Saturday, August 27


on tuesday, august 16th a dear friend of mine and fellow knitter, jan, gave birth to her beautiful 2nd child, colin.

now i realize there is more knitting featured in this picture than baby, but it is a perfect shot to show off not only the baby, but the little angora booties (last minute knitted gifts) i made him. aren't they sweet? they were so very soft. now i don't know how much wear the booties will get (angora booties aren't super practical), so i made a little keepsake box for them to be stored in for years to come. congratulations to their whole family, i am happy to be a part of their lives!

now i finally got around to surfing some of my favorite blogs. a local blogger, the craftymodster, (you may remember the amazing free yarn she sent me!) has similar taste to me. ohh and she happens to think my blog is faboo, which you know, a girl loves the compliments :) anyhoo, the point is, i see we both made the same discovery at our local joann's.

very soft, not so spendy, wool/nylon/cotton yarn. i had a couple 40% off coupons so i got them for cheap. i see a pink/green striped stocking cap with a pom pom on top. the yarn is 4 stitches to the inch on size 10's. anyone know a good free pattern out there for a gauge like that? i am lazy. not to mention, i should be able to whip one up sans pattern, but i am terrible at that stuff.

oh, and one more thing, joann's has the loop-d-loop book by teva durham. you could get if for a bargain if you use a 40% off coupon.

today i went to a sale at a lys, village yarn and tea. i really went to pick up the new rowan. i was disappointed because they still don't have it. the sale wasn't too great either. lots of summery yarns, some good stuff, but not marked down that much.

anyone going to see that movie "just like heaven"? i am a sucker for chick flicks. i am head over heels for mark ruffalo too. a big bag of the gigantic m&m's along with some salty popcorn and it would be the perfect evening. am i the only sucker?

and i see a lot of you out there are big fans of the salty chocolate. fyi, someone pointed out in the comments that you can order fran's online.

Monday, August 22

salty chocolate

in all honesty, i am not sure life gets better than a fran's gray salt caramel.

i just about die for these things. they are that good. i bought a box of 8 on saturday (at $12 a box!). ummm...i gave 1/2 of one away and now only have one left. i don't know if it is good or bad that fran's is based in seattle.

ok, just one more shot before the knitting content...

there has been limited blog surfing these days. one, it is summer and my apartment has been so hot i am generally not here, and even if i were, my desk is a mess! and then there is that thing called a job that gets in the way too. so where do i go to see what the cool knits are now? easy, i just go to tami's blog. remember the cupcake hat? tami's blog. the one skein wonder? tami's blog. the pinwheel blanket? tami's blog. and now...mimi verylong, and yes again, the link came from tami's blog.

thanks tami for letting me be such a copycat. i hope you find it flattering, it just means i think you have a terrific eye for patterns!

no my mimi verylong is only 1/2 skein in (of 5 skeins). it is pretty wide, but i think it will curl in when it is longer. here's hoping anyways.

and now a quick hiya to carry. she has been very sweet in keeping in touch through all my doctor ordeals. i appreciate it, you and ang are so great. i hope you have an AWESOME time at burning man (although that is pretty much a given). seriously, i never knew something like burning man existed until ang. if you don't know what burning man is, i suggest you google it. a very cool event.

i am going to see some condos tomorrow with my agent! yeah! although, to be truthful, i don't really love any of them. the market is tough here in seattle. although i am starting to pack this could be a long process.

my dr. woes have subsided for now. after a month and a half of countless dr. appointments and tests, they found nada. now, it isn't a bad thing, it means no surgery for what we thought it was. yeah! my dr. has thinks i am "over-doctored". because the pain i feel is slight and only a couple times a day (usually only for a minute or so), she wants me to take a month to relax (and hopefully ease some of the stress symptoms like crazy twitching and sleep starts) before we pursue any more avenues. i am cool with that because at this point we have ruled out the pretty serious stuff. oh, i was also told not to read webmd. SERIOUSLY, self diagnosis is the WORST thing in the world. i know i am not alone in that. sometimes i think the internet is more evil than genius.

anyhoo, i'll keep you posted on the condo hunt. ohh and i guess the knitting too.

Tuesday, August 16

noodle scarf

well i discovered that i knit less in warm weather. i tend to pick up a book rather than the needles. but knitting is going on here, just not at the crazy pace it was before. you want proof? take a looksie

that my friends has been on the needles for several months now. it was always intended as a "side" project since it is a winter wearable. i have been a bit more focused on it lately (along with the second broadripple sock but who wants to see that again). i believe i am about 2/3 of the way through the ever popular ruffle scarf from scarf style. i am using the knit picks andean silk in black. it is a nice yarn, though the scarf is turning out heavier than i imagined.

i also managed to pick up a few things for my bookshelf last weekend.

i hate to admit this, but i had NO idea that martha had put out a holiday book last year!! i have all of them so was thankful i came across this at joanns! what would i have done if i realized too late that i was missing one from my collection?? whew. and i used a joanns 40% off coupon. what a deal!

now i am not that into any of the vogue patterns from the fall issue, but a couple things caught my eye. as usual though, they probably won't come to fruition.

and the ribbonrie book? well although it is kind of geared towards scrapbookers, i couldn't resist. i heart ribbon. i have many, many spools along with containers full of cut yardage.

trust me, that is just the beginning of my ribbon stash.

oh! and i should point out that i was kinda wrong on the whole m&ms/postal service thing (see comments of previous post). i apologize. i should know my postal service better than that! anyhoo, i still haven't managed to score a bag of the big m&ms yet. but if they are like the gigantic reese's p-butter cup, it might not be all that (now don't get me wrong, if someone handed me a big 'ol reese's i would eat it. i LOVE reese's, i am just saying that bigger isn't always better, the proportion of chocolate to p-butter is thrown off in the gigantic one).

i am off to another dr. appt. now. i am feeling better these days, but the worry from this crap has given me a terrible case of sleep starts and frayed nerves. but that said, i know that what i have isn't serious, so no big worries. i just can't seem to get that through to my body! :)

and thanks for still reading my blog even though my posting has been "sporadic" :) (i heart that word, clueless is one of my fav movies!).

Monday, August 8

huh? what?

first there was the mint. then there was the dark chocolate. and now? now there is the MEGA m&m. if i didn't *need* chocolate so much i would hate them. i would hate them because they actually have a m&m commercial with a postal service song. that is just wrong. i mean i would call the postal service sell outs if i didn't love them. but hey, maybe they too just love the m&m chocolatey goodness. it's all good i guess.

Tuesday, August 2

just a quick post

i had to post a little something about the amazing stitch n pitch night the seattle mariners hosted last thursday. it was tons of fun!! there were vendor booths set up with free goodies and coupons as well as 1500 knitting fans seated together in the upper level. what a night! thanks to all my friends who made it so much fun!

you can check out great coverage of the event at the blogs of others who joined me at the ballpark...

blue rose knits (tami is in the picture above), fairie knits (carry is also in the picture above), and megan at pensive frog.

my friend denise (who was also at stitch n pitch but not in the pic) and i threw a shower on sunday for my friend missy who is due in september. the theme was peapods. we did up cute little favors that were washcloths and bath fizzies. don't they look like little peapods? :)

not too much knitting has been done here. i feel bad, but let's just say i haven't been feeling up to it. i won't be blogging much until i get things sorted out. it isn't anything too horrible, but definately something i would prefer not to have. and all the tests, i am so sick of doctors at this point. i still have a couple tests to go and then possibly, surgery. i don't think i will be happier that a summer is over than this one. needless to say, all the poking and prodding by the doctors hasn't been too motivating in the condo hunt. so for now, that is on hold. i appreciate you all reading my blog and am sad i don't have all this fun stuff to share, so for now i just ask you keep positive thoughts for me. i promise i'll be back!