Wednesday, July 28

sunny days...

it has been beautiful here the last few weeks, although a bit too hot for me on a few of the days. i have been busy with work so no time to update my blog. i haven't done a lot of interesting knitting recently anyways. still plugging away at the blanket. also working on a christmas present for a friend that i can't post in case she drops by. it should be done in a day or two.

this weekend i am going away with the girls. i am sooo excited. should be super lovely. i plan on knitting, reading and floating around the lake on an air mattress. i will have to start another project to take with me as the blanket is not really a traveling project. maybe something with this yarn

or maybe this yarn

we'll see. i should run, i have loads of work to do!  i'll update when i get back with pics of whatever new project i choose!

Friday, July 2

happy 4th of july weekend!

i'm happy the 4th falls on sunday so we get monday off. that is just excellent. i like love extended weekends.

so i did something i NEVER do in the morning. i got up and watched tv. i came across it while surfing the many knit blogs i look through every few days. i tried to set my vcr to record it last night (btw, the time listed is eastern, it was on at 7 a.m. here). unfortunately with all the electronics tied to my new digital cable box, i could not get the program feature of the vcr to work. it was a good show, this was just the beginning knitting one. i did find it interesting though - they said knitting continental goes faster. i may have to try that someday.

i took some pics last night of my stash. i have two categories 1-good stuff, 2- leftovers or not so good stuff. the top is good stuff.

the above contains some of my fav yarns. i have some noro silk garden, mexican wave and rowan big wool. these are yarns that have no specific projects associated to them yet. that is where the danger lies, buying yarn for no reason. i have tried to stop that lately!

the above is mostly leftover yarn, but you can see the blue mohair that was supposed to be the rowan birch i mentioned in an earlier post. obviously that isn't in my current queue of things to knit.

i am working on 3 things now. i hope to have 2 of them done by monday, but we will see. have a good 4th!

Thursday, July 1


i want to go home. i am so beat today. very little sleep last night and definately no knitting.

i saw the new harry potter movie in an imax theater last night. i think it is funny that there is a pattern for a harry potter scarf. i bet the kids love that. it was a good movie, actually a little bit scary (the dementors freak me out). it is funny, now that i knit i notice any odd knitted pieces that i think may be custom made for the film. i know there is a site for a woman in california who does a lot of that kind of work. Her patterns are pretty cool too. There are a few poncho patterns i have been looking at.