Friday, May 28

3 day weekend - what a relief

a nice long weekend is ahead. thank goodness, maybe i can get motivated and work on my birch shawl some more. so far it is going ok, but i have never done such a complicated pattern and find i need to really concentrate. meaning, this knitting can't be done while watching tv. i am only on the 3rd row and am a bit concerned i am not doing one of the stitches properly so i started a small swatch to test it. working with mohair can be quite hard.

i also started my mom's manos scarf. it is a pretty easy project, just using the basketweave pattern. i really love manos yarn. my favorite color is 113, wildflowers, but i am using 112, moss (see link above). i do have 3 balls of 113 in my stash though! my mom chose this colorway because she likes autumn colors and plans on wearing it on her trip back east this fall.

i will post pics very soon so you can see my progress and my completed items. i have to figure out how to set that up though. this is a pretty basic blog service...