Tuesday, June 29

not just knitting

a few weeks ago i happened across a site that had some great anti-bush bumper stickers (i actually think it was a link from one of the knitters against bush sites). i'm generally not a follower of politics. however the last few years have really opened my eyes to the pervasive role the government plays in our lives. this year in particular i feel like i need to do my part and vote. i called this morning to make sure i was registered and signed up for absentee voting. as one of my favorite women would probably say "voting - it's a good thing" :)

politics aside, i have made some more progress on the blanket. at first i thought it was going to go fast, then i realized it wasn't. now i think it is going faster than how slow i thought it was going to go. does that make any sense?? anyways, here is a picture of the progress

i will probably start focusing on winter items from here out. I have a few poncho ideas in mind as well as legwarmers etc. hopefully i can find patterns - i'm not quite talented enough to do my own yet!

Thursday, June 24


due to a lack of patience (i want it done!) i stayed up late last night working on the big, bad baby blanket. i finished the first edge of the seed stitch border and will continue into the body of the piece starting this weekend. i am using 3 colors, so we will see how it goes. i can already seem some slight issues arising, but nothing i can't take care of when i do the finishing.

the weather is much cooler today again and i am thankful. it gets to be so hot where i live. i can't function in an apartment that is above 90 degrees. we had 5 or 6 days of high temps here and so my cleaning/laundry piled up. so what did i do the first night it was tolerable? i knit. see the priorities? :)

Tuesday, June 22


well, i wish i had put some effort into finding out how to create a picture gallery for some of my completed work. obviously i have not posted anything for awhile. the last few weeks have been busy with birthdays, anniversaries and father's day.

knitting news...i have given up temporarily on the birch shawl (rowan). i found out i was doing a few stitches wrong. i may just sell the mohair on ebay, but we'll see.

i cast on for the SnB big bad baby blanket. i was inspired by one i saw on the web that was made with two colors. i am going with a white center and hot pink and light pink border. i am knitting with an inexpensive cotton yarn. so far so good, although i wasn't paying attention and had some rib mixed in with my seed stitch so i had to start over. now i am 4 rows in.

here are some pics

the bottom hat is from the rowan big wool book, i believe it is the carrie hat. of course, it looks 10,000x cuter on the model so i am not sure i will be getting much wear out of it.

the top one is leftover yarn from this:

this is the tote bag from the SnB book. i modified it to be larger and used noro kureyon. i love the colorway.

next is an accessory piece to the manos scarf i mentioned in my first post.
the color is dull, but if i darken the pic you can't see the variation. i used the same basketweave pattern on the scarf. i think it turned out nice.

i found a pattern (fyi - this link is to a pdf pattern) for an adorable knit tea set today. i think this would look cute in pastels with little knit flowers attached as well. may have to think about this for a baby gift.

Tuesday, June 1

back to work I go...

well the 3 day weekend is over, at least now i only have a 4 day work week. i was fairly unproductive in the knitting category this weekend. i got pretty far on the manos scarf but didn't touch my shawl. i am hoping to have the scarf done in the next day or two so i can either jump into the shawl or start something else. i have a lot of yarn in my stash for other projects.

you know how lately there always seems to be someone knitting in a movie or tv show(lost in translation and sex and the city come to mind)? i saw the movie raising helen this weekend and there is a funny line about knitting. i'm not sure i recommend going to the theater and seeing it, but a decent dvd rental i suppose.

yesterday i made the strawberry pudding recipe from the current living issue. it was very good i definitely recommend trying it out. i used non-fat milk and it didn't seem to cause any problems. a great dessert for the summer.