knit this. 3 times.

it's another incomplete handbag. this one will probably be frogged. i just couldn't wait to use the yarn that stacey gave me and so i knit and knit and frogged and frogged until it was the right size. now it is the right size but not the right look.

i did get a few inches done on my second lace sock. for now that is the only knitting i'll be doing. i am focusing (again) on some house stuff (like those dandelion prints). tonight is knit night though so i'll probably get inspired to come home and find a thousand things to knit. i have yarn all over the place in my office. it is awaiting more ikea furniture (did i ever tell you i took the billy stuff apart and returned it all??). once i get organized in there things will be better. like maybe i'll actually get some stuff done for my store! jeez. i said coming soon right? okay, well soon is relative :)

Monday, March 13

ah snap!

i just had a majorly weird moment. i had to share.

so i spent some time creating these prints today in photoshop with some clip art i have had for awhile. i have been struggling with art for my space so i decided to play around with making prints (i use my schmancy color laser printer that i luv). i have a thing for dandelions so i went with this image...

kinda simple. contemporary. cool.

a half an hour later or so i was surfing around looking for some more home stuff. i came across this at target.

that was just so weird. i mean what are the chances? so. odd. seriously.

ok, i'll post some knitting pics from the weekend tomorrow. but don't get too excited, it was a knit, frog kinda weekend. i knit the same thing 3 times and still am not happy with the results. knitting needles are down today. decorating juices are flowing instead (not to jinx it, but holy crap i think my hold everything order is going to ship!).

Friday, March 10

a long time coming

i promised my mom a bag for her birthday last july. i finally came through and created one for her this past week. she is fairly picky, so a lot of time was spent discussing handles, shape, size and color. here is what i came up with

it was a pretty simple pattern, i just kind of made it up as i went along and thankfully it turned out just the right size. the colors are a chocolate brown and chartreuse green (cascade 220). i might put one for myself on my list of to-dos but we'll see.

so now, a whole weekend ahead and my mind is full of projects from the one skein book. i wonder how many i can get done? i might have to go back and forth between those and my newly cast on second elfine sock. come back monday to see what i can manage to whip up! i tell ya my goals are pretty lofty. i might need more shamrock shakes to see me through.

oh and don't forget, all new grey's sunday. i have been listening to their podcasts and reading the blogs over at seriously ;) oh yeah, and watching last season on dvd. you know back when mer/der were first hooking up. i realized that my appreciation for sandra oh's character was a little late, she has been fantastic from day one with some of the best one liners in the show. ok, must stop going on about grey's.

Wednesday, March 8

i tried to talk myself out of it

last night my dear friend denise (sans blog) called to tell me a lys was having a 30% off the store sale starting this morning at 10 (woolly monkey on 85th for those in seattle). we made plans to meet after i finished up with a conference call for work. i thought about it all night and into the morning. i had convinced myself not to go. i don't need more yarn. i have a few thousand dollars worth of furniture on it's way. must.stop.buying.

and then she called. and i asked too many questions. but i held my own and got off the phone with no plans to go. it took about 3 minutes for me to change my mind, call her and leave (ah the joys of working from home!).

i was pretty good. check it out.

(the book actually didn't come from the sale, but the manos is for the felted bowls in this book)

something i really didn't need, green yarn. but it was 5 bucks a ball, come on!

some chocolate cherry handpainted yarn. ahhh.

there were a couple more things but i didn't take pics yet.

oh and on the way home, i made it worse by stopping at mcdonalds and buying a shamrock shake. it only happens once a year people, i had too!

now the sale goes to 40% next week so i'll go back to see what is left. probably not much if it is like other clearance sales i have been to. this shop is in the process of being sold so the owner is clearing out inventory.

back to the grind.

Tuesday, March 7

knitting content

not quite a finished object (this bag needs a lining) but close enough. i like it, but i don't love it. not yet anyways. we'll see when i get it lined and get the chance to actually put it to use. i'll probably like it more then. the handles bug me a little (i am thinking about painting them a dark brown).

pattern: counterpane bag from handknit holidays (4th pattern i have knit from this book!)
yarn: tlc acrylic in surf?

i know a lot of people out there have the ikea billy collection. if so, you might find this link interesting, pimp your billy (click on the green shelf in the lower left corner). via apartment therapy.

Monday, March 6

as promised

well the little oscar shindig was fun. we had plenty of drinks, food and knitting! of course the only thing i took pictures of was the food. doh! so are you ready for the stinky cheese? ok, i promise it is worth making, especially if you like gorgonzola cheese.

Gorgonzola Cheese Spread with Tomato Relish

3 oz. cream cheese
3 oz. gorgonzola cheese
1 Tb Milk or half and half
1 large garlic clove
4 medium roma tomatoes
1/2 of an onion
olive oil
salt and pepper to season

Finely chop the garlic and put aside. Cut roma tomatoes into quarters. Remove seeds and soft insides. Cut into thin sticks and dice into fine pieces. Dice onion into similar size pieces as the tomato. In a bowl, combine the tomatoes, onion and garlic. Drizzle with olive oil and season to taste.

In the bowl of a food processor combine the cream cheese & gorgonzola. Add in the milk. If mixture is still too thick, add milk until desired consistency. Process until fairly smooth. Spread is complete.

Slice baguette thinly. Layer bread with gorgonzola spread and the tomato relish.

i had to come up with this recipe on my own. i knew a gal a few years back who made something very similar and always called it the stinky cheese dip because of the pungent gorgonzola. i lost the recipe shortly after she gave it to me and have since lost contact with her. this was my attempt to recreate it.

and how about one more? my favorite dessert.

Russian Cream

1 C plus 3 Tb Heavy Cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 envelope plain gelatin
1/2 pint sour cream
1/2 t vanilla

Mix together cream, sugar and gelatin in a medium saucepan. Heat over medium until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool until slightly thickened. Fold in sour cream and vanilla. Whisk until smooth. Pour into individual cups or mold and chill for at least 4 hours.

i serve mine with raspberry sauce, but it does well with any berry topping.

here is a pic of the inside of the dessert. i have a hard time describing it. the texture is extremely smooth, but it is thick because of the gelatin. however, it isn't like jello or pudding. just try it, YUM!!

my friend denise and i spent a great day downtown recently. we had lunch at the tom douglas restaurant lola. afterwards we popped across the street to pick up dessert at his dahlia bakery. And besides amazingly good food, i also picked up some yarn.

i admit the color looked more green in the store than it does in "real" light, but i still like it. i am guessing this will be another pair of broadripples if some other amazing fixation pattern doesn't come out.

and in preparation for another noni bag...

the counterpane bag is off the needles and like my last noni bag, needs a lining!

Saturday, March 4


i just joined candyswappers hosted by mariko at super eggplant. i am so excited! i love candy!

new candy is always intriguing...look at the new robin eggs flavor i found at the grocery store

they are actually very good!

some knitting is in progress but i have been a bit distracted with the condo and making goodies for a small oscar get together i am having tomorrow. my mom and a couple friends are coming over to knit, eat and watch.

and i finally broke down and bought something i have been eyeing for awhile (my moving announcements were even based on this thing).

have you seen these lamps? i bought the mini version as i couldn't justify the $200+ for the bigger one. but i love it so much and it sits on my new buffet. yeah! furniture!

ok i promise more intriguing posts to come, probably with a bit more knitting content and maybe a recipe for some stinky cheese dip. and maybe pics of the yarn i bought the other day while downtown. ok, gotta run...