Wednesday, August 25

feels like fall

this week has been drizzly and overcast. i am actually enjoying the break from the sun, but it is reminding me of the months ahead of rain. as much as i love the fall, i do not love the rain. i was not a knitter last fall so this year i imagine myself all cozied up on the couch knitting and it doesn't seem so bad....

i have had a lot of time to knit though as outdoor activities aren't happening in this weather! i am just about done with a poncho made of this

it is gedifra micro chic in black, there are a couple cream stripes along the bottom. i should have pictures soon. unfortunately, i had a bit of a measuring blunder and i am not quite sure it is going to fit me. i LOOSELY based the pattern on the paris loop from, but in reality it is nothing like it except for the knitting in the round part! that is what i get for trying to create my own pattern i suppose.

i cast on for a small handbag yesterday, it is a free pattern. i didn't buy crystal palace ribbon yarn. it is another brand that i don't remember, there is a pic of it in my last post.

so as you can see i am keeping busy with the knitting. trying to get some fall items done for myself so i can start working on more gifts for the holidays. i probably haven't mentioned this, but i lost my job awhile back and have an end date of Dec. 31st. from the middle of october to the end date i am unsure if i will have much to do at work and my boss will be in texas. i am hoping that gives me time to decide what to do with my life and knit! (maybe knitting is what i decide to do with my life!)....

Tuesday, August 10

pictures i promised

cheerful image

ok, first things first, a quick pic of the lovely dock i spent many hours on last weekend (and wishing i were there now).

now onto to the knitting news...

i did a little yarn shopping last night. umm total was probably around $200!! however i had a 15% discount and a $40 gift certificate. i really planned ahead and most of this yarn will be for winter items.

i normally buy yarn with no project in mind so this is actually a good thing. i left out some yarn from the pics that will be used for christmas gifts. a rundown of projects...

green & white cascade - French Market Bag

tan & brown jo sharp silk road - Lottie (Rowan pattern, seen below)

others too, but i have to get back to work...i'll post later.

Monday, August 9


i took a class with a friend last week in crochet. it was good, but we have another class tomorrow and i am hoping we will go over some more techniques. we only learned single and double crochet. i have a flower pattern i am attempting that has a bunch of other instructions. the flowers are for the little baby cap i knit last weekend. i will see my friend on saturday so i need to get them done! baby is due in october.

i actually did a monumental thing this weekend, i sewed! i am working on a bag from here. i am not done yet, but soon. i will post a pic when i have finished.

i didn't do much knitting the last week, just working on my crochet project for class (i will post it when i am done too).

Tuesday, August 3

key peninsula

this past weekend was such a treat! my girlfriends and i spent 2 nights out at a little lake. we swam, soaked up some rays, read, played cards, sat around the campfire and of course i knit. we didn't turn the tv on once. it has been awhile since i have done something so relaxing! no worries at all! i was happy, i finished up the second christmas gift i have made so far (to be felted tonight to really complete it) and a small baby hat. i knit the hat with rowan's all seasons cotton (white). tonight i have a crochet class and hope to be able to make a couple little flowers to add to the hat.

now i am back here, at work, with the realization that i need to get in gear and start the job search. now if i could only figure out what i wanted to do.......think someone would pay me to knit for a living? :)