Thursday, November 24


here is one of my recent felted projects. this is the pumpkin off the latest knitty surprise. it turned out super cute i think. it will be my mom's hostess gift today. she pretty much whipped up the whole thanksgiving feast with no help. i tried to make the pies but i had really bad baking karma yesterday. long story, but eventually a pumpkin and blackberry pie were made with much help from my mom. what was my deal? hopefully the bad karma will disappear before i start my christmas baking!

speaking of christmas, i got my shuffle all ready for the holidays.

i love christmas music. my top 2 fav songs are "baby it's cold outside" and "song for a winters night" (sarah mclachlan). i also like a good chipmunks song once in awhile. that really takes me back to when i was little. we had the chipmunks album (that is right i said album, not tape, not cd, i am getting old!).

i wish everyone a peaceful thanksgiving. i have more to be thankful for this year than i really deserve. but my heart will really be with those less fortunate, this has been a tough year for our country, our world. i will try to remember that today as i sit down with my family to share our thanksgiving meal.

Sunday, November 20

are you beginning to see the color trend here??

wouldn't you know that just when i come back from a long knitting break, i can't show you pictures of my progress because they are holiday knits! i can't take the chance that my gift recipients might be reading :)

i can show you the choxi chocolate that i bought from target. i picked the colors to coordinate with my living room of course! i am beginning to realize i just might be a bit to matchy matchy in my design choices. oh well. i tried one of them and didn't find the chocolate to be that great. i still like my frans.

i did get the new holiday knitting book from the gal that did the weekend knitting book. i don't own weekend knitting, there just wasn't enough in there i wanted to knit. this book however is a different story. i am working on a small project from it now and have many others flagged. i see many of you out in blogland bought it too. i can't wait to see what people knit up. i'll be checking out the knitalong site (although i probably won't get around to joining it myself) that jessica has created.

and i couldn't help but show off my new martha baking book. it is a good one! my friend jan made some of the white cupcakes with strawberry frosting, holy cow, they were EXCELLENT! the frosting was amazing. i bought my copy at costco.

i don't think i posted about this little guy last year. i bought him at bunnies by the bay. i was thinking it would be a cute knitted gift. i never got around to analyzing it too much, but i think it would be pretty easy. don't you think?

on exciting blogland news, i just read that amy of amylovie's nuttin' but knittin' is opening a yarn shop! oh my! good luck amy! i think it is wonderful you are following your heart :)

Monday, November 14

a knitter lives here

yarn has made it's way into my decorating plans. i bought this yarn solely as a decor item. i think it personalizes my space a bit!

now i just haven't been using yarn for props, i have actually knit with it as well. this past weekend was knotty knitters and i got to work on some holiday knits (ohh sorry, can't show them yet!). it was a lot of fun. this time it was hosted by angie and carry of fairie knits. here she is working on one of her many projects. This may even be the debut shot of her NBT (nothing but a t-shirt from knitty)??

sorry for the grainy pics, i think my digital cam might be on it's last legs. it has been producing blurry shots these days and my photoshop skills aren't what they used to be.

here is katherine, i have mentioned her before i believe. she has been knitting for a very long time. she is amazing at it. she is actually the one that helped me when i first started. she is a regular at our meetings too.

i had done 3 pattern repeats of the vintage velvet from scarf style (in alpaca silk, similar to the one i did before, but not the nice debbie bliss yarn). at lunch today i frogged it. too similar to the one i had done. plus i really want to make it someday in the touch me and figured i would probably be burnt out on the pattern if i did it again now.

anyhoo, here is a quick peek at my new yarn dresser. i put my old shabby chic furniture to good use in my craft room/office.

if you notice the missing image icon on some of my older posts, i am in the process of updating my blog entries to use the photos hosted on this domain. i apologize for the unpleasantness. :)

Monday, November 7

knitless in seattle

as a new homeowner i am discovering interesting things everyday. like the panic that hits you when you realize you have done something to really mess up your new all clad pans. when that crazy rainbow won't come off the bottom of your new fry pan. but then, thanks to surfing the internet you realize you aren't alone and you meet all clad's very best friend.

this stuff is friggin amazing. and while i am still learning what is too hot for my pans it will come in VERY handy.

and as i mentioned before, this is still not a knitting blog for the time being. so, here is my new dining set that i painstakingly assembled this evening. from this i learned that putting things together upside down is a waste of time.

and my big purchase of the day...

that is my new media center that i ordered from the very cool (i believe they are owned by williams sonoma?).

as you can see i am spending money on furniture the way i used to spend money on yarn ;)

but no worries, i have a knit night tomorrow and this weekend so i am bound to have something knitting related to show very soon!

Friday, November 4

this is not a knitting blog

it is the cosmetic renovation of a 1979 condo blog. :) not much knitting going on, although i did order 2 holiday knitting books that have tons of stuff i want to whip up for christmas gifts. will it happen? only time will tell! i have every intention, but these days things are taking about 4x longer than i plan (like getting back online as you can tell).

but enough about that, the holiday minty goodness is arriving on the store shelfs. YUM! and of course, my inability to resist the limited edition candies (suprisingly, the inside out ones were good, but i only eat them frozen). i actually did resist the mint m&ms they had at the drug store yesterday. for now.... (thuy didn't you have a thing for the minty m&ms too??)

and here was the reason that for the first time in my life i did not carve a pumpkin. you do not know the profound sadness i felt.

the living room. still not done, NOTHING in this place is really done, but at least i received my new couch and ottoman. oh, and yes, the biggest change of all, laminate flooring throughout the main living space. YES!

so there you have it, my first post into blogland from my new, wonderful abode. i plan to share better pictures soon, once things look a bit more decent. i also hope to have knitting to show you! ok, i feel like i have so much to say since it has been so long, but i must sign off now and finish my moving announcements. cheers everyone!