Monday, February 28

hooray for handbags!

this sign hangs in my apartment. with spring coming i am beginning to feel i need more handbags. thankfully my yarn for the flower basket bag arrived last week. i was very nervous about knitting this bag. it looked really complicated. but last night i cast on for the front and got through the first pattern repeat.

now, i am kinda stuck going forward. at this point i need to start decreasing at the end of each row, but it doesn't tell you how. i peeked over at the knit-along and there were some pointers, but i am not sure they are correct. i hate to mess up. after all this isn't the cheapest project. i want it to turn out. so i will ponder over the pattern a bit more this evening to see if i can come up with a plan.

speaking of handbags, i fell in love with one from the new rowan magazine.

unfortunately, it is the only pattern i like so i won't be buying the magazine. maybe i can wing it, we'll see.

i also got several more rows done on my entrelac stole from scarf style. i just hit 30 inches so i am nearly halfway there!

AND a decision was made AND acted upon regarding clapotis. i ordered yarn from knit2purl2. it looks like the yarn is already on it's way too and i just ordered yesterday, talk about service! so i present to you, lorna's laces lion and lamb in vera.

i found this blog when i was surfing the net to find swatches of vera knit up. somebody else out there is knitting clapotis in vera as well! i can't wait to get my yarn and get started.

Saturday, February 26


i discovered this pattern via leslie over at whimsy. it is from kate gilbert, aka the clapotis designer. they are so simple and cute that i actually knit two up last night.

i just think they are too cute and can't wait to knit up a pink one.

i also managed to finish up another flower washcloth. this one is for my grandma's birthday. i bought the soap and then matched the yarn to the label. this is the second set of cloth/soap that i have given as a gift. i think this may just be the gift of the year. they are quick, relatively inexpensive and certainly girly!

i had a very productive day and was also delighted to receive a gifty from my secret pal! very yummy knit picks yarn and what i have discovered to be excellent hand moisturizer! thanks sp!

now i have to go get ready for our monthly knotty knitters meeting. we always have theme drinks and today's is a red carpet. in honor of the oscars tomorrow. this morning i whipped up the dessert, something i have made before and love. it is called 'french chocolate cake.' it really is like a fallen souffle cake (i don't know what makes it so french, except it is from a cookbook called 'french cooking'. very little flour and very dense and moist. YUM!

happy saturday all!

Thursday, February 24

time flies

when you are knitting a boring project. the cape was bound off last night, but you know what? it is going to be frogged very soon! i really messed this thing up trying to shorten it without really paying attention to the pattern. so it doesn't look quite like the picture. i like the pattern enough that i want to knit it correctly. i will just live with the longer length which is probably the only way to get the nice shape anyways. i was pretty bummed, but i'll live. i also discovered this funny stripe that showed up in the yarn. when i frog it, i am going to try and cut that part of the yarn out so it doesn't happen on the second attempt.

i am almost settled on a yarn for my clapotis. no need to link to the pattern here, you all know it! it has taken me awhile, the plan at first was to use noro silk garden. but i changed my mind about using a striping yarn. so i knew i wanted a multi-colored, non-stripey yarn. i have been keeping my eye out and decided i would probably go with art yarns supermerino. I will order it online i think. see how confident i sound? not. i know, but my heart is really set on alchemy synchronicity in rainforest. i don't know where to get my hands on it and it is way more spendy than the supermerino. so, without further blabbing, here are the two colors i am deciding between...

both have pink, and one even has pink and green. i am split between the two. i need to decide though because i would like to have this for spring. any thoughts?

the yarn for my flower basket bag STILL is not here. maybe i did a bad thing. i ordered from an ebay seller (who has in the thousands for feeback and it is all positive) but not through an auction so i have no backup. i did not get insurance on the shipping or delivery confirmation. she said it shipped parcel post on the 11th. i should definately have it by now. i am keeping my fingers crossed there is a slip in my mailbox today. how much would that suck if it never shows up? $60 worth of yarn? ugh. i guess i better go check my mailbox now....

Monday, February 21

you know you hate it when...

i post without pictures. i know you do, admit it. i hate it too. i whipped up another flower washcloth on friday for my friend's birthday on saturday, but forgot to take a picture! i also worked on the cape this weekend but it is just a big rectangle of boring beige at this point. that doesn't make for an interesting pic. soon though. i made about 14 inches of progress and started on the decreases.

i have received some requests for the beret pattern link. you can find it here. i didn't have time to start the second one this weekend. i chose hanging out with my girlfriends and drinking cocktails over knitting :)

i am so bummed that tomorrow there are no deliveries. no mail. no ups. i am expecting something from both (yarn!). drat. and i have a TON of stuff i sold on ebay that needs to go out. i guess it will all wait until tuesday.

i did not even look at the ebay contest today! i am so proud of myself! ;)

Friday, February 18

where art thou?

where art thou ups man? i dearly hope you bring me my yarn today. i would really like to start my flower basket bag.

no major progress on the entrelac or cape that will look any different than the pictures I took before. i did decide to do another beret with the leftover seafoamy color chenille. it only took me a couple hours before, so i think i will plan on it for a quick weekend project.

i also finally used my valentine's day gift from my parents. it was yummy!

you are probably wondering what i am talking about.. well the little silver contraption is used to make thai coffee. i prefer mine iced and definately decaf. it is yummy and easy! i fell in love with thai iced coffee years ago. i was dating a boy in portland at the time and we used to always go and have spring rolls and thai iced coffee at this great little place. i can't believe i don't remember the name of it anymore, but like i said it was years ago. so they aren't only yummy, but bring back great memories of a boy i loved very much! (not to get all sappy on you!)

have a far out weekend! (i am practicing my valley girl lingo, tomorrow i get to go to an 80's themed roller skating party for my friend's 30th birthday!)

Thursday, February 17

i am never going to win

do not stay up until 2 a.m. thinking you are going to win this. i warn you now, it is horribly addicting and painful. i mean who wants to click on thousands of listings? apparently i did at 2 a.m. this morning. but it is just so intriguing.

last night i went to SnB. it has been awhile, mainly due to the fact that alias is on wednesday nights. so last night i missed about half of alias. first. time. ever. i used to love this show so much that i wouldn't miss a minute for the world. you see what knitting has done to me? it may just be that i am not loving this season. somehow it just feels different. don't get me wrong, it is still really good, i just don't know if it is "amy is obsessed good" anymore.

i have done 5 or so more rows on my entrelac, maybe 7. here is an updated picture. you can see how the color is working out. i am still not in love with it, but it is definately growing on me. it is just fun and interesting to see it develop.

i also cast on for the cape. i really like the neutral color i chose in the end. i think i will get more use from it. some of the girls at SnB last night helped me decipher the pattern. it wasn't too hard, i just needed to know i was reading it correctly. i also will need to figure out at what point i can shorten it. the model is quite tall and it hits the back of her knees. i probably would need to take a good 6-10 inches off if i want it to be shorter than it is on the model to begin with and if i take into consideration i am only 5'4".

i am going to try and progress further on it later this afternoon. now i think i need to make a cup of tea and get back to work. sometimes it is really hard to focus when you work from home! especially with your stash in sight, your mind goes crazy!

Tuesday, February 15

decisions, decisions

this is a dangerous time of night for me. i wander the internet, usually reading blogs and occasionally i end up linking to something i have seen on one of the blogs. tonight's product? timbuk2 bags. lately i have been thinking about the perfect knitting bag. i currently use my felted tote from the first SnB book, but i am craving something new. you see i am a handbag addict. i can admit it. knitting has given me even more of a reason to purchase bags. tonight i am pondering the need for a couple of different bags.

i am no stranger to timbuk2 bags. i was introduced to them shortly after purchasing my ibook in 2002. my office mate at the time told me how great they were and i promptly scored a messenger bag on ebay. i still have it and love it. it doesn't get used often anymore, but i am not ready to part with it. instead i think it needs a friend. what do you think?

the tri-colored bags are the ones up for knitting bag consideration. i think i am liking the shape and colors of the pink/orange/brown. the other bag isn't in stock in the size i want and i am an instant gratification gal. hmmm....

the handbag in the bright green is calling to me as well, but my other twin (i am a gemini after all) says to go for the more conservative khaki. ok, so this one isn't a knitting bag. but it is only $60! that is a steal! and for the first time in a long time i did not fall in love with anything from the current kate spade collection. so really it would be a BIG savings! ok, ok, enough rationalizing! i'll sleep on it.

in real knitting news, the entrelac is coming along. i am still not loving the way i decided to do the color, but i know i will grow to like it. the stole is still really fun to knit. especially in the kureyon. tomorrow i should have more to show.

i also picked out the color for the cape. my conservative side won out on this one. basic beige.

i figure this will allow more flexibility. i was intrigued by a red shade, but thought it would be too bold for such a 'big' item. so tomorrow i will cast on for this. i swatched tonight and i am on gauge, but was reminded that i am not a big fan of knitting with homespun. it catches like crazy!

well my ibook and electric blanket are calling. i have been watching a few episodes of each night before bed. i love this show!

Monday, February 14

website woes

i am struggling with my website, so if i go absent for any length of time, assume it is broken. this is my THIRD time trying to post this, so now you are getting the short version. i am so confused as to my new ftp path stuff that i can't get blogger to upload pics correctly (i can hack it a bit to get it to work as you can see). it is dumb. hopefully my hosting company can help me. and i don't even want to talk about my haloscan experience this weekend. so onto the knitting content...

i have no real valentine today so i did gifties for my parents and friends. my dad is a cookie monster, so for him

for my mom, a knitted gift

this is the face cloth from weekend knitting. i checked out the book from the library last week. this is the only pattern that i really like from the book. i plan to make more, it was quick!

the color is almost identical to the color of the cable scarf i made for my mom. this seems to be the only color besides brown or black that she wants. i like to knit with color so i always choose the green.

now there is a lot of color! i decided i wasn't happy with the blue/green/purple kureyon i bought. it has way too much gray. i have decided to mix in some other kureyon along the way. it may hinder the flow, but if it doesn't turn out beautiful at least it will be interesting.

my first two posts had a lot more (before they went missing that is), but it is 1 a.m. now so i need to get to bed. i will save the other 'stuff' for tomorrow.

wishing everyone a day full of much love :)

Wednesday, February 9

sorry about that

my blog was down for the last day or so. i didn't realize when i made a change to my hosting that my files would need to move to a new server. i am trying to get my blog in order so i can transition it to where it belongs, the goodtobegirl domain that i bought a year ago! my simplysaid site is going to be redone for my freelance clients and i don't think i want to host a knitting blog on it :)

i am heading out to a lys now. hoping i can find some yarn so i can make the flower basket bag from vogue. i want to change the color scheme. i am having a difficult time locating the right colors. will post more later as i also have a few rows done of entrelac.

Monday, February 7

dancing queen

i am SO happy. i got a much anticipated phone call today. my shuffle was in!

it is just too cool. i was dancing around to modest mouse all night (in the solitude of my apartment). i love it! in the tradition of naming my macs, this one is snowball. my ibook is snowflake and my G5 is pink lady (named after the apple, but very appropriate for me). i am a major apple fan. i am a sucker for their design. can i just say this thing is so light and tiny! i was worried it wouldn't play loud enough for me, but it does (and then some)!

on the knitting front, i made some progress this weekend. i found a use for the lion brand glitterspun in silver. i whipped up a pair of sparkly fingerless gloves. they were kinda, sorta based on a pair in the first issue of knit.1. these are much shorter though. please ignore the poorly manicured nails :)

and after much trial and error i found a pattern for the troublesome brown chenille thick and quick. i am ready for paris!

the beret turned out way better than i expected. i had picked up two colors in this yarn. the blue (not shown) knitted up very nicely, good edges etc. the brown, well that was another story. it was terrible. it could only be destined for a piece knit in the round or a seamed item. i took the easy route and did the beret. it was one of the quickest knits i have done to date. i am not sure i am the beret type, but i will give it a shot. croissant anyone?

i finally cast on for the entrelac stole. all the noro on my floor was calling to me. i couldn't avoid it any longer. not much in the way of progress on it though so no pics just yet. i picture this as a lengthy project so i have to cast on for another item as well. i have a couple things in mind, but we'll see.

and to my lovely cousin, happy 17th birthday lacey!

Saturday, February 5

saturday morning rambling

last year (i think it was fall) anthropologie had a great cape online. i printed out a pic for my sketchbook thinking maybe someday i would be talented enough to come up with a pattern for my own. looks like lion brand beat me to it. my current vogue issue has a special cover on it from lion brand. i noticed that not all shops have the cover (i got mine at michaels which could explain it). anyways, something strangely similar to the wrap from anthropologie was on the cover. take a look-

lion brand

i know there are differences (anthropologies looks like it may be crocheted), but the photo styling is so similar. don'tcha think? now i have a pattern, and i want to knit it. problem is, the pattern is for homespun yarn. a year or so ago i knit a poncho in homespun and really disliked the way it knit up and especially the way it wore. so the dilemma? this is one of those, 'this year only' projects. you know what i am talking about, the project you won't wear for probably more than a few seasons because it is trendy. so for me that means i need to make it as cheap as possible, without compromising the quality too much. if i knit it in homespun the darn thing would only be $25! so i don't know what to do. i am trying to come up with a good substitute yarn that is a little more decent. i stood at the fabric store last night staring at the homespun. i liked a really bright green color, but i just bought a coat and t-shirt in that color for spring so it would be too much green in my wardrobe. no other colors appealed to me. i did wander by the landscapes yarn and thought the rose desert (the pink/brownish one) might make a nice cape. but even that would end up costing a lot more. i don't know what to choose! i may go through my stash today to see if i have anything i could use or add to. i am definately going to shorten the pattern so it wont' be so long. that should help yarn consumption somewhat. (ohh i just noticed the pattern is now on the lion brand website, here)

ok, sorry for that. i just really like it but am at a loss for what to use. i also picked up the new issue of knit.1. i don't really know how i feel about it. i think it is far worse than the first issue. the stuff is just a bit too wild and just a bit too much lion brand yarn. but like the first, i looked at it with an open mind, and decided that there were a few patterns that would be decent with yarn substitutions.

i also broke down and bought some thick & quick chenille for an easy project. the photo is a bit off colorwise, but you get the idea.

what is with me using lion brand after complaining about it you ask? well it is pretty simple, the only stores open in the evening that carry yarn are michaels and joanns. so i go in hoping that maybe they got in a shipment of cascade 220 or something :) but no, it is always acrylic red heart, tlc and lion brand. if i am really in the mood to buy something, that is how i end up with the lion brand yarn.

but just to be nice, joanns has a fabulous book selection and 40% off coupons. not to mention clover needles. my dpn collection has been bought using those coupons. i can't complain too much!

Friday, February 4

quick question..

i am lazy, and should research this myself, but i know out here somewhere lies information on using haloscan instead of blogger for comments. anyone know where that info resides? i saw it on a blog somewhere. i need to switch, i don't like blogger comments. i also need to figure out this whole bloglines thing. i think that is what it is called. i signed up for it and didn't do anything. just when i thought i was done messing with my blog for awhile new technology pops up. i can't let it go, i must be cutting edge too :) but right now, instead of taking the time to research it, i am going to go knit.

Thursday, February 3

i heart martha

martha is the next donald! no kidding! the next apprentice will be for martha stewart. check it out at i got an email today about casting calls. i may have to go just to say i did it. after all i LOVE martha. can you imagine? that is going to be some must see tv! i think this woman is going to be even more successful after this whole ordeal and you know what - good for her. you rock martha!

Wednesday, February 2

girl's getaway

doesn't that say it all? i had the best time, it was so beautiful and serene. i think this was my favorite getaway with the girls yet. i won't go into too much detail, but we stayed here. their site does not do it justice. it was simply amazing. i hope to go back again. they provide breakfast and dinner in the cost of the cabin and it was delectable! really gourmet stuff! at night we would go to the grotto, which is their bar. it was tiny and we knit by the fire and sipped wine (and other tasty beverages). the whole place felt like it's own community of little cabins. if you are from around here and want a weekend away, i can't say enough good things!

Dale Chihuly's Icicles (his 1st permanent outdoor piece) greeted us outside the dining lodge

ok, but you are here for knitting content right? well there was definately knitting over the weekend. i had planned ahead and found a yarn store in the town near where we were staying. we all bought a little something (except for our newby knitter missy, but that is ok, she is still in the practice stage). i found a dishcloth pattern book i had wanted in the past. i had brought a ball of sugar n cream along so i could do something simple over the weekend. the pattern book was a perfect match.

i had been working on my cable scarf, but it was too much for me to handle while chatting and drinking with the girls. the dishcloth proved to be much easier.

i also could not pass up some great pink (oh so soft!) alpaca. i think these will end up as wrist warmers.

i felt like i really needed to get going on the cable scarf because i got very little done over the weekend. last night i finished it up. it is so soft! i hope my mom loves it as much as i do! (sidenote - notice the sunlight? today was a beautiful sunny day. i was able to open my windows and let in the fresh air. it felt so much like spring and reminded me how much i love the sun, ahhh)

and on a final note, i was tagged today by two of my most favorite bloggers stacey and a fellow mini owner over at bag 'n' trash . so here goes...

1.) Total amount of music files on your computer: i have two apples and a pc right now, between all three i think i am at 8 or 9 GB. i try my best to burn off my mp3s so i don't bog down my computer.

2.) The last CD you bought was: it was pressure chief by cake. i often shop itunes instead of buying cds but cake has matching covers on each of their albums so i HAVE to buy them :)

3.) What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? clark gable by the postal service"and i want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd" (my fave postal service lyrics)

4.)  What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you (now here comes the good stuff!)
1-sarah mcclachlan - hold on this is a great song when going through tough times. anything by sarah is beautiful.

2-elton john - rocket man i love this song. love it. love it.

3-dave matthews - grace is gone i heard this at one of his concerts before it was released and fell in love with it. it is a very sad song. another one of those i listened to during a tough time. (btw i found a live version of this on napster back in the day. it was recorded by someone in the audience. this was about a year before it was released and is still my favorite version)

4-etta james - at last i would play this song at my wedding if i ever get married

5- def leppard - love bites come on now, i had to throw one cheesy one in there. it rocks!

if you asked me tomorrow, this list would probably change. i have so many favorite songs!

5). What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?first, is ErLeCa, because i wanna know what kinda music a girl who comes up with such creative names as "permagrin generator" listens to! next is leslie. i love her blog header and read her blog often, this will give me a chance to finally comment on her blog! and last is nancy. she was cool enough to have a contest on her blog and gave away 5 skeins of koigu. how nice is she! i didn't win but still think that was very generous!

If you bloggers have already been tagged, then nevermind :)