Friday, October 29

Happy Hallowig!

just a little something i whipped up last night - whooo whooo

first off, just want to mention to those who comment, that blogger seems to be taking 12 hours or so to post the comments. i have an email into them...

well i finally got around to taking a pic of my hallowig. it isn't very spectacular, pretty much the same as the pattern pic since i used the very same yarn. i feel like adorning it somehow, but haven't had any brilliant thoughts. here is the pic

along with the wig, i have made some fake knitting needles for my halloween costume out of lightweight dowel. hopefully they will stay in place on my face with the scar clay goopy stuff. i totally spaced out too, i was planning on having them coming out of my forehead and realized the wig had long bangs. the needles are going to be annoying coming out of my cheek.

besides the french market bag woes, i have also been knitting my winter poncho. i altered the SnB pattern for smaller yarn and so far (well, i did have a few trial starts) it is going well. it was fairly simple because 2 of my stitches equal one of the patterns. not too complicated to figure out. i have some great plans for this - but i will wait to share! i agree with those out there who say ponchos are on their way out so this will probably be my last. i like the incoming capelet trend though. and i think wraps are a safe bet as they will forever be in style. i enjoyed the poncho trend before they showed up in every darn store! some of them are soooo cheaply made.

hope you all have a great halloween!

Monday, October 25

why white won't felt

i don't know the answer to that. i sure did experience it though. i finished up my french market bag this evening with high hopes. i had been wanting to make this bag forever. i picked a great color combination (although i can't tell you how many times i heard people say "white is going to get dirty"). so for your viewing pleasure here is the before shot

i rather think it looks nice. now take a look at the after shot. sure you'll say, "not bad" and i would agree, but it isn't what i was expecting. it felted all crazy. the green is really thick and so felted you can't see a single stitch, where the white is still barely felted and you can see all stitches. i am tempted to throw it back in the wash. and to answer your question, yes they were the same yarn :) cascade 220, which i have felted successfully before.

a picture of chase the kitty, this makes me smile and not stress so much about that darn bag!

Monday, October 11

the mad knitter

i joined the hallowig knit-along. i cast on and did about 4 inches last night. i decided it would be the perfect wig for my halloween costume. i have decided to go as a mad knitter. i thought knitting needles coming out of my head would be funny. still working on all the details, but the wig is the base so i figured i should get started. the hallowig is a pattern that comes from the creator of one of my favorite blogs.

did a lot of knitting this weekend, will post pics soon.

how mad am i that my site doesn't work right on a mac? i am a mac user at home, but created this on a pc at work. doh. how annoying.

should be working from home soon. the software was installed today on my pc, now i am just waiting for my safeword keychain to get tied to it. yeah!!

Wednesday, October 6

foto fest

hmmm i brought my camera into work today. managed to get a few pictures out of it before the battery died.

here is the deco ribbon bag i have mentioned in previous posts. first is the full shot...

here is a close up shot of the seed stitch and color

i am still not liking the bag. haven't figured out what i am going to do with it. i really wish i liked it!

now for my current mexican wave project here is a shot (although blurry) of the right one.

currently working on the left one. i really like the way it turned out, but wish the colorway had not ended at the orangey part (added a pinkish band to the top of the thumb and arm so it wouldn't look so bad against my skin). last night i wound the second ball of mexican wave (even though the first arm warmer only took 2/3 of a ball). i was bummed to find that the color really didn't match the first one. so now i am going to make the second one and just see what happens. they won't match colorwise but i am ok with that. they are wacky anyways.

i have mentioned in a few posts that my job ends on Dec 31st. last week we officially closed the office although there are still 7 or 8 of us working. they say by the end of the month we will be working from home for the rest of the time. i am sooo looking forward to that. honestly, there isn't much work for me to do so i think i will have lots of time for knitting and holiday goodness. i am going to try and not stress over the fact that i won't have a job. thankfully, i do have a severance package that will delay my going on unemployment until february.

i keep doing little things to my blog each day. yesterday i whipped up a button for my site. i am thinking next week i will make a section for the blogs i read. with little work to do there are a lot of them!

saturday the new knitting/tea shop opens by me. i am excited to check it out. i hope they carry a good selection of yarn. if they do i will probably find myself being a regular there. a knitting shop within 2 miles, how lucky am i!!

Tuesday, October 5

so many projects...

well now that i am feeling better i have managed to knit quite a bit. i finished up the ribbon yarn bag, but am still working on the handle (it works like a drawstring, but lays weird when you wear it). i'll post pics when i get that figured out. i was disappointed, i don't really like the bag. i am thinking i may find someone to give it to. we'll see.

i also finally started on a project using the mexican wave yarn i bought months ago. this yarn was calling to me (i haven't knit with variegated yarn recently and i love it!). i started out by winging it, i decided to make a pair of fingerless gloves, but have the cuff go up to my elbow. i picked up some size 3 needles and just began to knit. when i hit the wrist i began to search the internet for a glove pattern that used the same size needles/gauge. i came across this great pattern. it saved my life! now i have done the thumb and am working my way to the fingers. i am debating actually making the fingers, or just leaving it one big hole like i see in a lot of patterns out there. i am leaning towards the one big hole, but kinda like the challenge of the fingers. maybe i will save that for some real gloves.

i have also settled on a pattern for my winter poncho. i am going to use, but modify, the SnB poncho pattern. my poncho will be using the lovely and soft cascade pastaza. i have a vision in my head of exactly how i want it to look. hopefully i can pull it off.

that is all the knitting news for now, without pictures i know that reading can be boring!