Tuesday, September 27

beanies and boxes

proof that i am packing, not just knitting.

like my new hat? all it needs is a little pom pom on top. however, the pom pom maker is packed. crap.

Sunday, September 25

and you thought it couldn't be done..

i finished my third and final project that was on the needles (ok i have one more on the needles that hasn't been touched in more than a year, but that doesn't count). so the mimi verylong is done, the ruffles scarf and now the broadripple socks.

they look nifty with my ugg clogs (i promise i knit 2). please excuse the messy pile of shoes in the picture. this girl is moving and being clean and organized in my soon to be departed apartment seems useless. shoes are all over the place (i wasn't so careless with the handbags, they are packed away snug and safe, i have my priorities).

the socks were finished at our monthly knotty knitters meeting. we had a lot of fun last night and i ate a lot! the food was so good (as usual). thanks everyone! can't wait to see you all next month! (i am still recovering from my chocolate hangover!).

with 3 projects finished over the last week or so, i get to dive into my stash and decide on my next project! i am thinking it is time to start holiday gifts. no more knits for amy.

now, only a small part of my stash is available to me (but it is some of my best stuff). the other part looks like a lot of stuff in my apartment...

boxed. i still have so much packing to do and i get keys a week from tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18

halloween treats

odd that for a soda brand that i don't really care for, i am now blogging for the second time about jones soda. but this was just too good to pass up, even though i knew it couldn't possibly taste good. shows how much of a sucker i am for marketing. especially 'limited edition' holiday stuff.

yep, candy corn soda. and check this out, caramel apple!

how awesome is that? they are also those cute little mini cans. too bad they taste, well, gross. wanna check them out yourself? according to the can, they are made exclusively for target.

i finished up another scarf, finally the ruffles from scarf style makes it's debut.

i used knitpicks andean silk in black. i think about 4 skeins or so. it is a little on the heavy side, so we'll have to see how much wear it really gets. and i don't like the ends with that weird split so i may sew that up.

i am working on finishing up the second broadripple sock so pretty soon it will be time to cast on whole new projects!! yeah!

oh yeah, i went and bought the rowan mag today. i didn't look at it in the store, thinking i had seen a few projects from it online that i liked. wrong. yuck, i hate this issue. HATE. bleck. i will be listing it on ebay shortly to see if i can get rid of it.

i finally made it down to fran's chocolates to pick up some salty caramels for a fellow blogger who i am doing a chocolate swap with. they will be mailed off very soon because otherwise i will eat them. seriously.

off to watch the emmys and stare at the loads of crap i should be packing and am avoiding even though i could be getting the keys two weeks from tomorrow. oh yes, you heard that right, 2 WEEKS! i am freakin excited.

Thursday, September 15

martha's moves

seriously. diddy? martha? who would have thunk it. you been watching?

so in the midst of purchasing a condo (closing is just a couple weeks away, can't wait to share pictures once i get in there!), i managed to finish one of my three ongoing projects. my perfect for fall, mimi verylong. forgive, there is very little left in my apartment that could be considered a good photo backdrop, so the stoli it is...

a little closer

so there you have it, my sunk to an all time low, finished object in the freezer with the vodka shot.

Friday, September 9

don't hate me

because this is a lame post. but i wanted to update you on the condo and let you know that my posting will once again be sporadic as i go through this crazy process. today was inspection, all as expected, there is a slight subflooring issue, but should be an easy fix once i get in. so fingers crossed on that, otherwise the place is excellent. i should know tomorrow if they agree to pay a bit for the flooring fix and then it is pretty much a done deal.

being single, and having no one to help make decisions is VERY hard. harder than i thought. but i am gonna get through and hopefully the place will be just as wonderful as i expect. i saw my estimated monthly payment today and it was just a bit higher than i would prefer, but i guess that just means i'll have to be on an extended yarn diet (no worries, i went to pack my yarn and i have plenty to get me through!).

the mimi very long is complete, i'll post details as soon as i snap a good shot of it.

Friday, September 2

wanna see?

i put an offer on this place tonight. a bit over asking so my fingers are crossed! the seattle market is nutty!

check out the vaulted ceilings. nice.

the place is 26 years old, but the current owners put a ton of work into it.

i'll keep you posted.