Sunday, November 22

so sad...

that it takes another twilight event to get me back blogging! lol. pathetic.

as most of you know the movie came out last week. i stood in line for hours on thursday night for the midnight show with a bunch of friends. it was a lot of fun. tiring, but a lot of fun. we made sure to see it at the over 21 theater to avoid some of the teenage craziness. although a bunch of women over 21 screaming for 17 year old taylor lautner was interesting ;)

we were waiting for about 4 hours total. not too horrible for a knitter - we have ways to keep busy! above you can see the knitting i did while standing in line.

i was all prepared for the wait outside with my handknits too (although we lined up inside so i didn't get much use out of these)

the pattern for the wristwarmers was based on the fingerless mitts alice wears in the movie :)

dani at sunshine yarns is the genius behind the new moon alice yarn custom dyed to match! i bought 3 skeins and also made a slouchy hat to coordinate.

and to continue the tradition i had another party on saturday to celebrate the movie release (followed by a 2nd viewing of the movie!). my friend aimee picked me up the amazing new moon cupcake above from trophy cupcakes. i can't bring myself to eat it! another friend gave me a puzzle of edward. lol. honestly, i have bought very little twilight related items for myself - all my friends give me the goods! although i admit that i am the first one to rush out and pick up the magazines that have robert pattinson in them. i mean really. look at this guy, i mean sweater ;)


Blogger Naomi said...

I couldn't believe my bloglines at first! Amy did a blog post? NO!?

Then when I saw the photos I understood why! It takes Mr. Pattinson to drive your passion for a post! HA!

That sweater is amazing!! Only a knitter could love the whole package in that photo!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Knittripps said...

Agreed. That sweater is amazing. I am jealous that you've seen the movie twice already! I haven't been able to go yet. And Twilight themed yarn? That is so cool.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

I too was among the "over 30" crowd at the midnight showing of "New Moon," and it was a blast. Our local theater featured an encore showing of "Twilight" before the new movie, so it was a cool experience. Were you as disappointed as I was in the sparseness of knitwear in "New Moon?" What's the deal?? We should email the costume manager!

4:23 AM  

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