Tuesday, July 7

hey mom remember this?

the poster that adorned my bedroom door back in the early eighties. the internets dates this poster as 1983. that means i was 8 when i was a big mj fan. beat it was my favorite video ever. although i admit that i was not a fan of him in later years he was a big part of my childhood. memories i didn't even know i had surfaced over the past week and it's been really nostalgic. seeing the image of this poster flash on cnn brought back visions of my old bedroom and jumping up and down in front of the tv waiting for the premiere of the thriller video in my parents rec room. he was most definitely a childhood icon for me. rip.


Blogger amy's mom said...

I remember those days very well!
I think his moon walk and white glove were also among your favorite things about MJ.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Knitterista said...

oh geez...i remember that poster too. wow.

9:36 AM  

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