Monday, November 22

no peeking

well due to the fact that my family and friends read this blog at times, i can't really post about my current projects because they are gifts! so i apologize in advance for the lack of knitting pics. i'll be able to share a few possibly in the next week or so..

i dropped by the new joann's store that opened a month or so ago. it was rewarding! i have been looking at this book for quite awhile and wavering on purchasing it

i took a crochet class this last summer and have forgotten almost everything, but this book inspires me. so tonight, i came across it at joanns and happened to have a 40% off coupon so i snagged it. i drooled over the pages tonight, promising myself i would pick up crochet again in january. joann's has a large selection of books that changes so ofen you need to buy anything that catches your eye. they also had that new book, i believe it is called knitting on the edge, it is all knitted borders. that book is great too! maybe if they have it this weekend i will pick it up, i have some 50% coupons but haven't decided if i want to brave the crowds.

back to crochet...i imagine myself making this fine garment

i have been on a book buying spree lately with plenty of 'me' projects bookmarked for january. if i am working contract for my current employer then i may just have the time to get some of them done.

for those of you who may not keep current with martha, the december issue has a lovely article on knitting socks (and stockings). when surfing her website for knitting related content (i should say 'new' knitting content as i have already poured over her earlier knitting content) i came across this. There is a great link to a pdf about half way down the page that has some great add on patterns. i love those mittens!

if i don't post before thursday, i hope you all have a great thanksgiving. i won't be making the SnB meeting this week because i will be baking this

recipe is from Williams-Sonoma.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Wednesday, November 17

i heart noro

so the bad news is that the pink and brown sophie was frogged the other night. i decided to do a test swatch after all and good thing i did. the color bled and the pink was no longer pink. it didn't really seem to felt either. so i decided i better save the yarn for a project that didn't require felting, or anything that would touch water.

so i did cast on for myself. the blue noro kureyon that i was dying to see. you just never know how it will stripe. i carried it with a nice light blue mohair as you can see in the second picture.

i loved the shop sample more, but i am liking this too. i am thinking tassles on this even though normally i hate tassles!

so now for the survey...i bought 2 balls of the following yarn that reminds me of peppermint sticks. i am dying to make something fun out of it! any ideas?? this was my only thought so far...but i am thinking i would want it to be something i could wear outside. someone at the stitch n bitch last week had made the booties though and they WERE cute!

fyi it is rowan big wool. let me know if you have any super ideas!!

Saturday, November 13


first, the holiday tags pdf i promised. i made them generic and hopefully the colors will translate ok to your printer. i used a color laser printer so they may come out different on an ink jet. let me know how they work for you.

now, here is what inspired the title of my blog today...

ummm, 1 skein is for a christmas gift, the rest of the stash has my name all over it. this was just from my shopping today..don't be alarmed, it isn't my WHOLE stash ;)

for once, i bought the blue-ish noro with a project in mind. i am going to use it for the mistake rib scarf in last-minute knitted gifts. i can't tell you how much i love this book, patterns galore that i want to knit! so anyways, the pattern is identical to the sample they had knitted up in the shop, except the shop owner used a strand of mohair along with it. it made such an interesting scarf that i am going to give up my pledge to only knit gifts for others and cast on tomorrow for myself! hah!

now i feel i can do this because i have been making good progress, here is the little sophie bag for my cousin

and the 3/4 done sophie for my best friend

this bag is being knit with a hand-dyed yarn i bought at one of our state fairs this summer. i am praying it felts ok. after my white yarn felting experience i should have done the smart thing and did a test swatch. i was worried i wouldn't have enough yarn though, so i am living on the edge with this one!

now for some other total holiday pink of course! this is another good use for yarn i think. these were handmade by me and i have to say i think they are adorable (tooting my own horn). being able to enjoy pink snowmen is what makes it really good to be girl!

i am so inspired for the holidays already. i can't wait to start the changeover from pumpkins and leaves to snowflakes and snowmen. i am one of those people who doesn't mind all the stores putting out their holiday stuff way early. i love it!

before i sign off i just have to say thanks mom for buying me my adorable bee house PINK teapot - i have been wanting one of these for a long time.

p.s. i apologize for blogger's inability to post comments right away. i have to republish my blog to get them to show up. i try to do so a couple times a day, but if you don't see yours, don't worry, i still get them, just not right away. anyone else have this problem with blogger? i am thinking of switching services...i put in my complaint on this over a week ago and no fix..bummer. but don't let that stop you, i love getting comments!

Thursday, November 11


so i have this weird thing with cupcakes. ever since i went to cupcakes in vancouver ( - be aware it takes over your whole screen!)i have a small obsession. not so much with the eating part as the cute factor. i won't get too into it, i was just building up to this funny cupcake cookbook. I was hoping amazon would have a pic, but i guess i will have to describe it to you. they combined my two passions and decorated a cupcake to look like a yarn ball!!! check it out if you happen across the book at some point. it is pretty cute!

i will post pics tomorrow of my progress on gifts and i am also going to post a pdf of the little knitting tags i made in case anyone wants to print them out and use them.

Monday, November 8

light show in the sky

so this isn't knitting related, but i just had to say that last night i saw the northern lights for the first time in my life. it was sooo awesome. if you live in seattle look up tonight because although it peaked last night, i think you should still be able to see it. i have always wanted to go to alaska just for that reason! the colors weren't spectacular (really just a whitish green) but it was still very cool.

Friday, November 5

lots of knitting going on

i have been pretty productive now that i am "working" from home (not much working going on!). i finished up the poncho i have been knitting. it is really cool, except it is a bit small. i have made it better though by blocking it so now it seems to be good.

here is a pic of me in it so you can see the fit...

this was the last of the 'me' knitting. everything from here on out will be holiday gifts. i created some cute little tags for them.
i made them in all sorts of fun colors

now i should have posted this earlier in the here is what should have been wednesdays entry...

well i was part of the hallowig knitalong and was happy to incorporate it into my costume as a crazed knitter. i got a lot of compliments on my creative costume...the funny thing is, i am not so sure it is a costume! i kinda am a crazed knitter. while many knit to relax, i knit to make stuff. i like instant gratification so often i knit, knit, knit. so really i went as myself!

notice the lovely knit wristwarmers and legwarmers! and to really try to help pull it together i made a funky little t-shirt iron on that looked like this

for holiday gifts i am going to make 2 felted
sophie bags. i have two ribbed stocking caps i need to make as well. then a few other projects i haven't quite settled on. i picked up some great rowan big wool in a pink and red swirl that i am in love with. reminded me of candy canes. that might just have to be knit up into something for myself. i am a very selfish knitter :)

and due to the outcome of the election all i will say is "Hillary in 2008!"

Tuesday, November 2


It is our responsibility in a democratic society to vote. Please do your part, if you haven't already, and vote!

and remember