Monday, September 27

sniffle. cough.

been very very sick. on antibiotics, but still struggling. today may be the starting point of my recovery, feeling a little tiny bit better (knock on wood).

so sick that even with the hours spent on the couch (I should say days...) i did not knit much. maybe 2 rows of my bag.

good news though, 2 of my friends have started knitting. they are doing great. always glad to have more knitting friends. both are pretty busy gals, so i don't imagine they will become as obsessive as i am! let's hope anyways!

back to work.

Friday, September 10

oh. fine.

it has been nearly a week since i started dinking with my site and i still have nothing to show! as a designer i hate using the provided templates and seeing other blogs out there with the same design. someday....

on the knitting front i have made some progress, i finished my lovely knit in the round poncho. i will take a picture this weekend. the micro chic yarn is so unbelievably soft i am already thinking of other projects it could be used on (the coziest legwarmers ever??).

i am now working on the ribbon bag, but am only 10 or so rows in. i really have a hard time with seed stitch in the round. i find i really have to concentrate. i forget, did i purl or did i knit? i can read the stitches pretty well, but don't trust myself so i keep going back and counting.

a bunch of my friends and i signed up to take a cookie decorating class in a couple weeks. i am very excited, i hope to learn to frost like martha. her cookies are always so beautiful (and by martha, i mean by martha's talented staff).

i am part of a blog ring now, yeah!! follow the link on the right for other great blogs. i have pretty much been talking to myself until now (well except for you jan, hi!).

Tuesday, September 7

i hate making a title for my blog entries

i do. i don't know why. so i think from here on out i will stop doing them.

i worked on my page friday, trying to make it more interactive but haven't uploaded the final changes yet. work has been busy and that keeps me from doing 'me' stuff unfortunately. i have a huge lack of motivation to do anything for work. call me lazy, but having just spent 5 weeks training the crazy texans who are taking my job, i have a small amount of bitterness!

but onto more interesting things, like knitting. i finished a small project this weekend. this cute little hat

i can't remember what yarn i used. it was in the baby section and acrylic. i made the same hat last week in a white and light blue cotton stripe. it was cute too, but silly me forgot to take pictures.

i went to a yarn store this weekend and walked out with nothing. NOTHING. that is amazing. they even had tons of great manos yarn and colorway 95 of the kureyon that i love. but i resisted. of course the next day i lost my ability to resist and bought these
an adorable pair of shoes by the company Medium. i love them, didn't need them, but love them. they are in my favorite color combination right now, pale blue and brown. my friend and i also went into a cute shop in ballard that had a ton of hand knit items for sale (ponchos, wraps and scarves). they were expensive (around $100). but very beautiful. there was also a gal sitting outside on the sidewalk making wrist warmers and selling them.

sometimes i am amazed at how popular knitting has become. my mom pulled out an article in one of her magazines that had some knitting patterns in it. i saw at least 4 women knitting in different places around the city this weekend. it is great. and even more exciting i see that a new knitting and tea shop opening within 2 miles of my place, i am so excited! i know i will be trying to get a group of some sort going there.