Monday, July 25

mini break

so i am going to take a break from blogging for the next week or so. i should have pics of the seattle mariners stitch n pitch night that is coming up when i come back (just a little incentive so you don't forget about me). i wish i could say i was going on a real vacation, but honestly it is just that life is not cooperating right now. i need the week to breath a little :) have a good one all!

Monday, July 18

petite pinwheel and the single sock

my blog postings might be a bit sporadic these days, but i still manage to find time to surf many of my favorite blogs. i found this pattern after checking in on tami and jessica. both had posted about this fantastic hat! and if you read my blog you know it went to the very top of my project list.

can you stand the the cuteness factor? miss nonabella, my friend's adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter, was the recipient of this sweet treat. i see many, many more of these in my future. i used acrylic (gasp) so this was a super thrifty knit.

speaking of acrylic, it isn't fair that one of my fav color combinations finally came out in a yarn out there - and that it is tlc acrylic. ugh. but of course i didn't let that stop me and bought enough to do a larger pinwheel blanket for myself.

the blue is a pretty turquoise color and deep brown. i think it is going to make a great, washable blanket.

speaking of the pinwheel blanket, i finished the 1st one over the weekend. it is a petite pinwheel, not measuring as large as i would have preferred, but it is for a little peapod, so it should do just fine. the baby shower is in a couple weeks so it is ready just in time.

it looks bigger than it is, and the yarn doesn't photograph very well. i apologize for the icky picture.

i also finished the single sock below. it's mate has just been cast on. this is my "pretty in pink" sock. mainly because i would only have worn a sock that bright as part of an outfit in the 80s. now in 2005, they will just be lounging socks.

although it does coordinate with my luggage pretty well... :)

i'll leave you with one more pic of some good old fashioned cupcakes i whipped up last week for my friend alan's birthday.

YUM! have a fantastic week all.

Friday, July 8

sooo relaxed

i wish i was relaxing like chasey here! this week has been non-stop. tomorrow is the big garage sale and i was coordinating it all. on top of that i wasn't feeling very well and got behind in my blogging! last weekend was great, i took a road trip with my friend denise and spent the 4th at my friend jan's bbq where there was excellent food and a great view of the big seattle fireworks show.

so that about sums it up! ohh and i also received this little goodie package (ok, not so little!) from cathi over at in the pink. i had no idea that she had sent me a package so it was a great surprise. i oohed and ahhhed over everything in the package. take a look for yourself!

the pink eiffel tower thing in the back is some major yardage of fabric. it is tres chic! i don't have a plan for it yet, but am thinking it may make some great little cafe curtains in my office (that would be the office in the imaginary condo!). the stitch markers are in use now and the chocolate? well it is gone of course! i am digging this whole special edition dark chocolate thing the candy companies got going on. and of course the fab notecards with the stylin shoe.

there has been a small amount of knitting. the first broadripple sock is near completion. it is going on the backburner though because i have to have the pinwheel blanket done for a shower at the end of the month. i am dreading the seed stitch border i settled on because it is going to be painful on the 500 stitches or so. but it will get done and i am excited to see it cast off.

sooo i mentioned the little day trip right? well, my friend denise won a $500 gift basket at a quilting shop in southwest washington. we took the trip down there to pick it up. unfortunately for my credit card, they had one of the greatest selections of amy butler fabrics. new AND the hard to find old patterns. so my fabric pile is growing.

i think the words "i want to get a sewing machine" came out of my mouth more than once this week. i am such an anti-sewer that this is a miracle. i just can't get enough of her stuff! i love it all! my favorite combo that i picked out was this:

very fun.

ok, i just wanted to get a quick post in so you would know i haven't forgotten about you. next week is going to be another busy one, my real estate agent gets back in town and i am finally ready to get serious. the thought makes me want to vomit.


i believe the good in this world still far outweighs the bad. i pray for peace and for those hurt in the senseless violence in london.