Saturday, March 6

liberty at target!!

anyone else just dying over the fact that the liberty of london collection at target is just a little over a week away? i will be stalking. seriously.

they have a lol BIKE! a bike my friends!!! how will i resist.

wonder if we’ll buy anything and cut it up to make project bags? ;)

a tea set is on my list of must haves. will i be the only one waiting for the doors to open on the 14th? you know this limited edition stuff goes fast!

check out the liberty commercial

p.s. yes, completely random out of the blue blog post. i see blogger is changing their ftp posting in may. this might kick me in the pants to retire this blog (you heard right!) and start a new one. i just need to find that company that can print blogs and make a book out of them. once i have the gtbg blog recorded forever in a book i'll feel good about a new knitting/home decor/random blog.


Blogger Naomi said...

G used to print out my blog in a book for me.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Jannee said...

I was wondering how excited you are to have L.O.L. at Target. I am eyeing a few things myself and trying to resist that bicycle. I have been wanting a beach cruiser for a long time. I like the tiered stand! 3 days to go.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Shiozaki Beach girls said...

I love Liberty of I was definitely excited..however with no $, haven't bought any, but I did fondle them at the

9:06 AM  

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